Who Went Home the Bachelor Season 28 Tonight? Contestants Who Got Eliminated

In tonight’s episode of The Bachelor Season 28, Joey Graziadei bids farewell to multiple contestants, presenting emotional decisions and disappointments, While the eliminated contestants depart with newfound experiences, Joey continues his quest for lasting love.

Who Went Home The Bachelor Season 28 Tonight ?

In Season 28, Episode 8, Joey Graziadei traveled across the country to meet the families and friends of his last four contestants: Kelsey Anderson, Rachel Nance, Daisy Kent, and Maria Georgas.

He had warm and deep chats, tough talks, and fun introductions with the loved ones of his final four women. After all these meetings, Joey faced his most challenging choice yet. He had to eliminate one of the fan-favorite contestants before the Fantasy Suite week.

Following the show’s tradition, Hometown Week wrapped up with a dramatic rose ceremony in a Los Angeles airplane hangar. Before Joey could offer the first Fantasy Suite rose, Maria pulled him aside for a private conversation behind an aircraft, revealing her regret for not confessing her feelings for him sooner. Joey, clearly conflicted, took a moment to reflect on her confession before rejoining the group to distribute the roses. Daisy received the first rose, followed by Kelsey, and then Rachel, marking the end for Maria.

“Even though you didn’t say what you said tonight, I hope you know that I was trying my best to get there,” he said. “It feels wrong in some ways, it’s tough.” Maria told him she was fine and got in the car, leaving without so much as a hug. “I’m confused. I came here, showed all of me, told him I am falling in love with him, and if that’s not enough for him what more can I give this man?” she told cameras. “I should have told him a lot sooner how I felt, and that’s my biggest regret.”

Each elimination was a difficult decision for Joey, and it left the contestants feeling disappointed after investing time and emotions into building connections with him. Despite being eliminated from the show, the contestants departed with newfound experiences and self-discoveries, which may aid them in their continued search for love outside of the show.

While bidding farewell to the eliminated contestants was tough, Joey remained focused on following his heart and making the best decisions for his journey to find a life partner. As the competition progresses, the remaining contestants will continue to compete for Joey’s affection, hoping to ultimately capture his heart and become his chosen partner.

The elimination process is an integral part of The Bachelor experience, showcasing the emotional highs and lows of romantic pursuit on the journey to finding lasting love.

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The Bachelor Season 28

The Bachelor Season 28 premiered on January 22, 2024, featuring Joey Graziadei, a 28-year-old teaching tennis pro from Royersford, Pennsylvania, as the Bachelor. Graziadei previously gained recognition as the runner-up on the 20th season of The Bachelorette. The season was announced during the After the Final Rose special of The Bachelorette on August 21, 2024, by Jesse Palmer.

Filming for the season officially began on September 19, 2024, in Agoura Hills, California, following introductory footage filmed in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. The production took place in various locations, including Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper, Alberta, and destinations like Mdina, Malta; Marbella, Spain; Montreal, Quebec; and Tulum, Mexico.

Guest appearances during the season included musicians Michael Bolton, Bahamas, and Feist, former contestants Demi Burnett and Jubilee Sharpe, and retired professional tennis players James Blake and Pam Shriver.Initially, 32 potential contestants were revealed, including a set of sisters, on September 16, 2024. However, unlike previous seasons, all 32 women made it into the final cast without any cuts prior to filming, as announced on December 20, 2024.

Throughout the season, viewers witnessed Graziadei’s journey to find love as he navigated through dates, rose ceremonies, and emotional moments with the contestants, ultimately leading to a dramatic and heartfelt conclusion.

The Bachelor (American Season 28) Release Date

The Bachelor Season 28 premiered on January 22, 2024, in the United States on the ABC network. The season features Joey Graziadei, a 28-year-old teaching tennis pro from Royersford, Pennsylvania, as the Bachelor. This installment follows the standard format of the popular reality dating show, where a single man, in this case, Joey, interacts with a group of contestants in the pursuit of finding love.

The season is presented by Jesse Palmer, and it began with 32 contestants competing for Joey’s affection. The decision to delay the usual January start by three weeks was made to avoid potential scheduling conflicts with ABC’s Monday Night Football coverage.

The episodes are set to continue airing beyond the initial release date, allowing viewers to follow Joey’s journey and the romantic developments as the season unfolds. The filming dates spanned from September 19 to November 12, 2024, covering various locations, including Agoura Hills, California; Mdina, Malta; Marbella, Spain; Montreal, Quebec; and concluding in Tulum, Mexico in mid-November. Overall, The Bachelor Season 28 promises an exciting and romantic television experience for its audience.

Who is the Host of the Bachelor Season 28?

The host of The Bachelor Season 28 is Jesse Palmer. Serving as the charismatic face of the show, Jesse Palmer plays a crucial role in guiding both the Bachelor and the contestants through their romantic journey. Born on October 5, 1978, in Toronto, Canada, Jesse Palmer has had a diverse career in the entertainment industry.

Before stepping into the role of hosting The Bachelor, Palmer was known for his accomplishments in the world of sports. He is a former professional football player, having played as a quarterback in the National Football League (NFL) for teams like the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers. Post his football career, Palmer transitioned into sports broadcasting, contributing as an analyst and commentator.

Jesse Palmer’s engaging and affable demeanor makes him a popular choice as the host of The Bachelor, where he adds his unique flair to the show. As the Bachelor Nation follows the romantic escapades of Season 28, Jesse Palmer stands as the guiding presence, offering insights and support to both the Bachelor, Joey Graziadei, and the contestants on their quest for love.

The Bachelor (American Season 28) Contestants



Allison Hollinger


Autumn Waggoner


Chrissa Perez


Daisy Kent


Edwina Dorbor


Erika Cardenas


Evalin Clark


Jennifer “Jenn” Tran


Jessica “Jess” Edwards


Katelyn DeBacker


Kelsey Anderson


Kelsey Toussant


Lauren Hollinger


Lea Cayanan


Lexi Young


Madina Alam


Maria Georgas


Marlena Haddad


Rachel Nance


Starr Skyler


Sydney Gordon


Taylor Wiens


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