What Happened to Steve in Shameless? Why Did He Leave?

What happened to Steve in Shameless? As viewers grappled with the heartbreak of this unresolved love story Shameless, we aim to uncover the reasons behind Steve’s sudden exit.

What Happened to Steve in Shameless?

In the TV show Shameless, Steve Wilton, also known as Jimmy Lishman, had a tumultuous journey that ultimately led to his departure from the series. Steve’s relationship with Fiona Gallagher, portrayed by Emmy Rossum, was characterized by its complexity and toxicity. Despite their deep connection, the two characters faced numerous challenges throughout the show’s run.

Fans were disappointed to learn that Justin Chatwin, the actor who played Steve, would not be returning for Fiona’s final episode in Season 9. Steve’s storyline took a dramatic turn when he made a notable comeback in a previous season. However, his return was short-lived, and he departed again after just three additional episodes. This departure felt final to Emmy Rossum, who played Fiona, as she expressed in an interview that the writing suggested Fiona’s realization that Steve wasn’t her ultimate love interest.

Nevertheless, Justin Chatwin acknowledged that the unpredictable nature of the show’s writing made it difficult to predict the future of any character, leaving room for surprises. Justin Chatwin personally rooted for Steve and Fiona’s relationship, viewing it as a twisted version of true love, akin to Romeo and Juliet. Despite their damaged pasts, he believed their hearts aligned because they were both broken.

However, the direction of the show and the decisions made by the writers ultimately determined the fate of their relationship, leading to Steve’s departure from the series. While fans may have wished for a different outcome, it seems that Steve’s story in Shameless concluded with his final exit.

Why did Steve Leave Shameless?

Justin Chatwin’s character, Steve Wilton, also known as Jimmy Lishman, left the TV show Shameless for various reasons. The decision for Steve to depart from the series was made in 2015, much to the disappointment of fans who had become invested in his complicated relationship with Fiona Gallagher, played by Emmy Rossum. Throughout the show, Steve and Fiona’s relationship was marked by its complexity and toxicity.

However, it was also portrayed as a twisted version of true love, with the two characters being described as “meant for each other” and the heart of the story, reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet. Justin Chatwin himself expressed his personal support for their relationship, stating that he rooted for them despite their damaged backgrounds. The exact reasons for Steve’s departure from Shameless can be attributed to the decisions made by the show’s writers and producers.

The character had already made a dramatic return at one point in the series, but his comeback was short-lived, and he left again after just three additional episodes. Emmy Rossum, in an interview, stated that Steve’s second departure felt final, as the writing indicated that Fiona realized he wasn’t her ultimate love interest. However, Justin Chatwin mentioned that the unpredictability of the show’s writing made it difficult to predict the future of any character, leaving room for potential surprises and returns. 

Ultimately, the departure of Steve from Shameless was a creative decision driven by the show’s narrative direction. While fans may have desired a different outcome for his character and hoped for a happy ending with Fiona, the show’s writers determined that Steve’s story arc had reached its conclusion. As a result, Justin Chatwin’s portrayal of Steve Wilton came to an end, leaving fans with a sense of longing and curiosity about what could have been for Steve and Fiona’s tumultuous relationship.

Does Steve from Shameless Ever Come Back?

As of the information available, it appears that Steve Wilton, portrayed by Justin Chatwin, does not make a return to the TV show Shameless after his departure. While Steve’s character had a significant impact on the storyline and had multiple appearances throughout the series, his second departure seemed final. According to an interview with Emmy Rossum, who played Fiona Gallagher, Steve’s exit felt different, and it seemed like Fiona had come to the realization that he wasn’t her ultimate love interest.

This suggests that the writers intended for Steve’s story arc to conclude at that point. Justin Chatwin himself acknowledged the unpredictable nature of the show’s writing, mentioning that the cast and executives had often laughed at the recurring statement in the scripts indicating Steve’s permanent departure.

However, based on the available information, it seems that Steve’s character did not return in Season 10 of Shameless, and there is no indication of a future appearance for him. Therefore, unless there have been recent developments or announcements regarding Steve’s return that are not covered by the available information, it can be concluded that Steve Wilton does not make a comeback in the series after his final departure.

Why did Jimmy Leave Shameless?

Jimmy, also known as Steve Wilton, left Shameless for several reasons. Firstly, his character was marked by a series of lies and deceit, which ultimately strained his relationship with Fiona Gallagher. Jimmy initially presented himself as a hero when he tried to stop a thief from stealing Fiona’s purse, but later revealed that his real name was Jimmy Lishman and that he made his fortune by stealing cars. This continuous pattern of dishonesty created a rift between him and Fiona, making their relationship tumultuous and unsustainable.

Despite the hopes of some fans that Fiona would end up with Jimmy, their inherent incompatibility and the trust issues caused by his lies made it clear that they were never meant to be together. Furthermore, Jimmy’s criminal activities and his association with dangerous individuals, such as Estefania’s drug lord father, further complicated their relationship.

Fiona, burdened with the responsibility of caring for her siblings, was unable to prioritize Jimmy’s needs and support him emotionally. Moreover, Jimmy himself was not always open and honest about the dangers he faced, particularly regarding his marriage to Estefania. This lack of communication and the absence of a solid foundation of trust ultimately led to their repeated breakups and the eventual departure of Jimmy from Shameless.

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