Jacqui Abbott Illness: What Happened to Her?

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Who is Jacqui Abbott?

Jacqueline Abbott is an English singer who became a member of The Beautiful South in 1994, taking over from Briana Corrigan. The band achieved several Top 10 hits with Abbott, including “Rotterdam (or Anywhere)”, “Perfect 10”, “Don’t Marry Her”, and “Dream a Little Dream of Me”. Abbott was discovered by Paul Heaton, co-founder of The Beautiful South, outside a nightclub, and she later auditioned for the band and got the job.

However, she left the group in 2000 due to the demands of touring conflicting with her desire to care for her autistic son. Abbott and Heaton reunited in 2011 for his musical The 8th, and in 2013 they recorded a new album, What Have We Become.

They continued to collaborate, releasing two more albums, Wisdom, Laughter and Lines in 2015 and Crooked Calypso in 2017, and embarking on tours in support of their music. Their latest album, Manchester Calling, was released in 2020 and reached number one on the UK charts.

Jacqui Abbott illness

Jacqui Abbott, the singer who collaborates with Paul Heaton, has been forced to withdraw from three headline shows due to medical advice. The duo, who achieved a Number One album with “N.K-Pop” in October, began a UK-wide tour on November 26, but Abbott had to step down temporarily after the first three shows in Swansea, Llandudno, and Blackpool.

They had previously planned a tour with Billy Bragg. Abbott also missed shows in Bridlington, Glasgow, and Stockton, and despite hopes she would rejoin later, she had to pull out of the remaining UK tour dates, including a Manchester Arena gig on December 10, after further medical investigation. Abbott had to withdraw again from the Irish and Northern Irish leg of the tour, which was scheduled to start in Dublin on February 17, due to ongoing medical treatment.

What happened to Jacqui Abbott?

Jacqui Abbott, aged 49, is a singer who became the lead vocalist of The Beautiful South in 1994 following the departure of Briana Corrigan. Her encounter with the band’s co-founder, Paul Heaton, occurred outside a nightclub in 1992 when she sang a few lines of a song to him. Impressed by her talent, Heaton invited her to audition for the band two years later.

Abbott was with the group for seven years, during which time they had many chart hits and extensive tours worldwide. She left the band in 2000 shortly after her son was diagnosed with autism, choosing to prioritize her family.

Jacqui Abbott and Paul Heaton, following the success of their latest album N.K. Pop, which achieved Number One status, have been touring the UK. They performed recently at the Totally Wicked Stadium, and additional gigs were announced, including one at Manchester’s AO Arena on December 10. However, Ms Abbott has been advised by medical professionals to withdraw from the shows at Bridlington, Glasgow, and Stockton due to an illness.

What illness does Jacqui Abbott Have?

Jacqui Abbott’s illness became a trending topic in 2021, leading to her withdrawal from the tour on medical advice. She has not disclosed any specifics about her ailment, preferring to keep it private. To the best of our knowledge, she does not suffer from any chronic illness.

Jacqui has since made a full recovery and is eager to reconnect with her fans. While her Wikipedia page provides information about her career, it does not mention her family beyond their English roots.

As a mother to a son with autism, Jacqui made the difficult decision to leave the band and prioritize her son’s well-being. Her dedication to her family is commendable.

Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott

Ms Abbott is known for her contribution to The Beautiful South’s albums, where she sang hit songs such as “Rotterdam (or Anywhere),” “Perfect 10,” “Don’t Marry Her,” and “Dream a Little Dream of Me.”

She also collaborated with Mr Heaton on several albums, including “What Have We Become,” “Wisdom Laughter and Lines,” “Crooked Calypso,” and their chart-topping album “Manchester Calling,” which was released on March 6, 2020. While Ms Abbott’s reason for pulling out of the recent gigs due to illness remains undisclosed, she has not yet shared any details on what her illness may be.

After a period of working as a solo artist following the dissolution of The Beautiful South, Paul Heaton decided to collaborate with Jacqui Abbott, one of the former female vocalists of the band.

