Is Wynonna Judd Sick? What is Wrong With Wynonna Judd? What Illness does Wynonna Judd Have?

Wynonna Judd faced health concerns in 2024, experiencing vertigo and nerves during a CMA Awards performance, but reassured fans of her well-being and remains optimistic about her ongoing tour.

Who is Wynonna Judd?

Wynonna Judd, born Christina Claire Ciminella, is a renowned American country music singer and television personality. Rising to fame in the 1980s as part of The Judds, a mother-daughter country duo with Naomi Judd, Wynonna achieved 19 No. 1 singles, solidifying her as a prominent figure in country music. Following The Judds’ disbandment in 1991, she pursued a successful solo career with Curb Records, producing hits like “She Is His Only Need” and “No One Else on Earth.” In 2024, she received the “country champion” award at the People’s Choice Country Awards. 

Full Name

Wynonna Ellen Judd

Birth Date

May 30, 1964


59 (as of 2024)

Place of Birth

Ashland, Kentucky, U.S.


Singer, Television Personality


Scott “Cactus” Moser




Country, Blues, Country Pop, Gospel


Vocals, Guitar

Notable Albums

– Wynonna (1992)


– Tell Me Why (1993)


– Revelations (1996)


– The Other Side (1997)

Hall of Fame Induction

Country Music Hall of Fame (2022)

Net Worth (2024)

$12 million

Is Wynonna Judd Sick?

Wynonna Judd faced health challenges in 2024 that raised concerns among her dedicated fan base. The country singer had to skip a scheduled New Year’s Eve performance with Kelsea Ballerini due to an “extreme bout of vertigo.” In a January 2024 Instagram post, Wynonna expressed her disappointment, apologizing to her fans and promising to return to the stage in February.

During the November 2024 CMA Awards, viewers noticed Wynonna appearing off balance while singing with Jelly Roll. Concerns grew as she seemed to grab onto Jelly Roll’s jacket for support, and fans took to social media expressing worry about her well-being.

In response to the concerns, Wynonna posted an Instagram video the next day, explaining that she was indeed okay but had been “so freaking nervous” during the performance. She admitted to feeling pressure to deliver a stellar performance for Jelly Roll, leading her to hold on tightly and appear unsteady.

Despite these setbacks, Wynonna Judd reassured her fans that she is in good spirits and encouraged them not to worry. She emphasized her nerves as the cause of the CMA Awards performance and expressed gratitude for being a fan of Jelly Roll, with whom she performed the duet. Wynonna is set to continue her 2024 tour, indicating a positive outlook despite the challenges she faced earlier in the year.

Wynonna Judd Career

Wynonna Judd is a celebrated American country music singer known for her solo career and as part of The Judds, a mother-daughter country duo with Naomi Judd. Beginning her solo journey in 1992, Wynonna’s debut album, “Wynonna,” produced hits like “She Is His Only Need” and “No One Else on Earth,” earning her multi-platinum success. The following albums, “Tell Me Why” (1993) and “Revelations” (1996), continued her chart-topping streak.

In the new millennium, Wynonna’s album “New Day Dawning” (1999) marked a reunion with The Judds, while “What the World Needs Now Is Love” (2003) showcased her versatility. Her live release “Her Story: Scenes from a Lifetime” (2005) and studio album “Sing: Chapter 1” (2009) demonstrated her enduring talent. The Judds’ reunion continued in 2010, with Wynonna’s band “Wynonna & the Big Noise” emerging in 2011. Tragically, in 2022, her mother Naomi Judd passed away, impacting Wynonna’s tribute tour and the documentary “Wynonna Judd: Between Heaven and Hell.” Despite challenges, Wynonna remains a respected figure in country music, recently featuring in a CMT concert special in 2022.

Wynonna Judd Net Worth

Wynonna Judd, the American country music singer, boasts a net worth of $12 million. Her rise to fame began in the 1980s with The Judds, a country music duo formed with her mother, Naomi. Transitioning to a solo career in the early ’90s, Wynonna’s success and contributions to country music were recognized in 2022 when she was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame as part of The Judds. Despite facing health challenges and personal setbacks, Wynonna’s enduring talent and achievements contribute to her substantial net worth of $12 million.

What Illness does Wynonna Judd Have?

Wynonna Judd is currently dealing with a health challenge known as vertigo, as shared in her Instagram post on January 4, 2024. Vertigo is a condition that can cause significant dizziness, nausea, and, in severe cases, even hearing loss. In Wynonna’s case, this “extreme bout of vertigo” led her to miss a scheduled performance with Kelsea Ballerini in Nashville. Vertigo can be a challenging condition to manage, affecting one’s balance and overall well-being.

Fans rallied around Wynonna, expressing their support and well-wishes on social media. Many acknowledged the seriousness of vertigo and encouraged her to prioritize her health. Nevertheless, the singer received an outpouring of love from fans and fellow artists, emphasizing the importance of her well-being over any performance commitments.

What is Wrong With Wynonna Judd?

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