What Happened to Ken Miles Son Peter Miles? Did Ken Miles Son Race? Did Ken Miles Win Le Mans?

What happened to Ken Miles Son Peter Miles? Discover if his son followed in his footsteps and pursued a career in racing, and whether Ken Miles himself achieved victory at Le Mans.

Who is Peter Miles?

Peter’s birthdate is September 28, 1950, making him currently 72 years old, as confirmed by Pimiso. Ken Miles’Miles’ and Mollie Miles,were the parents of peter, Peter Miles tied the knot with his wife, Patti Montgomery, hailing from Somerset. They are proud parents to a daughter named Jaime Miles, who was born in Placerville.

Peter is responsible for overseeing a remarkable collection of vintage automobiles. This collection belongs to William E. Connor II and boasts the inclusion of the highly esteemed Ferrari 250 GTO. Valued at over $80 million, this particular vehicle is regarded as the epitome among the 36 examples ever produced by Ferrari, as acknowledged by esteemed Ferrari historian Marcel Massini.

In the 2019 movie “Ford v. Ferrari,” actor Christian Bale portrayed Ken Miles, with Peter serving as his charter to help him prepare for the role. Peter provided Bale with valuable insights gleaned from press clippings and magazine articles about Ken. Additionally, Peter shared personal photographs and audio recordings with the actor. Peter also had the opportunity to meet Katrina Balfe, the actress who portrayed Ken’s mother in the film. He graciously presented her with a picture and provided relevant information to aid her portrayal.

What Happened to Ken Miles Son Peter Miles?

The motorsports world has witnessed numerous second-generation race drivers, such as the Unsers, Andrettis, Pettys, and others, who have followed in the footsteps of their racing fathers.

Peter Miles, while not a second-generation driver himself, comes from a lineage deeply entrenched in the world of racing. His father, Ken Miles, was a prominent American sports car driver during the 1960s. However, Peter chose a different path and embarked on a career as a mechanic, ultimately serving as the crew chief for Ivan Stewart’s highly successful Toyota desert truck.

Tragically, Ken Miles met his untimely demise nearly 25 years ago at Riverside International Raceway. He was testing a prototype Ford sports car when the accident occurred. At the time of the incident, Ken had just unofficially broken the track record, reaching an estimated speed of approximately 175 mph. Suddenly, a mechanical failure caused the car to violently flip end over end and crash into the infield.

Ken Miles was only 47 years old when he passed away, leaving behind his son Peter, who was almost 15 at the time.

In the months following his father’s tragic accident, Peter began working on weekends at the Troutman and Barnes custom car shop in Culver City. Dick Troutman, a close friend of Ken Miles, took Peter under his wing, and Peter remained with the shop for an impressive 14 years, honing his skills and deepening his passion for automobiles.

Did Ken Miles Son Race? 

While Peter Miles did not pursue racing as a career, he played a significant role in the production of the film “Le Mans.”  Peter Miles played a crucial role in the production of the film, “Le Mans,” where Christian Bale portrayed his father, Ken Miles. In his capacity as a consultant, Peter shared valuable information with Bale. He provided press clippings, magazine articles, personal photos, and audio recordings to ensure Bale’s portrayal remained as faithful as possible to his father. Additionally, Peter had the opportunity to meet Caitriona Balfe, who portrayed his mother in the film. He shared snapshots of his mother and described her to the best of his ability, further contributing to the authenticity of the portrayal.

Based on the limited information available online, it appears that Peter followed in his father’s footsteps and entered the car business. He was involved in the development and production of ten Ken Miles Limited Edition 427 Cobra replicas. Furthermore, Peter holds the position of executive administrator for a prestigious vintage car collection valued at over $80 million.

Peter Miles also had his own experience as a racer, particularly in the realm of off-road racing. During the 1990s, he served as a mechanic and crew chief for Ivan Stewart, a highly successful off-road racer known as the “Ironman.” Stewart’s accomplishments led to his induction into the Off-road Motorsports Hall of Fame.

In the movie, Peter was present at the site of his father’s fatal car accident, although he was kept away from the immediate scene. He recalled the tragic moment, witnessing a ball of fire during the last lap of the day. It is worth noting that Peter did not attend the 1966 Le Mans, as depicted in the film. However, he did attend the 1965 Le Mans race, where his father unfortunately did not finish. This marked Peter’s final attendance at the Le Mans event.

As for Mollie Miles, Ken Miles’ wife, information about her life following Ken’s death is scarce. After Ken’s passing, Mollie remained in California, as she wrote in Road and Track magazine soon after the tragedy.

Did Ken Miles Win Le  Mans?

In 1966, Ken Miles achieved remarkable success in the world of motorsports. He emerged victorious in the prestigious 24 Hours of Daytona and the demanding 12 Hours of Sebring races. These wins showcased Miles’ exceptional driving skills and solidified his reputation as a highly talented race car engineer and driver.

Additionally, during the same year, Miles showcased his remarkable prowess at the renowned Le Mans race. While competing in Le Mans, he secured a remarkable second-place finish, narrowly missing out on claiming the coveted victory.

Tragically, later that year, while testing Ford’s J-Car, disaster struck. Ken Miles met with a fatal crash during the testing session. This untimely accident cut short the life of the British-born racing personality, leaving behind a legacy of remarkable achievements and a void in the motorsports world.

Ken Miles’ combination of engineering expertise and driving skill made him a truly gifted and respected figure in the realm of race car engineering and motorsports.

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