The Devil You Know Ending Explained, Plot and Trailer

Check out The Devil You Know ending explained guide that we have given here in this article and find out what happened at the end of this gritty crime-thriller film The Devil You Know.

The Devil You Know Ending Explained

In the end of The Devil You Know, the truth behind the shocking events is unveiled. It is revealed that Drew, one of the brothers, is responsible for the murder of their own parents and possibly even child abuse within the family. Moreover, he also kills two individuals named Al and Stacy, disguising their deaths as a failed robbery when they became difficult to control. Drew’s motivation for involving himself with Al and Stacy stems from his financial struggles.

When the robbery doesn’t go according to plan due to everyone being present at the house, Drew is forced to take drastic measures to protect himself. With no other choice, Drew ends up killing both Stacy and Al. Marcus, another brother, anonymously tips Detective Joe about the situation, leading Drew to realize that his secret is at risk of being exposed.

In order to silence Al, who poses a threat to him, Drew is compelled to eliminate both of them. Marcus, who is aware of Drew’s involvement, decides to relieve himself of the burden of keeping his brother’s dark secrets. This revelation is a turning point for Drew, as he realizes that his family doesn’t view him with the same contempt as Marcus does.

It prevents him from hitting rock bottom. However, Drew’s reaction to his family’s response to Marcus’ revelation is unexpected. Instead of seeking redemption, he embraces the notoriety that Marcus unintentionally bestowed upon him. This leaves us wondering whether Marcus will continue to defend his brother, or if he will withhold information from Detective Joe once again. The ending of The Devil You Know raises questions about the future dynamics between the characters and leaves room for further exploration. Hopefully, a sequel will provide answers to these unresolved elements.

The Devil You Know Where to Watch

The Devil You Know is a 2022 crime drama film directed by Deon Taylor and starring Omar Epps, Michael Ealy, and William Catlett. It is available to stream on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu, and other streaming platforms. The film follows a man named Aaron (Epps) who is forced to confront his past when his brother, James (Catlett), is accused of a crime he didn’t commit.

Aaron teams up with his best friend, Miles (Ealy), to prove James’ innocence, but they soon find themselves up against a powerful and corrupt system. The Devil You Know has received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising the performances and the film’s gritty realism, while others have criticized its predictable plot and lack of originality. 

However, the film has been a box office success, grossing over $20 million worldwide. If you’re a fan of crime dramas, then you should definitely check out The Devil You Know. It’s a well-made film with strong performances from the cast. Just don’t go in expecting anything groundbreaking.

The Devil You Know Plot

The plot of The Devil You Know revolves around the lives of four siblings: Drew, Marcus, Anthony, and Terry Cowans. While the two oldest and youngest siblings, Anthony and Terry, enjoy stable lives with spouses and successful careers, the two middle brothers face various challenges. Marcus, a recovering alcoholic recently released from jail, is given a chance to turn his life around by working as a city bus driver, thanks to their father, Lloyd, who sets it up. Marcus also becomes involved with Eva, a colleague of Anthony’s spouse at a nearby hospital. On the other hand, Drew’s life takes a downward spiral. He loses his job and long-term partner, which plunges him into desperation.

He falls in with a troublesome crowd, namely Stacy and Al, known for their involvement in mischief. The story takes a dark turn when a home invasion leads to murder, prompting a retired investigator named Joe to take on the case. The central question becomes who will be held responsible for the crime and whether it will be the result of skilled detective work or betrayal within the family.

The characters in The Devil You Know include Anthony, the eldest child who runs a construction-focused company; Marcus, the formerly incarcerated alcoholic who finds a new purpose as a bus driver; Drew, whose life unravels after losing his job and partner; Eva, Anthony’s spouse’s colleague who is grieving the deaths of her two brothers; Stacy, a longtime acquaintance of the Cowans who operates a local hair salon; Al, Stacy’s assistant who is always armed; Lloyd, the patriarch of the Cowans family; Joe, the investigator struggling with the trauma of past cases involving Black victims; Della, the matriarch of the family and a professional accountant; and Terry’s spouse, Loren. As the story unfolds, the dark secrets and hidden motivations of the characters are exposed, leading to a gripping and suspenseful climax that uncovers the truth behind the family’s turmoil.

The Devil You Know Review

The Devil You Know is a 2022 crime drama film directed by Charles Murray and starring Omar Epps, Michael Ealy, and Will Catlett. The film follows Marcus Cowans (Epps), a newly released ex-convict who is trying to turn his life around. However, his plans are put on hold when his brother Drew (Catlett) is accused of a crime he didn’t commit.

Marcus teams up with his best friend Miles (Ealy), a police detective, to prove Drew’s innocence. The film is a gritty and suspenseful thriller that explores themes of family, loyalty, and redemption. The performances are all strong, and the film is well-directed and edited. However, the film does suffer from some predictability and a lack of originality. Overall, The Devil You Know is an enjoyable and well-made thriller, but it’s not a must-see.

The Devil You Know Cast



Omar Epps

Marcus Cowans

William Catlett

Drew Cowans

Glynn Turman

Lloyd Cowans

Curtiss Cook

Anthony Cowans

Vanessa Bell Calloway

Della Cowans

Erica Tazel

Eva Dylan

Vaughn W. Hebron

Terry Cowans

Michael Beach

Greg Hansen

B.J. Britt

Stacy Griffin

Keisha Epps

Tisha Cowans

Ashley A. Williams

Loren Cowans

Tammi Mac

Keisha Dumond / AA Sponsor

Murray Gray


Jeph Loeb

Nicholas Gervich

Sarah Drescher

Wendy Gervich

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