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Which Celebrities are Going into Big Brother? Celebrity Big Brother Contestants

Discover the star-studded lineup for Celebrity Big Brother! Famous faces like Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh, and more enter the iconic Big Brother house for an exciting social experiment. Find out who’s joining,

Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother is a popular TV show where famous people live together in a house. It’s like a reality show. They’re watched all the time, even when they’re sleeping! The show is full of drama, fun, and surprises.Every season, a new group of celebrities moves into the Big Brother house.

They come from different backgrounds, like actors, singers, athletes, and reality TV stars. Living together can be challenging, but it’s also a chance for them to make new friends and show their true selves to the world.Throughout the show, there are competitions and tasks for the celebrities to complete.

These challenges can be anything from cooking to physical challenges. The celebrities also nominate each other for eviction, and viewers vote to save their favorites.The last celebrity standing wins a prize, which could be money for charity or for themselves.

But the real prize is the experience and the memories they make during their time in the Big Brother house.Overall, Celebrity Big Brother is a fun and exciting show that brings together famous faces for an unforgettable adventure, all while entertaining viewers around the world.

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Which Celebrities are Going into Big Brother?

1. Sharon Osbourne:

  • Known for: Being a former judge on “The X Factor” and her candid personality.
  • Role in the House: Given a secret task to choose housemates for potential eviction.

2. Louis Walsh:

  • Known for: Also a former judge on “The X Factor” alongside Sharon Osbourne.
  • Role in the House: Reunited with Sharon Osbourne and navigating the dynamics of the house.

3. Fern Britton:

  • Known for: Former host on “This Morning” and a bestselling author.
  • Role in the House: Seeking new adventures and dealing with everyday irritations.

4. Nikita Kuzman:

  • Known for: A star on “Strictly Come Dancing”.
  • Role in the House: Entering with a fiery personality and hoping for interesting interactions.

5. Colson Smith:

  • Known for: His role on the TV show “Coronation Street”.
  • Role in the House: Finding it surreal to be in the Big Brother house and aiming to make his mark.

6. Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu:

  • Known for: Winning “Love Island”.
  • Role in the House: Wearing glamorous outfits and seeking loyal friendships.

7. Bradley Riches:

  • Known for: His role in the series “Heartstopper”.
  • Role in the House: Displaying excitement and looking forward to forming bonds with housemates.

8. Lauren Simon:

  • Known for: Being on “The Real Housewives of Cheshire”.
  • Role in the House: Showing affection towards fellow housemates and predicting friendships.

9. Zeze Millz:

  • Known for: Her presence on YouTube.
  • Role in the House: Keeping her appearance on the show secret and maintaining composure.

10. Levi Roots:

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  • Known for: His appearance on “Dragons’ Den” with his reggae reggae sauce.
  • Role in the House: Promising to handle difficult situations and adding flavor to interactions.

11. David Potts:

  • Known for: His involvement in “Ibiza Weekender”.
  • Role in the House: Bringing drama and energy while preparing for potential confrontations.

12. Marisha Wallace:

  • Known for: Her performances on Broadway.
  • Role in the House: Being confident and treating the experience like a musical debut.

13. Gary Goldsmith:

  • Known for: Being the uncle of Kate Middleton.
  • Role in the House: Making references to his royal connections and anticipating chaos.

Each celebrity brings their own personality and background into the Big Brother house, promising an exciting mix of interactions, challenges, and surprises throughout the season.

Celebrity Big Brother Format

Celebrity Big Brother puts famous people in a special house without contact with the outside world. They live there and do tasks and challenges while cameras film everything they do. The show starts with a live launch on ITV1, where viewers see the celebrities enter the house for the first time.

It runs for 19 days, with episodes six days a week at 9 pm, some lasting 90 minutes. Every night, there’s a show called Big Brother: Late & Live on ITV2, and a live stream on ITVX from 11 pm to 2 am. The house is at Garden Studios in North London, where the cameras catch all the action.

The show’s logo is revealed before it starts, teasing viewers with excitement. It’s a fun and thrilling social experiment for both the celebrities and the audience.

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Celebrity Big Brother Host

The hosts of Celebrity Big Brother are AJ Odudu and Will Best. They guide viewers through the excitement and drama of the show, introducing the famous contestants as they enter the Big Brother house. AJ Odudu and Will Best bring energy and enthusiasm to the live launch show, where they reveal the star-studded lineup and engage with the audience.

Throughout the series, they provide commentary and insights into the challenges and events happening in the house. Their friendly and engaging personalities make them the perfect hosts for Celebrity Big Brother, connecting with viewers and keeping them entertained.

With their presence, AJ Odudu and Will Best add an extra layer of excitement to the show, making it a must-watch event for fans of reality television.

Where to Watch Celebrity Big Brother?

You can watch Celebrity Big Brother on ITV1, starting with a live launch show where famous people enter the Big Brother house. The show airs six nights a week, from Sunday to Friday, at 9 pm. Some episodes last for 90 minutes, including the launch, live evictions, and the finale.

After the main show, you can catch Big Brother: Late & Live on ITV2 at 10 pm. Additionally, there’s a live stream called Big Brother: Live Stream on ITVX, airing from 11 pm to 2 am every night from Sunday to Friday, and from 9 pm to 2 am on Saturdays.

The house where the celebrities live and the show is filmed is at Garden Studios in North London. Tune in to enjoy all the drama, challenges, and entertainment that Celebrity Big Brother brings to your screens!

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