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Unveiling the Mystery: What is Zelda’s Horse’s Name?

When it comes to the iconic Nintendo series, The Legend of Zelda, fans often find themselves delving into the lore and details surrounding the beloved characters, including the protagonist, Princess Zelda, and her trusty steed. While the games themselves do not explicitly name the horses, there are intriguing references to their names in external Zelda media.

Storm: Princess Zelda’s Loyal Companion

One notable mention is the white steed named Storm, featured in the Valiant Comics. In this adaptation, Storm serves as Princess Zelda’s faithful companion, aiding her in leaving Hyrule’s North Palace as she endeavors to safeguard the Triforce of Wisdom from the clutches of Ganon. It’s important to note that the Valiant Comics exist as independent works with no direct ties to the game series, but they offer an intriguing glimpse into an alternate Zelda universe.

Ganondorf’s Horse: Unraveling the Enigma

On the other hand, the name of Ganondorf’s horse remains shrouded in mystery. While there are unverified claims suggesting the name ‘Galloughs’ for Ganondorf’s steed, these references span across various platforms, from GameFAQs and Reddit to DeviantArt fanfiction. However, upon closer examination, the evidence for this name appears inconsistent and lacks substantial verification. Despite some indications that the horse object in Ocarina of Time’s code may be named ‘Galloughs,’ thorough scrutiny of object lists and data mining efforts has not yielded concrete confirmation. As a result, skepticism surrounds the purported name of Ganondorf’s horse, leaving fans intrigued by the ongoing enigma.

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As the quest to uncover the truth behind Zelda and Ganondorf’s equine companions continues, fans remain captivated by the enduring mystique surrounding these beloved characters and their unnamed steeds.

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