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The Enigmatic Suzie: A Deep Dive into the Stranger Things Character

Suzie Bingham, portrayed by Gabriella Pizzolo, is a minor character in the third season and a recurring character in the fourth season of Stranger Things. A native of Salt Lake City, Utah, she became the girlfriend of Dustin Henderson in 1985.

Suzie was born to her unnamed parents in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was raised in a strict Mormon household, but while also devoted to her faith, she also developed more nerdy interests, such as science, technology, and reading fantasy novels.

Meeting Dustin at Camp Know Where

In May of 1985, Suzie attended Camp Know Where, a sleepaway camp for children interested in technology, where she met Dustin Henderson. She first met Dustin when Dustin alighted off the bus at Camp and stood up to two bullies. She was one of the bystanders who applauded Dustin’s verbal defense against the two bullies. Suzie gradually developed an attraction to Dustin, awed by his actions in standing up against the bullies repeatedly as well as his stories about life at Hawkins.

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Suzie asked advice from a counselor named Dawn who advised her to use science as a topic of interest for the two of them to talk about. Suzie then approached Dustin as he was busy writing his own Dungeons and Dragons game session. Suzie quickly mistook Dustin’s words as a rebuke, causing her to run away without even introducing her name. The next day Suzie attempted to talk to Dawn again to get advice, but discovered that the counselor had apparently left. Later she started doing math near Dustin on the same field, which caused Dustin to notice her. When she attempted to approach Dustin later as he was composing his game session, Dustin called out in anger, not knowing it was Suzie. Suzie then fled once more, filling Dustin with regret.

Developing Relationship with Dustin

Dustin then tracked down Suzie and expressed his sorrow at the misunderstanding, the two finally getting a chance to properly introduce themselves. The two then overheard a conversation between the camp counselors where they were discussing a possible killer on the Camp premises. Dustin then resolved to find out who the killers were and why, although Suzie put up a light protest, asking if the shouldn’t just let the counselors resolve the situation on their own. She also reminded him that they were kids, thus limiting their options. But Dustin pointed out that them being kids was advantageous, as they would not be targets to the possible killer. Suzie then felt empowered by his words, agreeing wholeheartedly and racing past Dustin in determination.

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Connection with Dustin and Saving the World

Throughout the month, the two became infatuated with one another, eventually becoming a couple. The two shared a love for both the main song from The NeverEnding Story, and mathematical equations. By June, as their time at Camp Know Where drew to a close, Dustin gave Suzie his signature cap to remember him. As a way to keep in communication, Dustin built Cerebro, a ham radio that can communicate across long distances.

Upon Dustin’s return to Hawkins, he showed Cerebro to his friends and explained its purpose: contacting Suzie. Dustin’s friends helped Dustin put Cerebro together at the highest point in Hawkins. However, Dustin’s attempt to contact Suzie was unsuccessful. This caused his friends to conclude that Suzie did not exist, as did Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley when he told them about her.


How did Suzie hack Dustin’s grades?

Suzie hacked into the Hawkins High School computer program to change Dustin’s grades. She later confessed to her father and faced consequences for her actions.

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What is Suzie’s relationship with Dustin?

Suzie is Dustin Henderson’s first girlfriend. They share a love for comics, science, and the song ‘The NeverEnding Story’.

What are Suzie’s interests?

Suzie is interested in science, technology, and reading fantasy novels. She is also shown to be sentimental and romantic.

How did Suzie and Dustin meet?

Suzie and Dustin met at Camp Know Where, where they developed an attraction to each other and eventually became a couple.

What is Suzie’s background?

Suzie was raised in a strict Mormon household in Salt Lake City, Utah. She developed nerdy interests despite her religious upbringing.

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