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The Ultimate Guide to ARK Baryonyx

The Baryonyx is a fascinating dinosaur in ARK: Survival Evolved, known for its unique abilities and characteristics. This carnivorous creature is a formidable predator, especially in aquatic environments. From its behavior and appearance to its utility and combat strategies, there’s much to explore about the Baryonyx.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the various aspects of the ARK Baryonyx, including its habitat, taming methods, combat tactics, and much more.

Behavior and Habitat

The Baryonyx is primarily found near bodies of water, as it preys on fish and other aquatic creatures. It is a swift swimmer and possesses the ability to stun its targets temporarily with a spin attack, making it a formidable aquatic predator. Despite its aquatic prowess, the Baryonyx also possesses long claws adapted for catching prey on land.

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Appearance and Color Scheme

The Baryonyx features a crocodile-like head with serrated teeth, along with longer arms and large claws. Its appearance is well-suited for its piscivorous diet and adeptness in both aquatic and terrestrial environments.

Taming and Combat

When it comes to taming a Baryonyx, survivors can employ various strategies, such as creating traps or using flyers to tranquilize the creature. In combat, the Baryonyx poses a significant threat, particularly in water, where its tail spin attack can stun and immobilize targets. Survivors must exercise caution and employ suitable weaponry and tactics to engage and defeat the Baryonyx.

Utility and Roles

The Baryonyx serves multiple roles, including being a versatile travel and transport mount, a proficient aquatic battle companion, and even an underwater miner. Its unique abilities make it a valuable asset for traversing diverse terrains and engaging in underwater activities.


Q: What is the Baryonyx’s preferred habitat?

A: The Baryonyx is commonly found near bodies of water, where it hunts fish and other aquatic creatures.

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Q: How can I effectively tame a Baryonyx?

A: Employing stone structures to create a trap or using flyers to tranquilize the Baryonyx are effective taming strategies.

Q: What are the primary dangers associated with encountering a Baryonyx?

A: The Baryonyx poses a significant threat in water, where its tail spin attack can stun and immobilize targets, potentially leading to drowning.

Q: What are the key roles of a tamed Baryonyx?

A: Tamed Baryonyx can serve as versatile mounts for travel, transport, aquatic battles, and even underwater resource gathering.

Q: How does the Baryonyx’s appearance and abilities make it well-suited for its piscivorous diet?

A: The Baryonyx’s crocodile-like head, serrated teeth, and swift swimming abilities are specialized adaptations for hunting and consuming aquatic prey.

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