Will There Be a Ready Set Love Season 2? Where to Watch Ready Set Love?

As of March 2024, the renewal status of Ready Set LoveSeason 2 remains uncertain. While fans eagerly await confirmation, the lack of official announcements leaves viewers wondering about the future of their beloved series.

Ready Set Love

“Ready Set Love” appears to be a captivating series set in a world where men are scarce, placing women in the forefront of a government-sponsored game show where they vie for the affections of the perfect gentleman.

This premise offers a fresh and intriguing take on traditional dating scenarios, injecting elements of competition and societal dynamics into the search for love. The show’s surrealistic setting creates a unique backdrop for exploring themes of gender, relationships, and the pursuit of romance, promising viewers an engaging and thought-provoking viewing experience.

With its imaginative concept and potential for compelling storytelling, “Ready Set Love” has the opportunity to resonate with audiences seeking entertainment that goes beyond conventional narratives.

The dynamic interplay between characters as they navigate the challenges and complexities of finding love in a world where men are a rarity is likely to captivate viewers and provoke discussions about gender roles and societal expectations. As the series unfolds, it has the potential to offer both entertainment and insight into the intricacies of human connection in a creatively imagined universe.

Will There Be a Ready Set Love Season 2?

As of March 2024, there’s uncertainty surrounding the future of Ready, Set, Love Season 2. Despite fans eagerly anticipating a follow-up to the first season, there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding its renewal.

While many hope for another installment of the series, the lack of confirmation leaves viewers wondering if and when they’ll get to see more of their favorite characters and storylines unfold.

The absence of news regarding Ready, Set, Love Season 2’s renewal doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t happen. Networks and streaming platforms often take time to evaluate viewership numbers, critical reception, and other factors before deciding whether to greenlight another season.

Fans may need to remain patient as they await updates from the production team or the network regarding the show’s future. Until then, enthusiasts can continue to express their support for the series in the hopes of increasing the likelihood of its return for a second season.

Ready Set Love Cast




Pongtiwat Tangwancharoen


Nichapalak Thongkham


Kemisara Paladesh


Trisanu Soranun


Natthaweeranuch Thongmee


Panadda Wongphudee

Ready Set Love Plot

“Ready Set Love” follows the story of Day, an ordinary woman living in a world where women outnumber men and men are cherished as “national treasures.” In this society, the government sponsors a unique game show called “Ready, Set, Love,” where women compete for the affection of the limited number of men available.

Despite her initial hesitation, Day finds herself thrust into this competitive environment. As she navigates the challenges of the game show, Day unexpectedly encounters Son, one of the highly sought-after bachelors, sparking a connection that transcends the boundaries of the competition.

Their blossoming romance adds a captivating twist to the traditional narrative of the game show. As Day and Son navigate the complexities of their relationship amidst the backdrop of societal expectations and government-sponsored matchmaking, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, love, and resilience.

Through their interactions, Day and Son challenge the norms of their society, defying conventions and embracing the true essence of love in a world where finding it is anything but ordinary. “Ready Set Love” promises viewers an engaging storyline filled with romance, intrigue, and thought-provoking commentary on love and relationships.

Where to Watch Ready Set Love?

To watch “Ready Set Love,” viewers can tune in to Netflix, where the series is available for streaming. This popular platform offers convenient access to the show, allowing audiences to dive into its intriguing storyline and immersive world at their leisure.

With Netflix’s extensive library and user-friendly interface, fans can easily find and enjoy “Ready Set Love” alongside a wide range of other entertainment options, whether they prefer binge-watching sessions or taking their time to savor each episode.

Whether it’s on a TV screen, laptop, or mobile device, Netflix provides a convenient and accessible way for viewers to experience the drama, romance, and excitement of “Ready Set Love” from the comfort of their own homes.

Ready Set Love Trailer

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