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Married at First Sight Season 10: A Recap of the Memorable Couples

Married at First Sight season 10 brought together five couples in the Washington D.C. area, where they married without ever having met. As the season progressed, some couples decided to stay together, while others chose to call it quits. Let’s take a look at the memorable pairs from this season and how their relationships unfolded.

Throughout season 10, many MAFS fans felt annoyed with the experts for giving the couples advice that viewers felt was unwise. Although most of the couples stayed together through Decision Day, in part due to this advice, two of the duos did make difficult choices beforehand. It is more typical for Married at First Sight couples to stay together throughout the duration of a season. However, sometimes, when they are aware that their marriages are not working, they call it quits early.

Jessica Studer & Austin Hurd

Out of all the couples on MAFS season 10, Jessica and Austin had the smoothest relationship. The two reality stars actually seemed quite compatible, right from the very start. The MAFS stars agreed to take their time acclimating to each other, and to married life. However, stress did enter the relationship when Jessica started her daily tidying rituals, and Austin’s approach was a bit more relaxed i.e. messy. Austin’s work schedule included lots of travel, and this seemed to be a silent blessing, due to Jessica’s neat freak ways. Nonetheless, tensions erupted when she didn’t realize that he would be traveling for business more than half of the month. After they worked through those issues, Jessica was able to open up, and tell Austin that she loved him. He was able to return the sentiment before commitment day arrived, and they stayed together. The pair have a son, Westin, who turned one in 2022.

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Brandon Reid & Taylor Dunklin

This Married at First Sight couple seemed to be doomed from the very beginning. Unfortunately, Brandon from MAFS had problems keeping his temper under control. He blew up at his new bride, the other couples, and even the production crew, and this happened on his own honeymoon. Taylor went on social media to complain, and Brandon was not okay with her social venting. The two broke up, but eventually reconciled. However, Brandon soon lost his temper again, and his anger was directed towards Taylor and the production crew. On Decision Day, Brandon and Taylor showed up, and Taylor asked for a divorce. Brandon got up from his chair and walked out, mouthing: ‘I’m over all of this.’ The pair has stayed apart, and in 2022, Taylor has a new boyfriend.

Meka Jones & Michael Wilson

This pairing started out well, with things going in the right direction, but Meka, who was concerned about life after MAFS, slowly discovered many lies that Michael had told her. She confronted him about that issue, and then claimed that she could no longer trust him. Michael was scared to open up to Meka, which made Michael withdraw a bit emotionally. When Meka wasn’t comforting enough for Michael, as he grieved the death of a family member, their eventual breakup seemed inevitable. On Decision Day, Meka said, ‘There’s been too much deception… I still don’t feel like I know who my husband is.’ Unfortunately, this couple didn’t make the cut.

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Derek Sherman & Katie Conrad

This couple bonded quickly, but the spark faded just as fast. Katie worried when she learned that Derek had never been in love. Derek was a dreamer, while Katie was a realist. She wished her MAFS husband would be more realistic, and work on boosting his maturity level, so she would want to stay with the MAFS star. Derek felt that Katie would reprimand him for not meeting her expectations, which left him feeling unsupported by his spouse. In the end, neither wanted to give up on their relationship, which had potential, so they stayed together, and signed a year-long lease. Ultimately, the pair decided to break up after filming ended, but they tried to make it work.

Zach Justice & Mindy Shiben

This marriage might as well have never happened. From the beginning, Zach was unwilling to commit himself fully to the relationship. He didn’t move in with Mindy after they said their wedding vows, and refused to spend off-camera time with her. Eventually, Mindy uncovered Zach’s lack of commitment and betrayal. She stumbled upon secret phone calls and texts that he sent to her best friend. Clearly, this mismatched MAFS couple was doomed to fail, and didn’t make it to Decision Day. Married at First Sight viewers wonder whether Zach went on the show just to become famous.

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1. Are Jessica and Austin still together?

Yes, Jessica and Austin are still together and have a son named Westin.

2. Did Brandon and Taylor reconcile after the show?

Brandon and Taylor did reconcile briefly, but they eventually went their separate ways.

3. What happened to Meka and Michael after Decision Day?

Meka and Michael did not stay together after Decision Day due to trust issues and deception.

4. Did Derek and Katie try to make their relationship work after the show?

Derek and Katie attempted to make their relationship work after the show but ultimately decided to break up.

5. Did Zach and Mindy’s marriage end in divorce?

Yes, Zach and Mindy’s marriage ended in divorce after they didn’t make it to Decision Day.

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