Is Jay Briscoe Still Alive? Who Is Jay Briscoe?

Is Jay Briscoe Still Alive: Jay Briscoe was a famous professional wrestler from Americaborn on 25th January 1984 inSalisbury, Maryland, U.S. The news aboutJay Briscoe’s death has left his fans shocked.You may go through this article to know What Happened To Jay Briscoe and Is Jay Briscoe Still Alive or not.

Who Is Jay Briscoe?

Jay Briscoe was a professional wrestler from America. He was better known by his ring name, Jay Briscoe. Jay was famous for his time with Ring of Honor, where at the time of his demise, he was one-half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions with his brother Mark Briscoe in their 13th reign. Jay was also a two-time ROH World Champion and ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champion. Jamin Pugh is the actual name of Jay Briscoe. 

Is Jay Briscoe Still Alive?

No, Jay Briscoe is not still alive. He is dead, as per Jay Briscoe, an independent professional wrestling legend, died at 38 in a head-on crash accident on 17th January 2023. He died in a car accident that took place in Laurel, Delaware. After that accident, Jay’s two young daughters were severely injured because of the collision. Moreover, that accident also killed the other driver. He was remembered as an incredible performer by his fans. 

What Happened To Jay Briscoe?

Jay Briscoe passed away on 17th January 2023 in a car accident that occured in Laurel, Delaware. According to some sources, as mentioned in, they were heading to a cheerleading competition during that time. Moreover, the reports tell that Jay  Briscoe died, and the rest of them were in critical condition at the time of the accident, have got admitted to the hospital. As per, because of this tragic incident, the Laurel School District had announced earlier that they are closing schools on 18th January 2023, and the schools will reopen again on 19th January 2023.  

How Did Jay Briscoe Died?

Wrestler Jay Briscoe whose real name was Jamin Pugh passed away at 38. According to, Jay’s demise news was announced on Twitter by ROH(Ring of Honor), the famous wrestling entertainment company in which Jay Briscoe and his brother worked. As mentioned in Usmagazine, Jay Briscoe died in a car accident. Jay and his brother Mark Briscoe debuted for Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) at Delaware Invasion on 20th January 2001, after being brought in to work as part of a three-on-one handicap match against Trent Acid.

When Did Jay Briscoe Died?

Jay Briscoe died on 17th January 2023, Tuesday in a car accident in Laurel, Delaware. As per Usmagazine, just one day after Jay’s death, his wife, Ashley Pugh, requested Jay’s fans for prayers for her two daughters, who were also seemingly involved in the accident. The Briscoe Brothers have wrestled mainly for Ring of Honor. Jay Briscoe wrestled on ROH’s first-ever show, The Era of Honor Begins, facing a loss to Amazing Red between 2002 and 2004. 

Jay Briscoe Family 

Ashley Pugh is the wife of Jay Briscoe, as mentioned in Usmagazine. He had two daughters and a son, as per His son’s name is Gannon Pugh, while his daughters are Jayleigh Pugh and Gracie Pugh. As many of them know, Jay had one brother named Mark Briscoe. The names of the parents of Jay Briscoe are unknown. His brother Mark Briscoe is also married and has six children, according to Jay Briscoe lived in Sandy Fork along with his family. 

Jay Briscoe Bio

As many of them know, Jay Briscoe has publicly mentioned specific details about him. But, some details about him are only available in some sources. Some of his fans are interested to know about his Biography; for them, here is the Bio of Jay Briscoe. 

Specifications Details
Name Jay Briscoe
Real Name Jamin Pugh
Age(at the time of his death) 38
Profession  Professional Wrestler
Parent’s Name N/A
Wife’s Name Ashley Pugh
Kids  3
Siblings Mark Briscoe 
Height 185 cm
Weight 105 Kg

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