Jacqui had taken a break from the music industry to raise her son. The collaboration proved successful, resulting in the release of several albums and live performances that include a mix of new and classic songs from The Beautiful South and The Housemartins’ discography. In 2020, their fourth album, “Manchester Calling,” topped the UK album chart.

Jacqui Abbott Weight Loss

Jacqui McCoy, a 30-year-old woman from West Palm Beach, Florida, participated in a year-long weight-loss challenge on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. She had been struggling with fertility issues due to her weight, which was 355lbs at the time. She felt depressed, insecure, and ashamed of her body, even in front of her husband.

However, after losing 58% of her body weight and achieving a trim figure of 148lbs, Jacqui impressed viewers on the show’s latest episode, setting a new record for the biggest weight loss on television. Despite still experiencing blocked tubes that hinder natural conception, Jacqui has been informed that she is now an ideal candidate for IVF and will soon begin treatment.

Jacqui’s main motivation for her weight loss journey was her desire to start a family, and her incredible success so far has left her feeling grateful for the support of her loved ones.

Jacqui Abbott Teeth

Paul Heaton, the owner of The King’s Arms, a Salford pub, is taking a break in between songs and is surrounded by friends and fans. One of his friends is Jacqui Abbott, who sang with him during the successful period of their former band, The Beautiful South.

He ends the performance with The Housemartins’ 1986 number-one single, “Caravan of Love,” which becomes a Northern socialist gospel, emphasizing a “dream” of freedom. Abbott’s presence allows Heaton to shake and express himself at the microphone like a preacher in a state of ecstasy.

One of the pub’s decorations is a gold disc for Blue Is the Colour, a million-selling Beautiful South album that featured Abbott’s vocals. She left the band in 2000 to care for her young son, who was diagnosed with autism. The band disbanded in 2007 due to “musical similarities,” as wryly noted by Heaton.

After two successful but low-selling Heaton solo albums, Abbott’s return for the jointly credited album What Have We Become has helped push its first single, “D.I.Y.,” onto Radio 2’s playlist. This was Heaton’s good news. He celebrated with his other addictive vice, a pinch of salt, as he is currently sober.

“I was thinking,” Paul Heaton muses, “about my solo career, which up until today, when something good happened, has been a struggle – kick in the teeth after kick in the teeth. I was thinking about splitting up with myself…”

Jacqui Abbott Partner

Jacqui Abbott is a prominent figure in British music history, particularly known for her time as a vocalist in The Beautiful South. Her music has a wide following and has garnered millions of views on YouTube, making her popular across the globe.

Born in 1973, Abbott has built a successful career in her home country and has had opportunities to travel abroad for her work. Despite these opportunities, she remains committed to her love for her country and would not choose to live anywhere else.

Paul Heaton, the co-founder of The Beautiful South, is a frequent collaborator with Jacqui Abbott, but rumors of a romantic relationship between them are unfounded. In fact, Heaton is married to Linda Heaton, whom he wed in 2016.

Heaton first met Abbott when she and a friend encountered him outside a nightclub, and he was impressed by her singing talent. He later invited her to audition for a role in The Beautiful South. While Abbott is a mother, there is no available information about the identity of her son’s father.

Jacqui Abbott Son

In 1994, Jacqui Abbott replaced Briana Corrigan in The Beautiful South after Corrigan left the band in 1992. Abbott’s addition to the band was instrumental in the creation of their two most successful albums, Blue Is the Colour and Quench, which achieved octuple-platinum status in the UK. She left the band in order to take care of her son Matthew, who was diagnosed with autism. In 1995, she and The Beautiful South toured with R.E.M. and Michael Stipe.

After leaving the band, The Beautiful South, in 2000, Abbott decided to prioritize caring for her son, who was diagnosed with autism. Touring was too demanding and would have made it difficult for her to be there for him.

To further support her son’s education, Abbott trained as a teaching assistant and began working at his school. She remained out of the public eye for over a decade, focusing on her family and her new career.

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