The Big D Where Are They Now? Where is the Cast of The Big D?

The Big D participants have taken diverse paths since the show, from rekindled love to new endeavors, showcasing the aftermath of divorce and the pursuit of new beginnings.

The Big D

“The Big D” is a captivating reality TV show that delves deep into the lives of divorced couples on a quest for a second chance at love. Hosted by the dynamic duo of dating show successes, JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers, the show unfolds against the backdrop of a tropical Costa Rica villa. Here, the stage is set for emotional exploration, unexpected connections, and personal growth as six divorced couples come together to embark on a remarkable journey.


In this unique competition reality series, the participants’ past relationships become the foundation for a new chapter in their lives. Some hope to reignite the flames with their former partners, while others seek fresh connections elsewhere. Against the scenic beauty of Costa Rica, hearts are rekindled and new bonds are formed. The shared goal of finding closure and the chance for love once more fuels the drama and intensity of the show.



Guided by the experienced hands of JoJo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers, and resident relationship expert Dr. Jada, the show unfolds through revealing relationship “ex-ercises.”

These exercises aim to help divorced individuals address their past, heal emotional wounds, and break free from the obstacles that once held them back. With each episode, the couples navigate the challenges of love, personal transformation, and self-discovery, all in pursuit of a brighter romantic future. “The Big D” is not only a competition but a journey of resilience, growth, and the courage to embrace love anew.

The Big D Where are they Now

Alexis Nicole and Devon Wright

After winning the show and the cash prize of $50,000, Alexis and Devon’s second attempt at marriage didn’t work out. They faced challenges in the real world due to job locations and other responsibilities. Devon splits his time between Charleston, North Carolina, and Los Angeles, California, working as a model. Alexis resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and is active in the technology and recruiting industry.

Alexis Nicole 

Alexis Nicole, a participant on ‘The Big D,’ embarked on a journey to find love amid the challenges of past relationships in the tropical villa of Costa Rica.


Devon Wright

Devon Wright, a contender on ‘The Big D,’ entered the show with the hope of rediscovering love after a year of heartbreak, facing the unique challenge of pursuing connections among divorced couples. With determination and openness, he navigated the emotional landscape of the Costa Rican villa in search of a second chance at romance.


Casey Costa and Brooks Peters 

Casey and Brooks didn’t rekindle their romance after the show. Brooks is now in a happy relationship and runs his own business called High Altitude Lawn Care and Hauling in South Lake Tahoe, California. Casey has found success as a social media content creator with a large following on platforms like Instagram.

Casey Costa 

Casey Costa, a participant in ‘The Big D,’ embarked on a journey to find closure and new connections in the tropical villa alongside other divorced couples. Having been married for two years before the heartbreak, Casey’s willingness to explore new possibilities and confront the past made her a compelling presence on the show. Her experiences shed light on the complexities of post-divorce relationships and personal growth.


Brooks Peters

Brooks Peters, a contestant on ‘The Big D,’ faced the challenge of navigating emotions and connections with his former spouse in the quest for a second chance at love. Having been in a two-year marriage before the split, Brooks showcased resilience and personal development throughout the show. His journey reflects the complexities of moving forward after divorce and the pursuit of new beginnings.

Ariel Lyndsey and Blair Delgado 

Ariel and Blair, who were previously married for four and a half years, are not together. Ariel has found success as a dancer and content creator with a significant following on Instagram. Blair works as a Senior Enterprise Customer Success Manager for KnowBe4 in Clearwater, Florida.

Ariel Lyndsey

Ariel Lyndsey, a participant in ‘The Big D,’ embarked on a journey to rediscover love after a four and a half-year marriage. Her experience on the show showcased her openness to rekindling connections and exploring new relationships amidst the complexities of divorce. Through her presence, Ariel brought a mix of vulnerability and determination to the tropical villa in search of a fresh start.


Blair Delgado 

Blair Delgado, a key figure on ‘The Big D,’ entered the dating show following the end of a significant chapter in his life—a four and a half-year marriage. With a history of heartbreak and growth, Blair embarked on a unique journey to find love once again. His experience on the show highlighted his readiness to move forward and explore new connections amidst the challenges of navigating post-divorce relationships.


Dede Lewis and Thakur Wint

 Dede and Thakur are on separate paths but continue to co-parent their sons. Thakur works as a freelance Talent Acquisition Consultant in Secaucus, New Jersey, and Dede is a Program Manager for ApotheCom, splitting her time between New York City, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area, and South Florida.

Dede Lewis 

After her time on “The Big D,” Dede Lewis is currently focused on living her life day by day and embracing a new chapter of personal growth and happiness. She has entered into a healthy relationship, which she considers to be her first truly positive romantic experience.

