Who Invited Them Ending Explained, Where to Watch Who Invited Them?

In the chilling conclusion of “Who Invited Them,” the revelation of Tom and Sasha’s dark past sheds light on their twisted motives. Despite sparing the central couple, Adam and Margo, the threat lingers, leaving uncertainty and unease in its wake.

Who Invited Them

“Who Invited Them,” a 2022 film, follows the story of two couples who come together for a housewarming party. Initially, the gathering is filled with laughter and camaraderie as the hosts and guests enjoy each other’s company. However, tensions arise as the hosts begin to suspect the motives of their guests, particularly as they notice their seemingly unexplained wealth and excessive drinking habits.

As the evening progresses, the atmosphere grows increasingly uneasy, with the hosts grappling with their growing distrust and suspicion. The film delves into the complexities of human relationships, exploring themes of trust, deception, and the masks we wear in social settings. Viewers are drawn into a suspenseful narrative that keeps them guessing until the very end.

Through compelling performances and a gripping storyline, “Who Invited Them” offers a thought-provoking examination of the intricacies of social dynamics and the consequences of unchecked suspicion. The film serves as a captivating exploration of the fragility of friendships and the dark undercurrents that can lurk beneath the surface of seemingly ordinary gatherings.

Who Invited Them Ending Explained

In the ending of “Who Invited Them,” the audience is confronted with a chilling revelation about Tom and Sasha, who turn out to be the twin siblings of a tragic tale Adam shared earlier.

Their parents were abusive, and the twins eventually orchestrated their demise. Now, Tom and Sasha conduct experiments on married couples, seeking those who resemble their abusive parents. If these couples fail their tests, they meet a grim fate.

Despite having ample opportunities to kill Adam and Margo, the central hosting couple, Tom and Sasha spare them. Tom expresses a liking for them, possibly influenced by overhearing Adam and Margo’s heartfelt apology to each other. This decision not only spares Adam and Margo but also sheds light on Tom and Sasha’s complex motivations.

After dispatching another couple, Tom and Sasha leave Adam and Margo alive. However, chaos ensues when Teeny, another character, arrives and is injured. In a moment of panic, she accidentally shoots Adam. As the dust settles, Adam, Margo, and Teeny recover, but the threat of Tom and Sasha still looms large.

The story concludes with an unsettling twist as Adam discovers one of his damaged vinyl records magically repaired, hinting at Tom’s return. This leaves Adam, and the audience, with a lingering sense of unease and uncertainty about what may come next.

Who Invited Them Cast



Ryan Hansen


Melissa Tang


Timothy Granaderos


Perry Mattfeld


Tipper Newton


Barry Rothbart


Kalo Moss


Avital Ash


Judy Kain


Matthew Kimbrough

Mr. Burke

Allan McLeod


Zeke Nicholson


Claudia Choi


Christopher Chen


Delyn Wall

Female Twin

Keziah Wall

Female Twin

Gavin Chapman

Male Twin

Landon Chapman

Male Twin

Who Invited Them Plot

“Who Invited Them” follows the story of Adam and Margo’s housewarming party, which takes an unexpected turn when Tom and Sasha, their wealthy neighbors, refuse to leave. Initially presumed to be uninvited guests, Tom and Sasha seamlessly integrate themselves into the festivities, charming Adam and Margo with their charisma.

However, as the night progresses and the alcohol flows, tensions simmer beneath the surface, leading to suspicions and discord among the couples. As Tom and Sasha insidiously exploit the vulnerabilities of Adam and Margo, the once-solid foundation of their relationship begins to crumble.

Through manipulation and temptation, they sow seeds of mistrust, testing the limits of loyalty and friendship. Meanwhile, Teeny, a friend entrusted with babysitting Adam and Margo’s son, becomes unwittingly entangled in the escalating drama, adding another layer of complexity to the unfolding events.

Against the backdrop of the luxurious house and extravagant party, dark secrets emerge, including the sinister history of Adam and Margo’s home—a past tainted by a gruesome murder. This revelation casts a shadow over the festivities, heightening the suspense and uncertainty surrounding the characters’ fates. As alliances are tested and loyalties are questioned, “Who Invited Them” delves into the depths of human nature, exploring themes of trust, manipulation, and the consequences of unchecked desire.

Where to Watch Who Invited Them?

If you’re eager to watch “Who Invited Them,” there are several convenient options available. You can stream the movie on various platforms, including AMC+ Amazon Channel, Hoopla, Shudder, Shudder Amazon Channel, and Shudder Apple TV Channel. These streaming services offer easy access to the film for subscribers, allowing you to enjoy it from the comfort of your own home.

Alternatively, if you prefer to own or rent the movie, it’s also available for purchase or rental on popular digital platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon Video, Vudu, Redbox, Microsoft Store, and Google Play Movies. This gives you the flexibility to choose how you want to watch the film, whether it’s as a one-time rental or as a permanent addition to your digital library.

With a range of options for streaming or purchasing, finding “Who Invited Them” to watch has never been easier. Whether you’re a subscriber to streaming services or prefer to rent or buy movies individually, you can access the film across various platforms, ensuring that you can enjoy it at your convenience.

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