Is Anika Noni Rose Married? Anika Noni Rose Net Worth, Husband, Instagram, Age, Family, Bio, Children, Height

Is Anika Noni Rose Married: Anika Noni Rose is an American actress and singer and her fans are curious to know Is Anika Noni Rose Married or not. You’ll find out if you proceed to swipe through the below-mentioned passages. With that being said, let’s begin the article that goes by the title Is Anika Noni Rose Married.

Is Anika Noni Rose Married?

The star from “The Princess and the Frog” seems to have tied the knot with the actor Jason Dirden in October 2022. However, the insights regarding her marriage were private for three months. She opened up that she was married in the Bribes magazine on January 16, 2023. Rose added these words regarding her marriage, “Without consulting each other, we ended up using the same phrase at the end of each [of our vows],” also she ended by saying these lines as well, We couldn’t have planned it better.” We were able to organize the fact that she is married after referring to Today.

Anika Noni Rose Net Worth

Anika Noni Rose is worth $3 million as of 2023, per the analysis we supported from celebritynetworth. The impact that we delivered was established in 2023. The calculated amount also includes her earnings in her movements based on her elementary career and a few more talents. Her net worth may improve or deteriorate as time passes; once we face a reduction or remain in the calculated amounts, we’ll update it here. We also believe Anika Noni Rose might have selected options for acquisitions to double her recoveries to add more worth to her Networth.

Anika Noni Husband

Though Anika Noni Rose’s fame is open to the public, one factor confuses people the most. It is nothing but Anika Noni Rose’s marital status. As she never revealed her relationship, but back on January 16, 2023, she hinted insights about her marital view. You might need to find out whether Anika Noni Rose is married. Well, it seems that she Jason Dirden in October 2022. And we referred to Today to know who her husband is!

Anika Noni Instagram

Anika Noni Rose’s reach through the internet came to great success, as Anika Noni Rose was making headlines for quite a long time. So you might wonder if there is Anika Noni Rose on Instagram or not. It is a whole level of truth that people often post their goofy and sassy side on their Instagram profiles.

Anika Noni Age

Age is definitely a factor that notes one’s childhood and adultness, and you might wonder what is Anika Noni Rose’s age as well. We might have noticed a few more youthful variations of Anika Noni Rose, but age passes as time parts. You might wonder what Anika Noni Rose’s age is, or you might have predicted the age of Anika Noni Rose. But let’s see if your projection reaches well with Anika Noni Rose’s age as of 2023. Anika Noni is 50 years old and she was born on September 6, 1972. We will modernize more factful understandings about Anika Noni Rose when we are told, and we referred to celebheights to find out insights about her age.

Anika Noni Bio




Anika Noni Rose


September 6, 1972


50 years

Birth Place

Bloomfield, Connecticut, U.S.


Florida A&M University (BA)

American Conservatory Theater (MFA)


Actress, singer


$3 Million

Anika Noni Family

One common thing about any celebrity is that they keep their family away from the limelight. By now, you might have known that Anika Noni has a happy marital span with Jason Dirden. Anika Noni was raised by John Rose Jr. and her mother, Claudia Rose. We were able to look into the insights related to her family after referring to thewikifeed. And we will make sure to add more news when we are reminded about her updates.

Anika Noni Children

This female American acting prodigy is widely noticed for her roles in The Princess and The Frog and Dreamgirls. As of now, the latter isn’t sharing her role as a mother. She was recently married to Jason Dirden back in October 2022. However, if we are made aware of Anika Noni’s children or if she becomes a mother, we will be adding it here. Nevertheless, we were able to compile these facts after referring to etonline.

Anika Noni Height

Anika Noni Rose has reached a decent height, as he gained massive fame and reputation, where Anika Noni Rose was featured in multiple headlines. On witnessing Anika Noni Rose’s name reaching a decent height, you might wonder what Anika Noni Rose’s actual height in feet and meters is. Well, if you have no clue about Anika Noni Rose’s height as of 2023, here’s the answer. Anika Noni Rose stands at the height of 5 feet 2 inches in meters. We will be conscious of adding more insights about Anika Noni Rose’s height if it varies as time passes. We referred to celebheights to discover these insights.

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