Who are Canelo Alvarez Parents? Meet Santos Alvarez and Ana Maria Barragan

Who are Canelo Alvarez’s Parents? Check this article to know who are Canelo Alvarez’s Parents along withCanelo Alvarez biography. Canelo Alvarez is a Mexican professional boxer.

Who are Canelo Alvarez’s Parents?

So who are Canelo Alvarez’s Parents? According to our research, Canelo Alvarez’s Parents are Santos Alvarez and Ana Maria Barragan. Canelo Alvarez is an Mexican professional boxer born on 18 July 1990.

Real Name

Santos Saul Alvarez Barragan

Nick Name

Canelo Alvarez

Date of birth

18 July 1990


33 Years old


5 feet 7 inches (173 cm)


76 kg (167 lbs)

Birth place

Guadalajara, Mexico




Mexican professional boxer




Santos Alvarez And Ana Maria Barragan

Kids/Children Name

Emily Cinnamon Alvarez, Mia Ener Alvarez


Fernanda Gomez (m. 2021)






Who is Canelo Alvarez?

Canelo Alvarez, whose full name is Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán, is a renowned Mexican professional boxer who was born on July 18, 1990. He has emerged as one of the most celebrated and accomplished figures in the world of boxing, capturing the hearts of fans globally with his extraordinary talent and charisma.

Alvarez hails from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, a city with a deep-rooted boxing tradition. His journey in the sport began at an early age, and he turned professional when he was just 15 years old. Known for his distinctive red hair, which earned him the nickname “Canelo” (Spanish for cinnamon), he has since become an iconic figure in the sport.

Canelo Alvarez’s rise to stardom is characterized by his exceptional skill set and versatility. He has competed in multiple weight divisions, showcasing his ability to adapt and conquer opponents across different weight classes. His accomplishments include numerous world titles in divisions ranging from light middleweight to super middleweight.

One of his most significant career milestones was defeating some of the biggest names in the sport, such as Miguel Cotto, Gennady Golovkin, and Callum Smith. These victories solidified his status as one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in the world.


Canelo Alvarez Age

At 33, he is a testament to the timeless adage that age is just a number. Alvarez’s dedication, unwavering work ethic, and commitment to his craft have kept him in peak form. He’s achieved tremendous success, unifying world titles in multiple weight divisions, and consistently impressing fans with his boxing prowess.

Canelo’s continued success serves as an inspiration not only to boxing enthusiasts but to people from all walks of life. His journey exemplifies the power of perseverance, dedication, and a passion for one’s chosen path. As he enters this phase of his career, the boxing world eagerly awaits what more he can achieve in the years to come.

Canelo Alvarez Height and Weight

Canelo Alvarez, the esteemed Mexican professional boxer, possesses a height of 5 feet 7 inches, which is equivalent to approximately 173 centimeters. This stature places him in the category of a typical middleweight fighter, a division where he has made a significant mark in the sport.

In terms of weight, Canelo tips the scales at around 76 kilograms, which translates to approximately 167 pounds. His ability to maintain this weight effectively is a testament to his rigorous training regimen and disciplined lifestyle. It’s crucial for a boxer to strike the right balance between strength, speed, and endurance, and Canelo’s weight is meticulously managed to optimize his performance within the middleweight and super middleweight divisions.

Physical Attributes



5 feet 7 inches (173 cm)


76 kg (167 lbs)

Canelo Alvarez Nationality

Canelo Alvarez’s nationality is Mexican. Born on July 18, 1990, in Guadalajara, Mexico, he proudly represents his country on the international stage. Mexico has a rich tradition in the sport of boxing, and Canelo has become one of the nation’s most celebrated and accomplished fighters. His heritage and identity as a Mexican boxer are integral to his career, as he carries the hopes and aspirations of his fellow countrymen with him into the ring.

Alvarez’s success in the world of boxing has not only made him a sporting icon but also a cultural symbol in Mexico. He has inspired countless aspiring boxers and garnered immense support from fans who identify with his Mexican heritage. Canelo’s commitment to his roots and the pride he takes in representing Mexico have solidified his status as one of the most respected and beloved figures in both Mexican sports history and the global boxing community.

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Canelo Alvarez Career

  • Early Years: Alvarez turned professional at the tender age of 15 in 2005, quickly amassing an impressive record and gaining recognition as a rising star in the boxing world.

  • 2008: In this year, Canelo had an incredible winning streak, clinching victories in all of his bouts. His skills and charisma were making him a notable figure in the sport.

  • 2011: Alvarez’s prominence grew significantly as he won the WBC Light Middleweight title, solidifying his status as a world champion. He remained undefeated and continued to take on formidable opponents.

  • 2013: Canelo’s undefeated streak ended with a loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr., one of the greatest boxers of all time. This bout, however, marked his arrival on the international stage and exposed him to a global audience.

  • 2015: Alvarez made a notable move by capturing the WBC Middleweight title in a fight against Miguel Cotto. This marked his ascendancy into the middleweight division.

  • 2017: In a highly anticipated rematch, Canelo faced Gennady Golovkin, resulting in a draw. This set the stage for their second encounter in 2018.

  • 2018: Canelo Alvarez defeated Golovkin, solidifying his reputation as one of the premier middleweights of his era. He also ventured into the super middleweight division.

  • 2019: Alvarez won the WBO Light Heavyweight title, showcasing his remarkable versatility by conquering a higher weight class.

  • 2020: Canelo engaged in a legal battle with his promoter, Golden Boy Promotions, which ultimately led to his release, making him a free agent. This marked a pivotal moment in his career, giving him more control over his fights and career direction.

  • 2021: Alvarez continued his journey in the super middleweight division, further establishing himself as a multi-division world champion.

  • 2024 (As of September): Canelo Alvarez’s career boasts 59 wins, 2 losses, and 2 draws, with 39 of those wins coming by knockout. His incredible versatility, tactical prowess, and punching power have made him one of the sport’s most prominent figures. He stands at 5’8″ with a 70.5-inch reach, attributes that have served him well in the ring.


Canelo Alvarez Achievement and Awards

Awards and Achievements:

  1. 17 World Titles across Four Weight Divisions
  2. First and Only Undisputed Super Middleweight Champion in History
  3. WBA (Super) Super Middleweight Title Holder since 2020
  4. WBC Super Middleweight Title Holder since 2020
  5. Ring Magazine Super Middleweight Title Holder since 2020
  6. IBF Super Middleweight Title Holder since 2021
  7. WBO Super Middleweight Title Holder since 2021
  8. Former Unified Super-Welterweight World Champion
  9. Former Unified Middleweight World Champion
  10. Former WBO Light-Heavyweight World Champion

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