What Happened To Calvin On SVU? Everything About Calvin Arliss From Law And Order

What Happened To Calvin On SVU: Law & Order: Special Victim Unit is the American Television series on NBC. Calvin Arliss is a former child character played by CharlieTahan in Special Victim Unit. He disappeared in the series and never came back. It was the wide search on the Internet that What Happened To Calvin On SVU? The article will inform us about Special Victim Unit’s former character Calvin Arliss and what happened to Calvin Arliss.

Law & Order: Special Victim Unit

The Special Unit is an American crime drama Television series on NBC. Special Victim Unit is the spin-off of Law & Order created by Dick Wolf. Law & Order is a series from 1990 to 2010 with 20 seasons. Special Victim Unit is the first spin-off of Law & Order, which started to air on 20 September 1999. Christopher Meloni played the role of Detective Elliot Stabler for the first 12 seasons and left the series in 2011. After his departure, Mariska Hargitay, who played the role of Detective Olivia Benson, was promoted to captain. Then, she started to play the lead role in the series. The series’ main genre is Police procedural, Legal Drama, Thriller, and mystery. 

What Happened To Calvin On SVU?

Back in 2010, When Special Victim Unit was in its twelfth Season, Calvin Arliss was the child character played by Charlie Tahan. Detective Olivia Benson adopted Calvin Arliss, who was her first adopted son. 

There is a long back story about why Olivia adopted Calvin. Calvin was the son of Vivian, who was a drug addict. Vivian fought for her mom’s rape case, and Olivia helped her in that case. The rapist who raped Vivian’s mother was found dead, and everyone suspected Vivian. At last, Vivian made Olivia the legal guardian of Calvin, and she went away.

Later, Vivian wants her son Calvin to be with their grandparents in Vermont. Olivia was unhappy about Calvin’s separation, but the guardianship was temporary, So she let Calvin live with his grandparents. Vivian went to rehab.

After Calvin started to live with their grandparents, he has not been seen again in the series. Calvin appeared for fewer episodes in Special Victim Unit.

Calvin Arliss Law And Order

Olivia Benson is the lead character in Special Victim Unit after the season. Before that, Elliot Stabler was the captain, and she was just a sergeant and detective. She adopted Noah in the 15th season of the Special victim Unit. Many believed that Noah was the first adopted son of Olivia, but before that, she adopted Calvin Arliss as her son. Olivia temporarily got guardianship of Calvin from his mother, Vivian. The bond between Olivia and Calvin was beautiful in the series. It was heartbreaking for both Calvin and Olivia when Calvin moved to his grandparent’s place. Then he disappeared from the series.

Law And Order SVU Calvin Actor

Charlie Tahan is an American Actor who has been starring in Entertainment since childhood. He played the role of Calvin Arliss in Special Victim Unit when he was just 12. As of 2022, Charlie Tahan is 24 years old. People portrayed his role as Wyatt Langmore in Ozark crime drama premiered on Netflix from 2017 to 2022. His other roles are the young Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow in Gotham and Ben Burke in  Wayward Pines. He also played roles in films. His sister Daisy Tahan is also an American actress who starred in Little Fockers. Charlie Tahan is a rising star in the Entertainment industry. He is the young man hoping for a bright future in Hollywood. 

Law And Order: SVU Calvin Episodes

Olivia Benson accepts Calvin Arliss as her son when she was a sergeant. Calvin Arliss was the former child character who appeared only for four episodes in Special Victim Unit. He appeared in three episodes in the twelfth season and one in the thirteenth season. The below tabular column will show the episodes of Calvin Arliss’s Appearance:-















Missing Pieces

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