Why is Arturo Coronado Wisconsin in Jail? Who is Taylor Schabusiness Father?

Discover the intriguing story behind Taylor Schabusiness’ father’s incarceration and the bizarre testimony of Arturo Coronado in relation to the case, and uncover the details surrounding this legal situation.

Why is Arturo Coronado Wisconsin in Jail?

Taylor Schabusiness, a woman from Wisconsin, was convicted of murdering and dismembering her 25-year-old boyfriend on July 26, 2024. In the aftermath of the trial, the jury’s decision led to her being sentenced to prison instead of a mental institution during the second phase of the proceedings.

During the trial, a competency hearing was held to determine whether Schabusiness should be sent to a regular prison or a mental institution. Testimony from Schabusiness’ father, Arturo Coronado, who himself is serving time for sexual assault of a child, played a significant role in the proceedings. Wearing an orange jumpsuit from jail, Coronado testified in defense of his daughter’s mental state.

Coronado’s own history of incarceration for sexual assault emerged, with him being found guilty in 2018 and sentenced to 12 years in prison with 18 years of supervision. Despite his testimony asserting that the death of Schabusiness’ mother and brother impacted her mental health and that she struggled with substance abuse after her husband’s release from prison, the jury deliberated for a short period and ultimately concluded that Schabusiness was not insane.

As a result, Taylor Schabusiness will serve her sentence in a regular prison rather than a psychiatric institution, following her conviction on charges of first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse, and third-degree sexual assault.

Who is Taylor Schabusiness Father?

On July 27, 2024, the verdict was delivered, finding TAYLOR Schabusiness guilty of the heinous murder of her former boyfriend, Shad Thyrion, in a chilling incident that occurred in February 2022. The jury’s decision came swiftly, taking less than an hour to convict her on charges of homicide, third-degree sexual abuse, and mutilating a corpse.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Arturo Coronado, Schabusiness’ father, has his own troubled past. Currently serving time for a child sex crime, he has been locked up since April 29, 2018. Court records indicate he was found guilty of second-degree sexual assault of a child following a no-contest plea.

Consequently, he received a 12-year prison sentence with 18 years of supervision and strict conditions, including no contact with the female victim, her family, or anyone under 18 without prior approval from an agent. Additionally, he must be accompanied by an approved adult sober chaperone if granted permission to communicate with others.

Another case documented in Brown County shows Coronado’s involvement in a disorderly conduct charge related to domestic abuse in 2017. Again, he was found guilty due to a no-contest plea and faced a 30-day jail sentence and 12 months of probation, along with requirements to maintain sobriety and distance from the victim.

The convergence of these events paints a haunting picture of a family marked by tragedy and criminal acts, with Taylor Schabusiness’ conviction adding another layer of darkness to the already troubled story.

What Were Arturo Coronado’s Comments On Taylor Schabusiness?

During the trial, Coronado bravely testified in support of his daughter’s defense as the jury deliberated on her mental competency. Appearing in court on July 27, 2024, Coronado was clad in leg and wrist shackles, wearing an orange jail jumpsuit.

Schabusiness faced charges of strangling her former lover, Shad Thyrion, and dismembering his body, an act that culminated in the disturbing disposal of his head in a bucket. The jury, however, dismissed the notion that she was “not responsible” for these crimes due to mental illness, leading to her sentencing to prison.

During his testimony, Coronado revealed the tragic impact of her mother Marla Coronado’s death in 2009 and her brother Arturo ‘AJ’ Coronado’s passing in 2022 on Schabusiness’ mental well-being.

He shared with the court that Schabusiness had sought help at a psychiatric center as she struggled with her mental state. Coronado also expressed his concerns for his daughter’s physical and mental health, recounting that she had been prescribed medication to aid her.

According to him, Schabusiness’ troubles escalated when her husband, Warren Schabusiness, was released from jail, leading her down a dangerous path involving meth and heroin. In a touching moment after his testimony, Coronado expressed his love for his daughter, leaving the court with an unusual remark: “Go Bears!”

In response, Schabusiness, who had shown moments of levity throughout the trial, smiled and reciprocated the love: “I love you too. Go Bears!” Her sentencing is scheduled for September 26, 2024.

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