What is Richard Armitage Sexuality? Are Lee Pace and Richard Armitage Dating?

In recent interviews, Richard Armitage, the skilled 51-year-old British actor, candidly discusses his journey of coming out and mentions his male partner, providing valuable insights into his personal story.

What is Richard Armitage Sexuality? 

The 51-year-old British actor, Richard Armitage, recently made casual mentions of his male partner and reflected on his journey of coming out in separate interviews. He disclosed that he revealed his sexual orientation to those who held significance in his life when he was a teenager.

Armitage, currently taking the lead in Netflix’s provocative thriller “Obsession” as William Farrow, a man engaged in a passionate affair with his son’s future wife, explained his previous silence about his sexuality. He expressed his concern that discussing his personal life might overshadow his acting career. Armitage recollected that he had anticipated inquiries about his orientation but found that they never came.

He chose to focus on his work, allowing it to define him rather than his personal life. He admitted that he had hesitated to declare his sexuality, fearing it might confine him to a fixed identity and potentially limit future emotional experiences.

He acknowledged the current more relaxed environment and questioned the necessity of defining individuals solely by their romantic partners. In a separate conversation with the Evening Standard, Armitage openly confirmed that his partner is male, while also discussing how filming the intimate nude scenes in “Obsession” affected his relationship. 

Are Lee Pace and Richard Armitage Dating?   

In the vast realm of celebrity gossip, a captivating query revolves around the nature of the relationship between Lee Pace and Richard Armitage. The buzz surrounding “#RichLee” prompts speculation: is it a genuine connection or an invention of fervent fans’ imaginations? These rumors stem from sources like indirect anecdotes, seemingly substantial photographic proofs, and keen observations made by dedicated online sleuths who’ve dissected every joint interview and appearance of Pace and Armitage.

Empire Magazine’s 2013 ranking of the sexiest men alive included Lee Pace at the impressive spot of number 32. Since then, his stardom has continued to ascend. Unlike his peers on that list, who possess easily searchable girlfriends, the search for “Lee Pace Girlfriend” amusingly directs you to Richard Armitage.

Among the nuggets of concrete evidence is a statement from Mr. Pace himself during a ComicCon interview, where he referred to Richard Armitage as “an amazing man” whom he loves. Similarly, Armitage’s response to a question about his thoughts on Lee was, “That I’m a very lucky man.” Adding to the intrigue are the instances of clothing sharing between them, which, whether coincidental or not, fuels speculations of their closeness.

Further igniting the fire, Sir Ian McKellen inadvertently disclosed Lee Pace’s sexual orientation during an interview regarding their collaboration in The Hobbit franchise. Despite this, Pace hasn’t explicitly disclosed his orientation in public, though his metaphorical closet seems transparent.

Equally puzzling are the conjectures regarding Armitage’s past with long-term girlfriend Annabel Capper, juxtaposed with his previous declarations of wanting a family during the time he crossed paths with Lee.

Yet, these tidbits pale in comparison to the rich reservoir of tantalizing #RichLee rumors. In the enigmatic world of celebrity gossip, where speculation runs rampant, embracing the remotely plausible and titillating yet unlikely scenarios often feels justified. If we’re already playing in this realm, why not indulge in the most sensational narratives that could potentially fill a biopic about these two individuals?

Fans have contemplated that if Lee Pace and Richard Armitage are indeed romantically involved, Armitage might have either fabricated his entire past with Ms. Capper or may identify as bisexual. This thought sparks the imagination and introduces more enigmas than solutions.

The question then turns to Lee Pace and his semi-hidden status. What does it mean to be “out”? Must celebrities publicly announce their personal lives to be considered “out”? Lee seems to have no reason to conceal his true self.

Unlike other leading actors in the Tolkien franchise, he doesn’t fit the mold of conventional, typical leading men. His uniqueness and captivating charisma set him apart, along with Armitage and Luke Evans, who’ve seemingly veiled their queer identities to land certain roles.

Pace’s journey, highlighted by his portrayal of the graceful transgender woman Calpernia Addams, was marked by introspective thoughts about acceptance from his family and his career prospects. Despite his initial worries, he not only excelled in the role but also earned recognition through a Golden Globe nomination and a Gotham breakthrough award, solidifying his path towards a diverse and multifaceted acting career.

Who is Richard Armitage?

Richard Crispin Armitage (born 22 August 1971) is a distinguished English actor and accomplished author. He garnered his initial acclaim in the UK through his inaugural leading role as John Thornton in the British television series “North & South” (2004). His portrayal as the regal dwarf king, Thorin Oakenshield, and the resolute leader in Peter Jackson’s film trilogy adaptation of “The Hobbit” propelled him to international prominence.

Armitage’s illustrious career boasts an array of remarkable characters, including his portrayal of John Proctor in Yaël Farber’s stage rendition of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible.” He has assumed roles such as Francis Dolarhyde in the American TV series “Hannibal,” Lucas North in the British TV drama “Spooks,” John Porter in the British TV drama “Strike Back,” and Daniel Miller in the espionage series “Berlin Station.”

Additionally, his portrayal of Guy of Gisborne in the British TV drama “Robin Hood” and his voice acting as Trevor Belmont in the Netflix adaptation of “Castlevania” showcase his versatility. Notably, he headlined the Netflix miniseries “The Stranger” in 2020.

Armitage’s journey began after his graduation from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), where he initially pursued theatrical roles and became a member of the esteemed Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC).

Transitioning to film and television, he observed that leading stage roles were often assigned to actors with established recognition, a realization that steered him towards on-screen opportunities. Following a hiatus and the attainment of considerable fame, Armitage returned to the stage in 2014. He assumed the lead in the acclaimed production of “The Crucible” at The Old Vic, earning an Olivier Award nomination for his remarkable portrayal.

Name Richard Armitage
Net Worth( 2024) $2 Million Dollars
Profession Actor
Date of Birth 22 August 1971
Age 52 years old
Height 188 cm
Weight 85 kg (187 lbs)
Birthplace Huncote, United Kingdom
Nationality British


How old is Richard Armitage?

Richard Armitage will be 52 years old in 2024, as he was born on August 22, 1971. He was born in Leicester, England, which is a city in the East Midlands region of the country.

Looking towards the future, there is much to be optimistic about for Richard Armitage. As an actor, he has already achieved a great deal of success, with a career that has spanned over two decades and has included roles in some of the most beloved film and television projects of recent years. He has also shown a willingness to take on diverse roles and challenge himself as a performer, which bodes well for his continued success in the industry.

Who is Lee Pace?

Lee Grinner Pace was born March 25, 1979 is a distinguished American actor. He is widely recognized for his role as Thranduil the Elvenking in The Hobbit trilogy and his portrayal of Joe MacMillan in the AMC period drama TV series “Halt and Catch Fire.”

Notably, he has left his mark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, embodying Ronan the Accuser, a character he initially portrayed in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and later revisited in “Captain Marvel.”  His portrayal of Ned in the ABC comedy-drama “Pushing Daisies” earned him an Emmy nomination in 2008. 


Lee Pace 

Net Worth(2024)

$7 Million Dollars


American Actor

Date of Birth

25 March 1979


44 years old


196 cm (6 feet 5 inches)


94 kg (207 lbs)

Birth place

Chickasha, Oklahoma, United States




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