Where are Dawn Oxley and James Matlean now? Is Dawn Oxley and James Matlean Dead? Is Murder Sleep Dawn Oxley?

Dawn Oxley and James Matlean are both alive; and “Murder Sleep” is not the name of Dawn Oxley, but the title of an upcoming ID show that focuses on the murder case involving Dawn Oxley and her boyfriend, James Matlean.

Where are Dawn Oxley and James Matlean Now?

Dawn Oxley currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, but is known to be living under an assumed identity. Despite being granted immunity for her ex-husband’s murder, she encountered legal troubles with arrests in 2009 for probation violations and in 2011 for a controlled substance offense. However, she was eventually released in 2014 and has since maintained a discreet and low-profile life.

In contrast, James Matlean is confined to High Desert State Prison in Indian Springs, Nevada. In December 2011, he pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder, related to the killing of Ben Oxley. The murder occurred in 2008 when James shot Ben in the head while he slept. He received a life sentence for the murder and an additional four to ten years for the conspiracy charge.

Is Dawn Oxley and James Matlean Dead?

There is no indication that Dawn Oxley or James Matlean is deceased. As of the latest available information, Dawn Oxley is alive and residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, under an assumed identity to maintain a low profile. On the other hand, James Matlean is serving his sentence at High Desert State Prison in Indian Springs, Nevada, following his conviction for the murder of Ben Oxley and conspiracy to commit murder.

In February 2008, a tragic event unfolded at Melissa Oxley’s home when she found her husband, Benjamin “Ben” Oxley, shot in the head. The investigation led authorities to consider James Matlean, the boyfriend of Ben’s ex-wife, as a potential suspect. The upcoming show “While They Were Sleeping” will explore the circumstances surrounding Ben’s murder and the significant role played by his former wife, Dawn Oxley, in the case.

Ben and Dawn Oxley met in the late 1990s, eventually marrying in 1999 and having a daughter named Alyssa, who was six years old during the incident. The couple divorced in 2004, and Ben remarried Melissa Oxley in 2006, with him gaining full custody of Alyssa, while Dawn paid monthly child support.

On February 21, 2008, Melissa made a distressing 911 call after finding Ben with a gunshot wound in their bedroom. Initially, she mentioned an ex-boyfriend of Dawn as a suspect, but he was later ruled out. As the investigation progressed, the focus shifted back to Dawn, who was living with her boyfriend, James Matlean.

Is Murder Sleep Dawn Oxley?

The title “Does Murder Sleep?” does not refer to Dawn Oxley. It is the title of the upcoming ID show that will shed light on the murder of Ben Oxley, which allegedly involved his ex-wife Dawn Oxley and her boyfriend James Matlean.

Dawn Oxley is not the title of the show or the name of the victim. Instead, Dawn Oxley is one of the key individuals implicated in the murder case. She is the ex-wife of Ben Oxley and was allegedly involved in the crime, according to James Matlean’s claims. James, who was Dawn’s boyfriend at the time of the murder, confessed to killing Ben and suggested that Dawn played a role in planning the murder.

As per the provided information, Dawn Oxley received immunity for her involvement in the murder after agreeing to testify against James Matlean. The upcoming ID show “Does Murder Sleep?” will likely explore the intricate details of the case, including the alleged roles of both Dawn Oxley and James Matlean in the tragic murder of Ben Oxley in 2008.

Dawn Oxley’s Boyfriend James Matlean is Serving His Sentence at High Desert State Prison

James Matlean, who was Dawn Oxley’s boyfriend at the time of the murder, is currently serving his sentence at High Desert State Prison in Indian Springs, Nevada. The case revolves around the murder of Ben Oxley, which occurred after he and Dawn separated in 2004. The couple had a daughter together named Alyssa, who lived with Ben following their separation. Dawn also had a child, Devin, from her previous marriage, who played a crucial role in resolving the case.

Allegedly, James and Dawn discussed killing Ben Oxley due to Dawn’s frustration with her ex-husband. Devin, who was 16 years old at the time, overheard this conversation and reported it to the authorities, becoming a key witness in the investigation.

After negotiations with the police for immunity, Dawn Oxley revealed that James had allegedly murdered Ben in an attempt to please her. She admitted expressing anger towards Ben and her desire for custody of their daughter but denied instructing James to kill him.

Following James’ arrest and charges, he admitted that Dawn was also involved in the crime. According to James, Dawn provided him with all the necessary details about the house and even accompanied him on the night of the murder.

However, Dawn was granted immunity in the case, and this aspect of her alleged involvement was not fully investigated. James Matlean ultimately pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and first-degree murder in December 2011. He was sentenced to life in prison for Ben’s murder and received an additional four to ten years behind bars for the conspiracy charge.

Despite receiving immunity for her alleged involvement in Ben Oxley’s murder, Dawn Oxley faced legal troubles. She was arrested in October 2009 for violating her probation and faced charges related to a controlled substance violation in 2011. After her release in 2014, she has kept a low profile and reportedly lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, under a different name, as per various sources.

The upcoming episode of “Does Murder Sleep?” is expected to shed light on the details of this haunting murder case and the complex dynamics between Dawn Oxley, James Matlean, and the victim, Ben Oxley.

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