Most Handsome Anime Characters 2023 [ Top 10 Best-Looking Anime Guys ]

Some of the anime guys are so handsome which will make us forget about the plot and look at them, here are the Top 10 Most Handsome Anime Characters mentioned in our article who are ridiculously good-looking.

Most Handsome Anime Characters

The concept of beauty is often subjective and can capture the attention of anyone passing by. The sight of an individual who is stunningly attractive and alluring can leave a lasting impression on anyone. It could be their fashion sense, or their charming face, but there are various hottest anime guys who have captured the hearts of the audience due to their likable personalities and physical appeal.

It’s not unusual for individuals in the anime community to get captivated by these handsome anime guys, and if you’re not feeling the attraction, you might need to check yourself. These characters possess excellent physiques, intellect, masculinity, or good looks and are perfect in every department. Although attraction is subjective, these anime guys are so incredibly good-looking that they are impossible to ignore.

This article features some of the hottest anime guys of all time, including boys of all ages, without any bias. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the list.

Top 10 Handsome Anime Characters

The below Anime Characters are said to be the Most Handsome Anime Characters. 


Anime Characters


Haruka Nanase from ‘Free!’


Izumi Miyamura from ‘Horimiya’


Daisuke Kambe from ‘Millionaire Detective’


Satoru Gojo from ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’


Howl from ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’


Kakashi Hatake from ‘Naruto’


Eren Jaeger from ‘Attack On Titan’


Tetsuro Kuro from ‘Haikyuu’


Yato from ‘Noragami’


Ban from ‘Seven Deadly Sins’

1. Haruka Nanase from ‘Free!’

The anime series Free! boasts of an abundance of attractive male characters, with Haruka Nanase being one of them. He’s a freestyle swimmer, possessing a well-defined muscular physique that’s visually appealing. Haruka is often portrayed as an emotionless individual with short black hair and striking blue eyes that resemble the vastness of the ocean. Although some may perceive him as indifferent, he’s actually protective of his friends. Watching him swim could be a major turn-on for many viewers.

2. Izumi Miyamura from ‘Horimiya’

Izumi Miyamaru is recognized for his striking appearance, featuring long lashes and a slightly effeminate facial structure. He has deep blue eyes, messy black hair that is styled with parted bangs, and nine piercings, located on his ears and lips, in addition to a few tattoos with dark hues. At first glance, he might appear to be a loner with little knowledge of society and its workings, but on the inside, he’s a completely different person.

Most Handsome Anime Characters 2024 [ Top 10 Best-Looking Anime Guys ]

3. Daisuke Kambe from ‘Millionaire Detective’

Daisuke Kambe, a primary character in Millionaire Detective, is an incredibly wealthy and glamorous detective. His immense financial resources enable him to surpass any other character effortlessly, with extravagant expenditures that are of little concern to him. Additionally, his possessions include a massive private jet and extensive property, rendering him the most affluent anime character.

Most Handsome Anime Characters 2024 [ Top 10 Best-Looking Anime Guys ]

4. Satoru Gojo from ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’

“Can’t teachers be attractive?” Well, you may have to rethink that notion once you get to know Satoru Gojo, the most stylish and handsome anime mentor. As a special grade sorcerer, he’s recognized as the strongest to have ever existed. Despite not being the protagonist of the series, he still manages to steal the show every time.

With his strikingly attractive face, quirky attitude, godly strength, and, most notably, his beautiful eyes, female fans can’t help but lose their minds over him. Despite having less screen time, everyone adores him, a testament to his incredible character. When a character can achieve such a feat, you know they’re truly remarkable.

Most Handsome Anime Characters 2024 [ Top 10 Best-Looking Anime Guys ]

5. Howl from ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’

In Hayao Miyazaki’s film “Howl’s Moving Castle,” Howl is a prominent character and a powerful wizard. He possesses a strikingly beautiful face with sharp features and captivating eyes. He maintains his appearance well, with sapphire blue eyes and golden blonde hair that falls to his shoulders. His unique behavior and quirky personality set him apart from everyone else.

Most Handsome Anime Characters 2024 [ Top 10 Best-Looking Anime Guys ]

6. Kakashi Hatake from ‘Naruto’

It wouldn’t be fair to compile a list of the handsome male anime characters without including Kakashi Hatake. This skilled ninja from Konoha Village, also known as “the copy-cat ninja,” is one of the most enigmatic men in anime. Despite his exceptional abilities, he remains humble and never displays arrogance.

While Kakashi always keeps his face hidden behind a mask, he is widely regarded as very handsome. He has a narrow jaw-line and a beauty mark below the left corner of his mouth. His spiky silver hair perfectly complements his personality, adding to his overall attractiveness.

