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Is Tiffani Faison married The famous American chef who been in the industry for over 15 years is currently making headlines as people want to know about Tiffani Faison’s personal life. While curiosity arises we are here to present you with all the details about Is Tiffani Faison married. Read until the end of the article to get your dose of the latest updates on Is Tiffani Faison married. Let’s dig in to find out Is Tiffani Faison married.

Tiffani Faison Wiki

Celebrity chef and restaurateur Tiffani Faison is American. She lives in Boston, has worked as a judge on the Food Network programme Chopped, and has been a finalist for the Best Chef: Northeast James Beard Award four times (2018, 2019, 2020, 2022). In 2022, Boston Magazine crowned her Boston’s Best Chef after she won season three of the Tournament of Champions. She was one of two finalists on the inaugural season of the reality competition show Top Chef on Bravo, where she came in second to Harold Dieterle. 

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Is Tiffani Faison Married?

Tiffani Faison was once married, but she is not right now. Tiffani was formerly involved in a nearly 15-year relationship with Kelly Walsh. The two allegedly met in 2007 during a business celebration, claims Boston Magazine. Although Kelly attended culinary school, she also graduated with a degree in business and, at one point, served as the director of Tiffani’s organization Big Heart Hospitality. Actually, the two of them jointly owned the business. The couple doesn’t have any children and Tiffani seems to be single currently.

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Tiffani Faison Wife

American homosexual woman Kelly is outspoken about her gender. In America, the union of Kelly and Tiffani is an open gay union. Walsh has 15 years of experience in a variety of areas, including operations, managing startups, profitability growth, and business development. Currently, Kelly Walsh is about 40 years old. The University of Massachusetts in Boston awarded Kelly a management degree. She also studied culinary skills at Johnson and Wales University and Cambridge Culinary Institute, respectively, and is a certified chef. Walsh comes from a line of military people.

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Tiffani Faison Family

As a result of her father’s military stationing in Germany, he was born there. In addition, her family moved frequently when she was a little girl, which made it challenging for her to make friends, according to Boston Magazine. She revealed to the journal in 2019 that she had experienced clothing-related bullying as well. Tiffani Faison spoke with Boston Magazine in 2019 about her connection with her father as well as her parents’ divorce, which took place while she was a senior in high school. Faison claims that her father was an irate, absentee parent who drank heavily. In addition, the celebrity chef learned from her father that she had a half-brother she was unaware of, which further complicated matters.

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Tiffani Faison Age

Tiffani Faison is currently 45 years old as she was born on 20 August 1977, in Bremerhaven, Germany. Sweet Cheeks Q, Orfano, Fool’s Errand, Bubble Bath, Tenderoni, Dive Bar, and Tiger Mama are just a few of the eateries that her business, Big Heart Hospitality, has owned. Faison studied culinary arts at the Cambridge School of Arts (2002 to 2003). Right before making an appearance on Top Chef, Faison worked as Daniel Boulud’s chef de partie at his renowned, Michelin Star restaurant in the Wynn Las Vegas. 

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Tiffani Faison Height

Tiffani Faison height and weight is currently unavailable, however once the details are available it will definitely be uploaded. Faison also worked at the Tao restaurant at The Venetian in the same city. Following the premiere of the last Top Chef programme in May 2006, Faison accepted a summer job as a cook at the Straight Wharf restaurant in Nantucket, Massachusetts, where she assisted chefs Amanda Lydon and Gabriel Frasca. At Todd English’s brasserie Riche in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 2007, she served as executive chef.

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Tiffani Faison Weight Loss

Faison’s busy schedule left him with a fat figure. She was unable to maintain appropriate eating habits during the day; instead, she starved herself for extended periods of time, which kept her up all night and led to her developing a binge eating pattern. This was the situation up until she had an unforeseen physique change that shocked her followers and analysts. As part of her New Year’s resolve, Tiffany Faison made the decision to slim down. She lost weight successfully despite having a busy schedule, and received praise from all quarters. She dropped about 15-20 pounds, and she now weighs about 150 pounds. Despite having a lot to do, Faison said she still found time to exercise virtually every day.

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Tiffani Faison Net Worth

Tiffani Faison has an estimated net worth between $1-$5 million. After being runner-up in the inaugural season of Top Chef, Faison initially gained notoriety in the culinary world. Thereafter, she competed in a single episode of the cooking competition 4 Star All Stars, which matched four Top Chef season one contestants against one another. The Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization was given $20,000 for their winning menu, thanks to Faison’s team. On June 6, 2007, Bravo aired this episode. Faison took part in and won the $20,000 prize in the Top Chef Holiday Special that aired on December 7, 2007.

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Tiffani Faison Bio

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Tiffani Faison


45 years old


20 August 1977


Celebrity Chef And Restaurateur


Kelly Walsh (m. ?–2020)


$1-$5 Million

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