The Bachelor Season 28 Elimination Order Explained, 'The Bachelor' Season 28, Episode 8 Recap

In Season 28 of The Bachelor, Maria was the first to be eliminated because Joey felt unsure about their relationship. Rachel was eliminated next due to her parents’ doubts affecting their connection, despite her love for Joey.

The Bachelor Season 28 Elimination Order Explained

1. Maria’s Elimination:

Maria was eliminated first from Season 28 of The Bachelor. Joey, the bachelor, felt unsure about his relationship with Maria. Despite Maria expressing her feelings for Joey, he had doubts about their future together. Joey decided to send Maria home during the rose ceremony. Maria was upset but realized she should have expressed her feelings earlier.

2. Rachel’s Elimination:

Rachel was the second contestant to be eliminated from Season 28. Although Rachel expressed her love for Joey, her parents’ doubts affected their relationship. Joey felt unsure about Rachel’s parents not fully supporting their relationship. Despite Rachel’s feelings for Joey, he decided to let her go during the rose ceremony. Rachel was disappointed but understood Joey’s decision.

3. Daisy’s Elimination:

Daisy was the third contestant to be eliminated from Season 28. Despite Daisy opening up about her feelings for Joey, he still had doubts. Joey appreciated Daisy’s honesty but felt their connection wasn’t strong enough. During the rose ceremony, Joey decided to end his relationship with Daisy. Daisy was sad but acknowledged that she needed to be more open with her feelings.

4. Kelsey A.’s Elimination:

Kelsey A. was the last contestant to be eliminated from Season 28. Despite Kelsey A.’s strong connection with Joey, he had doubts about their future. Joey appreciated Kelsey A.’s family’s support but still felt uncertain. During the rose ceremony, Joey decided not to give Kelsey A. a rose. Kelsey A. was disappointed but accepted Joey’s decision.

The Bachelor Season 28

The twenty-eighth season of “The Bachelor” premiered on January 22, 2024, introducing 28-year-old Joey Graziadei as the bachelor. A former tennis pro from Royersford, Pennsylvania, Joey previously appeared on the 20th season of “The Bachelorette,” where he ended as the runner-up.

The season kicked off with 32 hopeful contestants vying for Joey’s heart, promising drama, romance, and unexpected twists.As Joey embarked on his journey to find love, the season unfolded with emotional moments, creative limo entrances, and unique connections.

The show featured various filming locations, including Collegeville, Pennsylvania; Agoura Hills, California; Jasper, Alberta; Mdina, Malta; Marbella, Spain; Montreal, Quebec; and Tulum, Mexico. With a diverse group of contestants and exciting destinations, “The Bachelor” Season 28 promised an entertaining and unpredictable quest for true love.

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The Bachelor Season 28 Contestants



Allison Hollinger


Autumn Waggoner


Chrissa Perez


Daisy Kent


Edwina Dorbor


Erika Cardenas


Evalin Clark


Jennifer “Jenn” Tran


Jessica “Jess” Edwards


Katelyn DeBacker


Kelsey Anderson


Kelsey Toussant


Lauren Hollinger


Lea Cayanan


Lexi Young


Madina Alam


Maria Georgas


Marlena Haddad


Rachel Nance


Starr Skyler


Sydney Gordon


Taylor Wiens


Where to Watch The Bachelor Season 28?

Finding where to watch “The Bachelor” Season 28 Episode 6 is essential for fans who don’t want to miss out on the drama and romance unfolding in the series. Fortunately, there are several options available for viewers to catch this episode.

Firstly, the episode airs on ABC, so if you have a cable or satellite TV subscription, you can simply tune in to your local ABC channel on Monday night at 8 p.m. Eastern time to watch it live.

However, for those who have cut the cord or prefer to watch online, there are streaming services like FuboTV and DirecTV Stream that offer access to ABC as part of their channel lineup.

These platforms typically require a subscription, but they often provide free trial periods for new users, allowing you to watch “The Bachelor” without committing to a long-term plan.

Additionally, ABC usually makes episodes available for streaming on their official website or app shortly after they air on TV, providing another option for viewers to catch up on missed episodes.

‘The Bachelor’ Season 28, Episode 8 Recap

In Episode 8 of “The Bachelor” Season 28, viewers witnessed Joey’s journey as he embarked on hometown dates with the remaining four contestants: Kelsey A., Rachel, Daisy, and Maria. Each date was significant, offering Joey a glimpse into the women’s lives and families.

During Kelsey A.’s hometown date in New Orleans, Joey bonded with her family over shared experiences and heartfelt moments, particularly connecting with Kelsey’s father, who expressed his approval of Joey.

In Rancho Cucamonga, California, Joey met Rachel’s family and embraced Filipino traditions, despite facing skepticism from Rachel’s parents. However, Rachel reaffirmed her feelings for Joey, expressing her love for him despite her family’s reservations.

Daisy’s hometown date in Becker, Minnesota, took Joey to her family’s Christmas tree farm, where he connected with Daisy’s loved ones and encouraged her to open up about her feelings. Despite her initial hesitation, Daisy confessed her love for Joey, bringing them closer together.

Finally, in Niagara Falls, Joey joined Maria’s family, where he sought reassurance from her father. Despite Maria’s efforts to express her feelings, Joey ultimately decided to eliminate her, citing his doubts about their relationship.

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