Most Handsome Anime Characters 2024 [ Top 10 Best-Looking Anime Guys ]

7. Eren Jaeger from ‘Attack On Titan’

The fourth season of Attack On Titan is exceptional in several ways, and one of them is Eren’s transformation. He was once an uncertain and emotional kid, but now he’s a cynical badass who looks incredibly attractive. Prior to Season 4, fangirls were crazy about Levi, but now they can’t stop raving about Eren’s hotness.

Eren’s facial features underwent a significant change during the time skip. He now has soulful eyes, long mahogany-colored hair that he ties in a man bun at times, and even sports a mustache. This transformation was a significant charisma reset and a handsome makeover from his previous weak, childish appearance. As someone who aims to conquer the entire world, Eren takes looking like a leader seriously.

Most Handsome Anime Characters 2024 [ Top 10 Best-Looking Anime Guys ]

8. Tetsuro Kuro from ‘Haikyuu’

Tetsuro Kuro has the ability to steal your girl. He is the captain of Nekoma High’s volleyball team and a professional volleyball player who excels in the middle blocker position. Kuro is tall, muscular, and handsome, making him one of the hottest guys in Haikyuu that fangirls cannot stop cheering for.

Kuro’s narrow, hazel-colored eyes with cat-like pupils give him an intimidating look. His naturally messy black hair spikes upwards due to his bedhead, which is the secret behind Kuro’s stunning appearance. With his good looks and smug personality, it’s best to keep Kuro away from your girl.

Most Handsome Anime Characters 2024 [ Top 10 Best-Looking Anime Guys ]

9. Yato from ‘Noragami’

Yato, also known as Yaboku, is a “Delivery God” in Noragami who aspires to have millions of followers. He has accomplished this goal, with countless worshippers who are enamored with his charming and attractive personality. Yato is a stunning young man with messy dark violet hair and radiant blue eyes. Although he has a tendency to gamble, he is ultimately a good-hearted person.

Most Handsome Anime Characters 2024 [ Top 10 Best-Looking Anime Guys ]

10. Ban from ‘Seven Deadly Sins’

Ban, the Fox’s Sin of Greed of the Seven Deadly Sins, is a passionate man who acts impulsively on his interests. He has spiky light blue hair and bloodshot-red eyes that, combined with his muscular physique and revealing chest, make him quite attractive. Moreover, Ban possesses immortality, meaning he will not age at all, which adds to his appeal.

Most Handsome Anime Characters 2024 [ Top 10 Best-Looking Anime Guys ]

Who is the Most Handsome Character in Anime?

Haruka is a young man with a muscular build, blue eyes, and short straight black hair. He rarely shows emotions and maintains a serious expression. In high school, he wears jammers under his regular clothing to be ready to swim at any time. He has a collection of nearly identical jammers, which he claims to fit differently, causing difficulty in selecting the right one. His triceps and abdominal muscles are his most developed muscles.

In the autumn and winter, he wears a dark gray blazer over a long-sleeved white shirt with a green necktie and brown trousers, completed with blue sneakers. In the spring and summer, he switches to a short-sleeved white shirt with a dark gray collar, a green dotted necktie, gray trousers, and blue sneakers. Outside of school, he prefers to wear stylish and casual clothes appropriate for his age.

Best Looking Anime Men Characters

The listed anime characters are considered among the most handsome in the anime world. Haruka Nanase from ‘Free!’ is a freestyle swimmer with a muscular physique and striking blue eyes. Izumi Miyamura from ‘Horimiya’ has long lashes, deep blue eyes, and multiple piercings. Daisuke Kambe from ‘Millionaire Detective’ is incredibly wealthy and possesses a massive private jet, among other possessions. Satoru Gojo from ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ is a special grade sorcerer with a strikingly attractive face, quirky attitude, and beautiful eyes. Howl from ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ is a powerful wizard with sapphire blue-eyed and golden blonde hair. Kakashi Hatake from ‘Naruto’ is a skilled ninja with a hidden face, narrow jaw-line, and spiky silver hair. Eren Jaeger from ‘Attack On Titan’ transforms from an uncertain and emotional kid to a confident and attractive young man. Tetsuro Kuro from ‘Haikyuu’ is a talented volleyball player with a handsome appearance and a sharp tongue. Yato from ‘Noragami’ is a minor god with a playful and mischievous nature, complemented by his charming appearance. Ban from ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ is a sin of greed with a carefree and flirtatious personality, often coupled with his handsome appearance.

Most Handsome Anime Character of All Time

Anime is filled with a wide range of characters, but there are some who stand out for their striking good looks. When it comes to the most handsome anime character of all time, there are a few contenders. Some people might argue for characters like Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan or Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club, but one character who consistently tops the list is Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler. With his sharp features, stylish clothing, and devilish charm, Sebastian has captured the hearts of many anime fans and is a worthy contender for the title of most handsome anime character of all time.

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