My Morning Jacket Set 2024 Tour Dates, How To Get Presale Code Tickets?

Explore My Morning Jacket’s 2024 tour dates, and discover how to secure presale code tickets for an unforgettable concert experience with the acclaimed rock band.

My Morning Jacket 

My Morning Jacket, formed in 1998 in Louisville, Kentucky, is an American rock band featuring members Jim James, Tom Blankenship, Patrick Hallahan, Carl Broemel, and Bo Koster. Known for their unique blend of rock and country with experimental and psychedelic undertones, the band gained popularity in the 2000s, particularly for their captivating live performances.

Their journey to success began with the European acclaim of their debut album, ‘The Tennessee Fire’ (1999), followed by ‘At Dawn’ (2001), which expanded their fanbase in the United States. The band underwent lineup changes before signing with major label ATO Records, leading to notable releases like ‘It Still Moves’ (2003) and the critically acclaimed ‘Z’ (2005). While ‘Evil Urges’ (2008) received mixed reviews, ‘Circuital’ (2011) garnered a more measured response.

Subsequent albums include ‘The Waterfall’ (2015), ‘The Waterfall II’ (2020), and ‘My Morning Jacket’ (2021)   Experience the excitement of the entertainment world. Update yourself now to stay in the loop with breaking celebrity news and explore in-depth film reviews  through Centralalive

My Morning Jacket Set 2024 Tour Dates




4 – Apr – 2024

Riviera Maya, Mexico

One Big Holiday

3 – May – 2024 

Redondo Beach, CA, US

BeachLife Festival

24 – May – 2024

Napa, CA, US

BottleRock Napa Valley

27 – May – 2024

San Francisco, CA, US

The Fillmore

28 – May – 2024 

San Francisco, CA, US

The Fillmore

30 – May – 2024 

San Francisco, CA, US

The Fillmore

31 – May – 2024 

San Francisco, CA, US

The Fillmore

How to Get Presale Code Tickets?

Here is the schedule for My Morning Jacket presales, so you can snag your tickets before the general sale. The Artist Presale kicks off on Tuesday, May 16th, starting at 1:00 p.m. local time. Make sure to register in advance to secure your spot.

If you’re a Spotify user, there’s good news! The Spotify Presale begins on Wednesday, May 17th, at 10 am local time. To boost your chances of getting a presale code, consider following My Morning Jacket on Spotify. American Express cardholders get their exclusive shot with the American Express Presale, also starting on Wednesday, May 17th, at 10 am local time. This particular presale is available only for AMEX users.

And don’t forget, these aren’t the only presales available. Keep an eye out for other exclusive opportunities to grab your My Morning Jacket tickets before they’re gone. If, by any chance, you miss a presale, TickPick has you covered with available tickets for purchase.

My Morning Jacket Setlist

My Morning Jacket has some exciting news for fans about their upcoming performances. They’ve revealed that their setlist for the shows will feature their entire 2023 album, It Still Moves. This means you can look forward to hearing beloved tracks like “Golden,” “One Big Holiday,” and “Steam Engine” played live on stage. It’s a special treat for fans who appreciate the full album experience in a concert setting.

For those curious about what else might be in store, checking out My Morning Jacket’s previous setlists could provide some hints. Their past performances have showcased a range of their popular songs, giving you a glimpse into the energy and variety you can expect at the upcoming shows. So, whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer, the promise of It Still Moves and the potential surprises from their repertoire make these concerts a must-see for My Morning Jacket enthusiasts.

My Morning Jacket Ticket Cost 

Getting My Morning Jacket tickets at reasonable prices can sometimes be a challenge, as they tend to resell for more than their face value. However, with TickPick, you’re assured of the best prices on My Morning Jacket tickets compared to other secondary ticket sites. For the upcoming concert at Napa Valley Expo on Friday, May 24, the lowest get-in price is currently $411.00, and the average ticket price is $1,655.00. It’s worth noting that the most expensive ticket for this particular concert is listed at a whopping $572,208.00.

No matter the specific seats you’re interested in, TickPick guarantees that you’ll secure your tickets at the most competitive prices, and here’s the added bonus – you won’t encounter any additional service fees. This commitment to transparent pricing ensures that fans can enjoy My Morning Jacket’s live performance without breaking the bank, making the concert experience more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

My Morning Jacket Tour Opening

During My Morning Jacket’s tour, you’ll have the chance to enjoy various opening acts, adding even more diversity to your concert experience. The lineup of openers includes talented artists like Jaime Wyatt, Wilderado, Katie Pruitt, M. Ward, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, and Fleet Foxes. Each of these acts brings its unique style and musical flair, creating a well-rounded and dynamic concert atmosphere.

Jaime Wyatt, Wilderado, and Katie Pruitt, among others, will set the stage with their performances, offering the audience a diverse range of musical genres and vibes. Whether you’re a fan of folk, rock, or soulful tunes, the variety in openers ensures that there’s something for everyone to enjoy before My Morning Jacket takes the spotlight.

So, get ready to discover new sounds and appreciate the musical talent of these supporting acts as they warm up the stage for the main event, making your overall concert experience richer and more memorable.

My Morning Jacket Band Members 



Years Active

Jim James – lead vocals, guitars

Lead vocals, guitars


Tom Blankenship – bass guitar

Bass guitar


Patrick Hallahan – drums, percussion

Drums, percussion


Bo Koster – keyboards, percussion, backing vocals

Keyboards, percussion, backing vocals


Carl Broemel – guitars, pedal steel, saxophone

Guitars, pedal steel, saxophone, backing vocals


Johnny Quaid – guitars, backing vocals

Guitars, backing vocals


J. Glenn – drums, percussion

Drums, percussion


Danny Cash – keyboards



Chris “KC” Guetig – drums, percussion

Drums, percussion


My Morning Jacket Official Video

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