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Where to Watch Bad Vs. Wild? Bad Vs. Wild Release Date, Trailer and Moire

“Bad Vs. Wild” is available exclusively on the Zeus Network, a digital platform. To watch, simply subscribe via the website or app. Enjoy access to a range of original content, including the latest season of “Bad Vs. Wild,” featuring over-the-top challenges and performances by top musical artists.


Where to Watch Bad Vs. Wild?

“Bad Vs. Wild” can be watched exclusively on the Zeus Network. The Zeus Network is a digital platform where you can access a variety of original content, including reality TV shows like “Bad Vs. Wild.” To watch the series, viewers need to subscribe to the Zeus Network, either through its website or its dedicated app.

Subscribing grants access to the full range of shows and episodes available on the platform, including the latest season of “Bad Vs. Wild.” By tuning in to the Zeus Network, viewers can immerse themselves in the drama, challenges, and competitions of this unique reality TV series, witnessing the confrontations and rivalries between famous women as they compete in over-the-top games and showdowns filmed in Las Vegas, also known as Sin City.

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Additionally, the Zeus Network promises to keep viewers entertained with performances by some of the hottest musical artists, ensuring a captivating viewing experience from start to finish.

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Bad Vs. Wild

“Bad Vs. Wild” is a reality TV series produced by Nick Cannon and aired exclusively on the Zeus Network. The show brings together famous women who have pre-existing conflicts or competitive rivalries and pits them against each other in a series of challenges and showdowns.

Filmed on location in Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, the series features over-the-top competitions and games designed to settle scores and determine who is the “baddest” among the participants.

With a format reminiscent of “Wild ‘N Out” but amplified with intense rivalry and drama, “Bad Vs. Wild” promises an outrageous and entertaining viewing experience. The audience is treated to a front-row seat as their favorite celebrities form teams and go head-to-head, culminating in a fiery climax that includes performances by some of today’s hottest musical artists.

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Bad Vs. Wild Release Date

“Bad Vs. Wild” premiered on Sunday, March 3, 2024, exclusively on the Zeus Network. This marked the debut of the reality TV series, introducing viewers to a unique concept of settling conflicts and rivalries through physical challenges and showdowns.

Filmed on location in Las Vegas, the first episode featured reality queens Natalie Nunn and Joseline Hernandez facing off in an epic showdown, with the added excitement of a live performance by GloRilla.

The release date of March 3, 2024, marked the beginning of a season filled with drama, competition, and entertainment, as famous women came together to battle it out and prove themselves as the “baddest” in the game.

With its premiere on the Zeus Network, “Bad Vs. Wild” captured the attention of audiences eager to witness the confrontations and rivalries unfold in Sin City, setting the stage for an adrenaline-fueled and captivating series.

Bad Vs. Wild Trailer

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