Is Van Conner Still Alive? Van Conner Bio, Family, What Happened To Van Conner?

Is Van Conner Still Alive:Van Conner was a musician,bassist, and songwriter. He was born in 1967in the US. Recently people got to know about his sad demise and wanted to confirmIs Van Conner Still Alive or not. To know more about, Is Van Conner Still Alive, read the article below.

Who Is Van Conner?  

Van Conner was a famous American rock musician born in 1967. He co-founded the band Screaming Trees with his brother Gary Lee Conner in 1984 and close friends Mark Lanegan and Mark Pickerel. Conner started a low-critical band under the name Gardener, which released its only album in the 1990s under the name New Dawning Time. Also, he has briefly appeared as a session musician with other known bands, such as Queens of the Stone Age, and helped Mark Lanegan on his solo album I’ll Take Care of You. His working labels are Velvetone Records, SST, Epic, and Small Stone, and he is a former member of Screaming trees, Gardener, VALIS, and Solomon Grundy, as per wikispro. 

Is Van Conner Still Alive?  

Van Conner is not alive. Van Conner (55), a well-known bassist, songwriter, and co-founder of the alternative rock band Screaming Trees, died due to illness on Tuesday, 17th January 2023. Van’s death was announced by his brother and former bandmate Gary Lee Conner on his Facebook on Wednesday. The reason behind his death was Conner had been suffering from a prolonged illness for some time before ultimately losing a battle with pneumonia.  

His brother and bandmate Gary Lee Conner announced the news on social media, writing, “It was pneumonia that got him in the end. He was one of the closest friends I ever had and I loved him immensely. I will miss him forever and ever and ever.”- as per 

Van Conner Biography  

Van Conner started his career in 1985, and he spent 4 Years in his profession, and he stopped working and ended his career as Musician in 1989. His working instruments are Bass and lead guitar, and his working genres are  Grunge, psychedelic rock, and alternative rock. 




Van Conner

Date of Birth

March 17, 1967

Date of Death 

January 17, 2023



Birth Place

Apple Valley, California


United States of America



Net Worth

$1 Million to $5 Million

How Did Van Conner Died?   

The reason behind Van Conner’s death, he was affected by pneumonia, and finally, he died on January 17, 2023, at the age of 55. The brothers founded the  Screaming Trees with vocalist Mark Lanegan and drummer Mark Pickerel in 1984. The band includes eight studio albums and various EPs, including Buzz Factory, Sweet Oblivion, Invisible Lantern, and Uncle Anesthesia, the latter co-produced by Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, as per 

‘Van Conner bassist and song writer of Screaming Trees died last night of an extended illness at 55 It was pneumonia that got him in the end. He was one of the closest friends I ever had and I loved him immensely. I will miss him forever and ever and ever…’ Gary posted to Facebook.- as per dailymail.  

Van Conner Family 

There are no more updates about his family, and also, there are no more updates about his parents and their occupations. As we get soon, we will update you as soon as possible. The band released an album in 1990, and he was also a member of Dinosaur. In high school, Conner established the band Explosive Generation with his brother Gary Lee Conner and Mark Pickerel as bass players. The band went from their birthplace Ellensburg, Washington, to Seattle in the late 1980s to join that city’s emerging alternative rock scene. Conner was a member of Screaming Trees for seven studios, and they launched the side project Solomon Grundy while still in Screaming Trees, where he performed lead vocals and guitar, as per atinkanews 

Van Conner Works   

Van’s buoyant provided a foundation for his older brother’s neo-psychedelic songwriting and Lanegan’s gravelly vocals. His skipping rhythms helped make Screaming Trees’ “Nearly Lost You” and the jangly “Bed of Roses” two of the group’s signature tunes. His works include Start Choppin, Watch the Corners, Dollar Bill, Get Me, Feel the Pain, Out There, The Wagon, Julie Paradise, Orange Airplane, etc, as per rollingstone

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