Who is Des Bishop's Wife? Know Everything About Des Bishop Wife Hannah Berner

Who is Des Bishop’s Wife? Des Bishop is an Irish-American comedian born in London, United Kingdom people are very curious to know who Des Bishop Wife

Who is Des Bishop Wife?

So who is Des Bishop’s Wife? According to Online Sources, Des Bishop’s wife is Hannah Berner. Des Bishop is an Irish-American comedian. He was born in London, United Kingdom on 12 November 1975.

Name Des Bishop
Profession Irish-American comedian
Date of Birth 12 November 1975
Age 48 years old
Birth Place London, United Kingdom
Height 190 cm, 6 feet 3 inches
Weight (171 lbs) 78 kg
Nationality Irish-American
Wife Name Hannah Berner
Instagram Link

Who is Des Bishop?

Des Bishop is an acclaimed Irish-American comedian known for his wit, humor, and socially conscious stand-up routines. Born on November 12, 1975, in New York City to Irish immigrant parents, Bishop grew up immersed in both American and Irish cultures.

His unique background greatly influences his comedic style, blending elements of Irish and American humor to create a distinct comedic voice. Bishop’s rise to prominence came through his fearless approach to tackling sensitive and thought-provoking topics, including politics, culture, and identity.

He gained widespread recognition for his television series “In the Name of the Fada,” where he documented his journey to learn the Irish language. This endeavor showcased Bishop’s comedic talents while shedding light on issues of language preservation and cultural heritage in Ireland.

Des Bishop Height and Weight

Des Bishop stands at a height of approximately 190 cm, 6 feet 3 inches, and maintains a weight of around (171 lbs) 78 kg. His tall stature and slender build contribute to his stage presence, allowing him to command attention and engage audiences with ease.

Bishop’s physical attributes complement his comedic style, enabling him to deliver jokes with confidence and charisma. While he may not possess the imposing frame of some comedians, 

Physical Attributes



190 cm, 6 feet 3 inches


(171 lbs) 78 kg

Des Bishop Nationality 

Des Bishop is of Irish-American nationality. Born on November 12, 1975, in New York City, USA, Bishop’s heritage reflects the fusion of Irish and American cultures.

Bishop maintains strong ties to Ireland through his family roots and cultural upbringing. His Irish-American identity is integral to his comedic style, as he often draws inspiration from both American and Irish experiences in his stand-up routines.

Bishop’s ability to navigate and seamlessly blend aspects of both cultures has contributed to his widespread appeal and success as a comedian, resonating with audiences on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Des Bishop Career

Des Bishop’s career as a comedian spans over two decades, characterized by a diverse range of comedic performances across various mediums.

Rising to prominence in the early 2000s, Bishop quickly established himself as a dynamic and socially conscious comedian, known for his sharp wit and candid observations on contemporary issues.

His breakthrough came with the critically acclaimed television series “In the Name of the Fada,” where he embarked on a personal journey to learn the Irish language, showcasing his comedic talents while exploring themes of language, culture, and identity in Ireland.

Bishop’s stand-up comedy specials, including “Des Bishop: Joy in the Hood” and “Des Bishop Live,” have earned him widespread acclaim for their blend of humor, insight, and cultural commentary.

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