Why is The Good Doctor Not on Tonight? When Does the Good Doctor Come Back on?

Tonight, ‘The Good Doctor’ isn’t airing because ABC is showing a Super Tuesday special covering the 2024 election. However, fans can catch a rerun of the Season 7 premiere in its usual time slot.

The Good Doctor

“The Good Doctor” is a TV show about a young doctor named Shaun Murphy. Shaun is special because he has autism, which is a condition that affects how he interacts with the world. Despite this, Shaun is very talented and works as a surgical resident at a hospital called San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. The show follows Shaun as he faces challenges and solves medical cases with his unique perspective.

Shaun’s colleagues at the hospital include Dr. Glassman, who is like a mentor to him, and other doctors and nurses who support him in his journey. Throughout the series, Shaun learns to navigate the complexities of the medical profession while dealing with his autism. He often struggles to communicate with others and understand social cues, but his brilliance shines through in his work as a doctor.

The show explores themes of acceptance, perseverance, and the importance of diversity in the workplace. It also highlights the challenges that people with autism face in society and how they can overcome them with determination and support. “The Good Doctor” has gained popularity for its heartfelt storytelling and compelling portrayal of a character with autism in a medical setting.

Why is The Good Doctor Not on Tonight?

Tonight, ‘The Good Doctor’ is not airing because ABC is broadcasting a special program covering the 2024 Super Tuesday election. This means that the show’s usual time slot is occupied by this special event, disrupting the regular programming schedule. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait for the next new episode, as ‘The Good Doctor’ won’t be back on air next week either.

Instead, ABC will be re-airing the Season 7 premiere in the time slot typically reserved for ‘The Rookie’. However, viewers can mark their calendars because the next new episode of ‘The Good Doctor’ is scheduled to air on Tuesday, March 19th at 10 p.m. ET. This break in airing is not uncommon for television shows, especially when special events or programs are scheduled by the network.

While it may be disappointing for fans eagerly awaiting new episodes, it allows viewers to catch up on previous episodes or explore other forms of entertainment. Overall, the absence of ‘The Good Doctor’ tonight is due to ABC’s decision to prioritize coverage of the Super Tuesday election, offering viewers a different form of programming during this time.

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The Good Doctor Plot

“The Good Doctor” follows the story of Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, as he begins working at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Despite facing skepticism and prejudice from some of his colleagues, Shaun’s exceptional medical skills and unique perspective enable him to excel in his role.

Throughout the series, viewers witness Shaun’s struggles and triumphs as he navigates the complexities of the medical profession and forms relationships with his coworkers and patients. Despite his challenges, Shaun’s unwavering dedication to his patients and his commitment to doing what is right make him a beloved figure at the hospital.

Through its engaging storyline and compelling characters, “The Good Doctor” offers viewers an inspiring and heartwarming portrayal of resilience, determination, and the triumph of the human spirit.

The Good Doctor Cast



Freddie Highmore

Dr. Shaun Murphy

Nicholas Gonzalez

Dr. Neil Melendez

Antonia Thomas

Dr. Claire Browne

Chuku Modu

Dr. Jared Kalu

Beau Garrett

Jessica Preston

Irene Keng

Dr. Elle McLean

Hill Harper

Dr. Marcus Andrews

Richard Schiff

Dr. Aaron Glassman

Tamlyn Tomita

Allegra Aoki

Will Yun Lee

Dr. Alex Park

Fiona Gubelmann

Dr. Morgan Reznick

Christina Chang

Dr. Audrey Lim

Paige Spara

Lea Dilallo-Murphy

Jasika Nicole

Dr. Carly Lever

Bria Samoné Henderson

Dr. Jordan Allen

Noah Galvin

Dr. Asher Wolke

Osvaldo Benavides

Dr. Mateo Rendón Osma

Brandon Larracuente

Dr. Daniel “Danny” Perez

Why is The Good Doctor Ending?

“The Good Doctor” is ending after seven seasons due to a combination of reasons. Firstly, there were financial strains affecting television productions, including this show. Tight budgets impacted various aspects like casting and production values. Moreover, industry strikes caused delays in production starts and shortened seasons, making it challenging to continue.

Secondly, the decision to end the show was influenced by storytelling vision and network decree. The showrunner, David Shore, had envisioned the ending of the series years ago. Additionally, the network, ABC, played a role in this decision. They may have felt it was time to conclude the story, possibly due to declining viewership or other strategic reasons.

While it’s disappointing for fans that the series is ending, there’s also a positive side. Despite facing challenges like reduced episode counts, the creators have the opportunity to conclude the story on their terms. This means they can give the characters and plotlines the closure they deserve, which is not always possible in television.

When Does The Good Doctor Come Back on?

The Good Doctor won’t be on this week or next due to a special Super Tuesday program. But  The show will return with a new episode on Tuesday, March 19 at 10 p.m. ET. In the last episodes, Dr. Shaun Murphy struggled to mentor Charlie, a new student with autism like him.

The upcoming episode suggests Shaun may continue to reject Charlie until he realizes how he’s treating her. But there’s a silver lining as Shaun seems to be reconnecting with Dr. Glassman, which is a positive development. Fans can expect more twists and turns when the show returns, promising an engaging end to the final season.

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