The Bachelor Season 28 Spoilers: Who Gets Engaged to Joey Graziadei?

Fans speculated fervently about who would receive Joey Graziadei’s final rose, but ultimately, Season 28 of The Bachelor concluded without any engagements.

The Bachelor Season 28 Spoilers: Who Gets Engaged to Joey Graziadei?

In The Bachelor Season 28, Joey Graziadei, a tennis pro from Collegeville, Pennsylvania, had four hometown dates with Kelsey Anderson, Daisy Kent, Rachel Nance, and Maria Georgas. Despite a strong connection with Maria since the beginning, Joey decided to say goodbye to her before the Fantasy Suite overnight dates.

Maria’s journey on the show had its challenges, including conflicts with other contestants and doubts about her relationship with Joey. Despite these hurdles, Maria and Joey’s hometown date went well, with Joey meeting her family and receiving her father’s blessing.

However, Maria struggled to express her feelings for Joey, and despite intending to tell him she was falling in love with him, she didn’t get the chance before Joey eliminated her at the rose ceremony.

Joey expressed his care for Maria but felt it would be dishonest to continue their relationship due to doubts he had. Maria left feeling confused and regretful for not expressing her feelings sooner. Ultimately, no one got engaged to Joey Graziadei in Season 28 of The Bachelor.

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Who is Joseph Graziadei?

Joseph Michael Graziadei is known for being the runner-up on season 20 of The Bachelorette and later, as the star of season 28 of The Bachelor. He grew up in Royersford, Pennsylvania, with his parents Nick and Cathy, and his two sisters, Carly and Ellie. His parents divorced when he was young.

After graduating from Spring-Ford High School in 2013, he played tennis at West Chester University, earning a degree in communication and media studies in 2017. During college, he was part of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. After college, he moved to Hawaii.

Before appearing on reality TV, he worked as a teaching tennis pro and Ike Kuluz ambassador at The Club at Kukuiʻula in Koloa, Hawaii. In March 2023, he joined season 20 of The Bachelorette but ended up as the runner-up. Later that year, during the live finale, he was chosen as the lead for season 28 of The Bachelor.


Joseph Michael Graziadei

Birth date

May 24, 1995


Royersford, Pennsylvania, U.S.


Television personality, Tennis coach


5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)

The Bachelor Season 28

In the 28th season of The Bachelor, which started on January 22, 2024, we met Joey Graziadei. He’s 28 years old and teaches tennis in Royersford, Pennsylvania. Before this, he tried to find love on The Bachelorette, but he came in second place. That season starred Charity Lawson.

Now, Joey’s the one in charge, handing out roses instead of receiving them. He’s hoping to find his perfect match among the contestants. Each week, he gets to know the women better and decides who he wants to keep around. It’s not an easy decision, but Joey is determined to find true love.

Throughout the season, we’ll see romantic dates, dramatic moments, and emotional conversations as Joey tries to find the one he wants to spend his life with. Fans will be eagerly watching to see who captures Joey’s heart in the end.

So, in this season of The Bachelor, Joey Graziadei is taking the lead role, searching for love among a group of hopeful women.

The Bachelor Season 28 Overview


Joey Graziadei

Presented by

Jesse Palmer

No. of contestants


Country of origin

United States

No. of episodes


Original network


Original release

January 22, 2024 – present

The Bachelor Season 28 Contestants


Contestant Name


Daisy Kent


Kelsey Anderson


Rachel Nance


Maria Georgas


Jennifer “Jenn” Tran


Kelsey Toussant


Katelyn DeBacker


Lea Cayanan


Lexi Young


Jessica “Jess” Edwards


Autumn Waggoner


Madina Alam


Allison Hollinger


Edwina Dorbor


Sydney Gordon


Chrissa Perez


Evalin Clark


Starr Skyler


Erika Cardenas


Marlena Haddad


Taylor Wiens


Lauren Hollinger


Chandler Dewgard


Kayla Rodgers


Kyra Brusch


Lanie Latsios


Natalie “Nat” Crepeau


Samantha “Sam” Hale


Samantha Washington


Sandra Rabadi


Talyah Jackson


Zoe Antona

Where to Watch The Bachelor Season 28

In Season 28 of The Bachelor, Joey Graziadei, a 28-year-old tennis instructor, is on a quest to find love. The show premiered on January 22, 2024, and airs on ABC. Each week, viewers tune in to see Joey navigate romantic dates and emotional conversations with the contestants, hoping to find his perfect match.

If you miss an episode when it airs on TV, you can catch up by streaming it on Hulu the day after it airs. This way, you won’t have to worry about falling behind on Joey’s journey to find love.

Watching The Bachelor Season 28 is a great way to unwind and enjoy some drama-filled entertainment. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite contestant or eagerly waiting to see who Joey will choose in the end, this season promises plenty of excitement and romance.

So, grab some popcorn, settle in on the couch, and get ready to follow along with Joey’s journey to find love on The Bachelor Season 28, available to watch on ABC and Hulu.

The Bachelor Season 28 Trailer

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