What Happened to Wanda Smith? Who is Wanda Smith?

In 2019, radio personality Wanda Smith was fired from V-103 after a heated exchange with Katt Williams, Speculation surrounded her dismissal, but as of 2024, there’s no update on her activities.

What Happened to Wanda Smith?

Currently, there is no any information about Wands Smith buth in 2019, Wanda Smith, a well-known radio personality in Atlanta, was unexpectedly fired from V-103’s “Frank and Wanda In the Morning” show, where she had been a co-host for over two decades. The termination followed a heated on-air exchange with comedian Katt Williams, which gained national attention.

The incident escalated outside the radio station, with Smith’s husband reportedly carrying a firearm. The reasons for Smith’s dismissal were not officially disclosed, but speculation arose that the controversy with Katt Williams may have played a role. As of now, in 2024, there is no current information available about Wanda Smith’s activities or career updates.

Who is Wanda Smith?

Wanda Smith is a popular radio host and comedian known for her work on Atlanta’s V-103 radio station. She co-hosted the well-received “Frank and Wanda in the Morning” show. Before her radio career, she contributed as a writer for the series Def Comedy Jam. Wanda expanded her presence into acting, appearing in films such as “Madea Goes to Jail” and “Madea’s Witness Protection.”

Aside from her entertainment roles, Wanda is recognized for founding the female empowerment group Girls Stand Together. In 2018, she became part of a publicized incident when comedian Katt Williams claimed her husband was involved in an altercation with him outside the Atlanta Comedy Theater. Wanda is married to LaMorris Sellers, and they share three children: Tavares, Giovanni, and Isaiah. She closely collaborated with radio personality Frank Ski throughout her career.


Full Name

Wanda Smith


Radio Host, Comedian


Miami, FL


LaMorris Sellers

Net Worth

$5 million

Wanda Smith Early Life

Wanda Smith, a well-known radio host and comedian, has limited details available about her early life in the provided information. Born in Miami, FL, she became a prominent figure working for Atlanta’s V-103 radio station.

Before her successful radio career, Wanda was a writer on the series Def Comedy Jam. Her journey into the entertainment industry includes hosting the popular show “Frank and Wanda in the Morning” and making appearances in films like Madea Goes to Jail and Madea’s Witness Protection.

While specific details about her upbringing and formative years are not provided, Wanda Smith’s early life showcases her transition from a comedy writer to a celebrated radio personality in the vibrant city of Atlanta.

Wanda Smith Career

The specific age of Wanda Smith is not disclosed in the available information. As her birthdate is mentioned as October 11, her age can be calculated based on the current year. However, without knowing the birth year, an exact age cannot be determined.

Wanda Smith is renowned as a radio host and comedian, gaining fame for her role in the show “Frank and Wanda in the Morning” on Atlanta’s V-103 radio station. She has also contributed as a writer on Def Comedy Jam and has appeared in movies such as Madea Goes to Jail and Madea’s Witness Protection.

Additionally, she is known for initiating the female empowerment group Girls Stand Together and was involved in a notable incident with comedian Katt Williams in 2018, where he claimed her husband pointed a gun at him.

Wanda Smith Networth

Wanda Smith’s estimated net worth is at least $5 million. The accomplished radio host and comedian, known for hosting Atlanta’s highest-rated morning show on V-103 alongside Frank Ski, built her wealth through a successful career spanning over a decade. Beyond her radio endeavors, Smith played minor roles in films, engaged in television hosting gigs, and participated in comedy events.

However, her net worth faced challenges after leaving V-103 in 2012 and being involved in a highly publicized incident with comedian Katt Williams in 2018. Despite the setbacks, Wanda Smith’s financial success reflects her contributions to the entertainment industry and her active involvement in community service.

Wanda Smith Husband

Wanda Smith is married to LaMorris Sellers. Their union has been a part of her personal life, and they share a family together. LaMorris Sellers and Wanda Smith have children named Tavares, Giovanni, and Isaiah. The information available doesn’t delve into extensive details about their relationship or marriage, but it highlights the family aspect of Wanda Smith’s life.

While Wanda has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, her connection with LaMorris Sellers represents an essential part of her personal and family life. The couple’s journey together is a private aspect of Wanda Smith’s life, beyond her public role as a radio host and comedian.


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