Dede attributes much of her newfound outlook to the lessons she learned on the show and the personal transformation she underwent. She relocated from New Jersey to Florida, seeking a fresh start and rediscovering her self-confidence and love for herself. Dede’s journey post-show reflects her commitment to embracing happiness and building a brighter future.

Thakur wint 

Thakur, a participant from ‘The Big D,’ has maintained a consistent career for over 15 years. He is based in Boca Raton, Florida, although he initially began working in Secaucus, New Jersey. Thakur holds the role of a freelance talent acquisition consultant, specializing in the field of Human Resources.

Thakur’s professional journey in HR began in May 2007, accumulating more than 16 years of experience in the industry. However, his interests go beyond recruitment. On his Instagram profile, Thakur identifies himself as a fitness enthusiast, a passion that he actively showcases.

In January 2024, Thakur took part in the “Boca’s Best Body” event, where participants are judged based on factors such as overall appearance, stage presence, physique, and crowd engagement. He demonstrated his commitment to fitness and physique by participating in the competition, where he achieved the position of runner-up.

It’s evident that Thakur balances his career as a freelance talent acquisition consultant with his passion for fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Ally Lee and David Mims

David Mims remains active in football and recently appeared in the movie “Fantasy Football” on Paramount+. Ally Lee is the owner of The Melted Chocolate, a bakery in Fresco, Texas. Despite their separation, they maintain an amicable relationship and prioritize their children, including their daughter Ari.

Ally Lee

Ally Lee, a standout personality on ‘The Big D,’ brought a unique perspective as a former NFL player’s wife, having been married for five years. Despite the challenges of their past, Ally’s journey on the show showcased her willingness to explore new beginnings and embrace life beyond her divorce. Her role as a bakery owner and dedicated mother further enriched her narrative on the path to finding love once more.


David Mims 

David Mims, a recognizable face from ‘The Big D,’ made waves as a former professional football player who faced the complexities of marriage. With ties to the NFL and his commitment to co-parenting, David’s journey on the show revealed layers of his character as he navigated new beginnings. Beyond his sports background, David’s story highlights his determination to move forward while embracing the challenges of divorced life.


Gillian Messina and David Novello 

 Gillian has moved on from her relationship with David and is now in a happy relationship with Mike Schiavone. They welcomed a daughter named Lily Stella on February 2, 2024. Gillian is involved in her partner’s son’s life and runs Gillian’s Makeup Artistry as an entrepreneur and makeup expert in Wilmington, North Carolina. David maintains a private life but is based in San Diego, California.

Gillian Messina 

Gillian Messina, a former high school sweetheart featured on ‘The Big D,’ embarked on a journey of self-discovery after a strained marriage. Her path led to entrepreneurship as a makeup artist and a blossoming relationship that brought new joys, including the birth of her daughter. Gillian’s transformation showcases resilience and growth, proving that life after divorce can hold unexpected beauty.


David Novello  

David Novello, a participant in ‘The Big D,’ faced the challenges of divorce after being high school sweetheart with Gillian Messina. While keeping much of his life private, he currently resides in San Diego, California. His journey illustrates the complexities of moving forward after a long-term relationship comes to an end.


The Big D Who are the Winners

The winners of “The Big D,” the reality TV dating show hosted by JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers, were Alexis Fletcher and Devon Wright. Throughout the show’s first season, Alexis and Devon went through a journey of emotional discovery, personal growth, and building connections with each other and other participants.


Alexis Fletcher was one of the contestants on the show, having recently gone through a divorce. She entered “The Big D” with the hope of finding a new meaningful relationship and exploring personal growth. Devon Wright, another participant, was also a divorcee looking for a fresh start in love and life.

Challenges and Growth:

Throughout the season, Alexis and Devon faced various challenges designed to test their compatibility, communication, and emotional resilience. These challenges included therapy sessions with Dr. Jada Jackson, interactions with other ex-spouses, and opportunities for personal reflection.

Connection Building:

Alexis and Devon’s relationship gradually grew stronger as they spent time together on the show. While some couples on the show quickly engaged in physical intimacy, Alexis and Devon chose to focus on building a deeper emotional connection and understanding each other’s personalities.

Conflict and Resolution:

Like any relationship, Alexis and Devon’s journey wasn’t without its challenges. They had to navigate moments of tension and disagreement, including instances where Devon’s temper was tested. However, they demonstrated their ability to communicate and work through these challenges together.

Art-Making Challenge:

Alexis and Devon won an art-making challenge during the show, showcasing their ability to collaborate and create something meaningful as a couple. This victory highlighted their compatibility and shared goals.


