Is Kristen Hayes Pregnant in 2023? Who is Kristen Hayes?

Find the inspiring journey of Kristen Hayes, a resilient businesswoman and fashion enthusiast, as she navigates life’s challenges and finds joy again. Is Kristen Hayes pregnant in 2024? Uncover her remarkable story of strength and new beginnings.

Is Kristen Hayes Pregnant in 2024?

Yes, Kristen, the wife of ice hockey player Jimmy Hayes, recently shared on Instagram that she is going to have another baby. Kristen and Jimmy had two sons together before Jimmy passed away tragically in August 2021. Now, Kristen is in a new relationship with Evan Crosby. She made the announcement on Christmas, saying, “By the grace of God. The Crosby Hayes bunch coming in hot June 2024.”

Kristen also posted a picture of her baby’s ultrasound and some photos with Evan. She even shared pictures of a ring on her finger, showing that she is happy and committed. After the sad loss of her ex-husband Jimmy, Kristen has found joy again. Sadly, Jimmy was found dead at home, and a report later revealed that fentanyl and cocaine caused his death. Kristen and Jimmy got married in 2018 and had their second son earlier in 2021.

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Who is Kristen Hayes?

Kristen Hayes was married to Jimmy Hayes, a hockey player. They had two children together before Jimmy passed away tragically in August 2021. Kristen has been open about her experiences as a mother and widow on her Instagram account. She shares heartfelt posts and photos, showing her love for her family and the difficulties she has faced since Jimmy’s death. Jimmy Hayes used to play in the NHL for teams like the Chicago Blackhawks, Florida Panthers, Boston Bruins, and New Jersey Devils. Sadly, his life ended prematurely when he was found dead at his home in Milton, Massachusetts. A toxicology report later revealed that fentanyl and cocaine were the reasons behind his untimely demise.

Kristen Hayes Age

Unfortunately, there is no specific information available regarding Kristen Hayes’ age. Extensive research yielded no concrete details in this regard. The information about her late husband, Jimmy Hayes. Tragically, he passed away at the age of 31 in 2021. Although we are unable to ascertain Kristen’s exact age, this particular detail provides some contextual information about the timeline of events in her life.

Kristen Hayes Career

Kristen Hayes has experienced her fair share of difficulties and adversities, but she has managed to emerge as a successful businesswoman and fashion enthusiast. Her determination and courage have guided her through life’s challenges. Currently, she owns a fashion website that offers a wide range of makeup, skincare, and baby products. Through her active presence on social media, Kristen has become an influential figure, endorsing various fashion brands. Not only that, she excels as an interior designer, skillfully blending aesthetics with functionality. Kristen’s diverse talents encompass entrepreneurship, fashion promotion, and design, making her a remarkable presence in multiple industries.

Who is Evan Crosby?

Evan Crosby is Kristen Hayes’ boyfriend. He works as the Associate Director of Admissions at Westminster School and also coaches lacrosse. Before joining Westminster, he held positions at Deerfield Academy and has diverse professional experience. Evan has a passion for hockey and achieved notable success during his school years. Kristen Hayes is a resilient businesswoman and fashion enthusiast. She runs her own fashion website, promotes brands on social media, and excels as an interior designer. Together, Kristen and Evan form a dynamic couple, navigating life’s challenges with strength and pursuing their passions.

Kristen Hayes BoyFriend

Kristen Hayes is currently in a relationship with a man named Evan Crosby. Evan is a successful person who works at Westminster School and helps with admitting new students. He also coaches lacrosse and gives advice to students. Before that, he worked at Deerfield Academy and had other jobs too. When he was younger, Evan played hockey and did well in school.

Kristen and Evan make a great couple, with Kristen being a strong and talented businesswoman and fashion lover. She has her own website where she sells makeup, skincare, and baby products. Kristen is also an influencer on social media, promoting different fashion brands. Evan supports Kristen and they share a journey of overcoming challenges and pursuing their passions together.

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