What Happened To Miley And Liam? Did Liam Hemsworth Cheat On Miley Cyrus?

What Happened To Miley And Liam: Liam Hemsworth is an Australian actor, and Miley Cyrus is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. People are frequently curious about celebrities’ personal lives andso many wonder What Happened To Miley And Liam. In 2018, the couple marriedbut soon separated. To find out what happened to Miley and Liam, continue reading this article.

Who Is Miley And Liam Hemsworth?

Miley Cyrus is an American singer and actress. Liam Hemsworth, on the other hand, is an Australian actor. Sadly, their love lives did not last forever. They both fell in love and married in 2018. In the year 2020, they both divorced. Liam and Miley were no longer together as of 2022. More than two years have passed since Liam and Miley started dating. Once, Liam remarked, “She makes me happy,” and he informed me of the article. “You’re not human if you don’t feel something when you start being professional, but when you’re recording those moments with someone and claiming to love them.”

What Happened To Miley And Liam?

In terms of celebrity romances, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s romance is one for the ages. Even years after their marriage ended, the two are not exactly on the greatest of terms because of the complicated circumstances surrounding their breakup as per stylecaster. Fans are once again debating the former pair and what specifically happened between them when Miley’s new song “Flowers” was released and showed her appearing to criticize Liam. So, did Liam cheat on Miley? Cyrus discussed her impending divorce in a September 2020 interview, and Miley claimed that being married to Hemsworth was “one final attempt to save me” in a December 2020 interview.

What Happened To Miley And Liam Hemsworth?

In her song “Flowers,” which was brutally released last Friday on Hemsworth’s 33rd birthday, Cyrus dragged the actor’s failing marriage. This led to the actor’s trip to Australia with Brooks. In the song, Cyrus sings, “We were good / We were gold / Kind of dream that can’t be sold.” “We built a home and watched it burn,” the song’s lyrics read. The lyrics made reference to the lavish Malibu mansion she had with Hemsworth, which was destroyed in a wildfire in 2018.

The former “Hannah Montana” star then sings about how she didn’t want to leave Hemsworth but later realized that she was happier without him. She sang, “I didn’t want to leave you/I didn’t want to lie/Started to cry but remembered/I can buy myself flowers/Write my name in the sand/Talk to myself for hours/Say things you don’t understand.” Cyrus said that the couple was divorcing less than a year after they had secretly wed in December 2018. Few days later, Hemsworth filed for divorce.

Hemsworth’s New Relationship

Following Miley Cyrus’s revelation in her new song, “Flowers,” that Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brooks had a broken marriage, Liam Hemsworth was seen boarding a plane with Brooks. Hemsworth and Brooks tried to blend in as they moved through an airport in Sydney, Australia with their carry-on bags, according to photos acquired by Page Six on Monday. The 33-year-old “Hunger Games” star was wearing a grey T-shirt, green pants, and Converse sneakers while shielding his eyes with sunglasses and a baseball cap.

The two started dating before Hemsworth and Cyrus’ divorce was finalised in January 2020. Last week, Brooks posted a heartfelt birthday tribute to Hemsworth on Instagram.

Did Liam Hemsworth Cheat On Miley Cyrus?

Although the relationship between Liam and Miley didn’t exactly work out, there have been no instances of the actor having an extramarital affair with the singer as per distractify. After she released “Flowers,” a rumor started spreading on Twitter. It was implied that in the house where the song’s music video was filmed, Liam had affairs with more than a dozen different women.

“Miley Cyrus filmed the music video for “Flowers” in the home where Liam cheated on her. Salutations to Queen Miley Even though the allusions to “When I Was Your Man” were reason enough for me to already adore “Flowers,” “one Twitter follower commented.

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