By the time the finale arrived, Alexis and Devon had proven their commitment to each other and their growth as a couple. They stood alongside another couple, Casey Costa and Ben, as the finalists competing for the title and the $50,000 prize.

Winning the Prize:

During the final episode, the remaining two couples had to convince their fellow contestants, who had been previously eliminated, of their deservingness to win the prize money. Alexis and Devon made a strong case for their relationship, emphasizing their growth, commitment, and shared aspirations.

Decision of Fellow Cast Members:

In the end, the fellow cast members who were previously eliminated voted for the winning couple. Alexis and Devon’s fellow contestants were convinced by the strength of their bond and their journey throughout the show.

Reflection and Future:

Alexis and Devon’s victory on “The Big D” marked the culmination of their journey on the show. The experience provided them with a platform to heal from their past relationships, grow as individuals, and find love anew.

The win not only awarded them the title of winners but also symbolized their ability to overcome personal challenges, embrace vulnerability, and create a new beginning. Alexis and Devon’s story showcased the power of second chances, personal growth, and the potential for love to flourish even after divorce.    

The Big D Where to watch it 

To watch “The Big D,” you can tune in on the USA app and Peacock. The show’s format involves revealing relationship “ex-ercises,” fun activities designed to help singles form connections, make amends with their former partners, and overcome the issues preventing them from re-entering the dating world. Winning an “ex-ercise” leads to a romantic date and safety from elimination.

USA App:

The USA app is the official streaming platform of the USA Network, where “The Big D” airs. Viewers who have a subscription or access to the USA Network through their cable or satellite provider can use the USA app to stream episodes of the show. The app is available for download on various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and streaming devices.


Peacock is a streaming service offered by NBCUniversal. It provides a wide range of content, including TV shows, movies, original programming, and more. “The Big D” is available to stream on Peacock for subscribers of the service. Peacock offers different subscription tiers, including a free tier with limited content and premium tiers with more features and access to additional content.

To watch “The Big D” on either platform, viewers need to have a compatible device and a subscription to the respective service. Both the USA app and Peacock offer convenient ways to watch the show, giving viewers the flexibility to enjoy episodes on their preferred devices and at their own pace.

The Big D Hosts 

“The Big D” hosts, JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers, bring a blend of personal experiences, charisma, and insights to the show, making them an engaging and relatable guiding force for the participants. Their journey from being contestants on a dating show to hosting a reality series centered around divorced couples seeking love adds a layer of authenticity to the show’s dynamic.

JoJo Fletcher:

JoJo Fletcher gained recognition as a fan-favorite contestant on Season 20 of “The Bachelor.” Her charismatic personality, genuine demeanor, and relatable journey to find love made her stand out. Despite not ultimately winning the heart of the Bachelor that season, JoJo went on to become the lead on “The Bachelorette,” where she had the opportunity to choose her own partner. Her final choice, Jordan Rodgers, marked the beginning of a lasting and meaningful relationship.


JoJo’s personal history with dating shows gives her a unique perspective as a host on “The Big D.” She understands the emotions, challenges, and vulnerabilities that participants face when searching for love in a public setting. Her journey from a contestant to a successful partner provides a relatable example of love found within the confines of reality TV.

Jordan Rodgers:

Jordan Rodgers gained prominence as one of the suitors on JoJo Fletcher’s season of “The Bachelorette.” He quickly stood out with his charm, confidence, and chemistry with JoJo. By the end of the season, he won JoJo’s heart and received the final rose. Their relationship continued to flourish after the show, culminating in their engagement and eventual marriage.


Jordan’s experience on “The Bachelorette” offers him valuable insights into the pressures, emotions, and complexities that arise when vying for someone’s affection in a competitive environment. His role as a winner of the show, who navigated the challenges of dating on camera, allows him to empathize with the participants of “The Big D.”

Their Hosting Roles on “The Big D”: As hosts of “The Big D,” JoJo and Jordan provide a unique perspective that resonates with the participants. Their journey from contestants on a dating show to a successful couple showcases that love can be found even in unconventional circumstances. Their authenticity and relatability make them ideal guides for divorced individuals seeking a fresh start.

JoJo and Jordan’s chemistry, combined with their understanding of the intricacies of reality TV relationships, create a warm and supportive atmosphere for the participants. Their insights, advice, and encouragement help guide the couples as they navigate the challenges of forming new connections and seeking closure from past relationships.

In essence, JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers bring a genuine and relatable presence to “The Big D,” enhancing the show’s narrative of love, growth, and second chances. Their own love story adds depth to their hosting roles, making them a perfect fit for guiding participants through their emotional journeys on the show

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