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What Does The Flag Mean On Instagram Dm: Flags Replaced Star Filter In Instagram

What Does The Flag Mean On Instagram Dm – Instagram, the social media app known for regularly updating and one of their updates is the flags on DM. this has raised a number of questions amongst users especially  What Does The Flag Mean On Instagram Dm

What Does The Flag Mean On Instagram Dm?

Instagram, one of the most popular social networking apps owned by Facebook is a photo and video-sharing app. The app has a number of features like stories that last for 24 hours,  uploading photos and videos that can be edited with filters and hashtags and watch reels. Instagram reels is a facility that was introduced by Instagram recently in 2020. But despite being launched just now this feature is one of the most coveted features on Instagram. Instagram is one of the very few apps that gained popularity very quickly that since its launch, has taken the world by storm. They are also known for the regular updates that they come up with to keep the users up to date with the technological advancements. The developers of Instagram come up with these updates based on the analyses of scrutinising the increase or decrease in use of a particular feature. One of their updates was the Flag that replaced the stars in the Instagram Dm. This feature was changed because the developers noticed that Instagram was increasingly becoming a platform for sending dms as opposed to earlier times and to make the DM experience enhanced for the users they came up with the flag replacement for stars. 

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What Does It Mean To Flag Someone On Instagram?

Flag as stated earlier came as a replacement for stars and performs the same function of starts wherein when you flag someone’s Dm you have marked their messages for future revisit or if you consider one chat as important you flag their chat. When this update was introduced Instagram users were repeatedly shown the message that Flags are replacing stars and that only the symbol is being changed and none of its functions would be altered. 

What Does Flagging Someone On Instagram Mean?

Flagging someone would mean you have marked them or their chats for future use or reference. This is just amthod that will make it easier for you to find the person whose chat you want to refer to in future. Flagging someone will assist you in not searching for the person’s chat and make things easier for you. The developers of Instagram felt that changing the name from Stars to Flags is important because semantically flagging someone is the correct usage for the purpose of that feature. Whatever be the reason currently you can flag someone by selecting the flag symbol that you can find in their chat. 

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