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The Inspiring Legacy of Peggy Prescott: A Tribute to Dak Prescott’s Late Mother

In the world of professional football, where fierce competition often takes center stage, it’s the deeply personal and emotional stories that truly resonate. Dak Prescott, the star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, has one such heartwarming narrative, a tribute to his beloved late mother, Peggy, that showcases the man behind the jersey.

A touching tribute in ink

Dak Prescott and his older brother Tad recently embarked on a poignant journey to commemorate their mother, Peggy, on her birthday. In a Texas tattoo parlor, they each added the star sign of Virgo to their bodies, Dak on his arm and Tad on his hand. This act of love and remembrance serves as a testament to the profound impact their mother had on their lives.

A mother’s unforgettable legacy

Peggy Prescott’s life story is one of resilience and inspiration. She battled Stage 4 colon cancer with unwavering strength before passing away at the age of 52 in November 2013. At that time, Dak was in the midst of his college football career with the Mississippi State Bulldogs. The loss of his mother was a profound moment that would shape his journey both on and off the field.

The Walter Payton Award: A fitting honor

At the 12th Annual NFL Honors Awards, Dak Prescott was bestowed with the prestigious Walter Payton Award. This recognition is not solely for his football prowess but also for his profound impact off the field. In his acceptance speech, Prescott eloquently shared his mother’s words of wisdom: “All greats have a story. Allow me to be your story.” The award, therefore, holds a place of deep significance in his heart.

The Faith, Fight, Finish Foundation

Dak Prescott’s commitment to making a positive difference in the world extends far beyond the football field. He founded the Faith, Fight, Finish Foundation, dedicated to addressing crucial issues within the Dallas community. This impactful foundation encompasses four core areas, including colon cancer research and mental health and suicide prevention. Tragically, in 2020, Prescott lost his other brother, Jace, to suicide, reinforcing the urgency of his mission.

Tattoos of remembrance

In a poignant gesture, Dak Prescott added a tattoo that covers nearly his entire right leg in March. The artwork pays tribute to both his late brother, Jace, with a moose symbol, and his mother, Peggy, with the image of Pegasus. These tattoos serve as permanent reminders of the enduring love and respect he holds for his family.

A season of hope and dedication

As Dak Prescott enters his eighth season with the Dallas Cowboys, he carries with him the memory of his mother and the legacy she left behind. With the goal of leading his team deeper into the playoffs, he channels the strength and inspiration derived from Peggy’s unwavering support. The Cowboys, and their resolute quarterback, aim to make their mark in the upcoming campaign, fueled by the enduring spirit of family and determination.


1. What impact did Peggy Prescott have on Dak’s life?

Peggy Prescott had a profound impact on Dak’s life, instilling in him values of resilience, dedication, and compassion. Her influence continues to shape Dak’s character and actions both on and off the football field.

2. How did Dak honor his mother after each touchdown?

After each touchdown, Dak Prescott brought his right hand to his lips, kissed his index finger, and pointed skyward as a tribute to his late mother, Peggy Prescott.

3. What is the significance of the Walter Payton Award to Dak Prescott?

The Walter Payton Award holds deep significance for Dak Prescott as it recognizes not only his football prowess but also his profound impact off the field, echoing the values and legacy of his late mother, Peggy.

4. What is the mission of the Faith, Fight, Finish Foundation?

The Faith, Fight, Finish Foundation, founded by Dak Prescott, is dedicated to addressing crucial issues within the Dallas community, including colon cancer research and mental health and suicide prevention, reflecting the enduring impact of Peggy Prescott’s legacy.

5. How does Dak Prescott carry his mother’s legacy into his football career?

Dak Prescott carries his mother’s legacy into his football career by drawing strength and inspiration from her unwavering support, fueling his determination to lead the Dallas Cowboys to success on the field.

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