Is David Siegel Still Alive? David A. Siegel Bio, Wife, Kids, Net Worth And More

Is David Siegel Still Alive: David A. Siegel is a businessman from America and the founder of Westgate Resorts Ltd, which is a Florida-based resort company read the article further to know Is David Siegel Still Alive, his Bio, Wife, Kids, Net Worth and more.

David A. Siegel 

David A. Siegel is a businessman from America. He is the founder of Westgate Resorts Ltd, which is a Florida-based resort company. He is the chief executive officer and President of that Company. He is the CEO of CFI Resorts Management Inc. and Central Florida Investments Inc. His businesses include construction, hotel and apartment management, real estate, insurance, travel services, and transportation. 

Is David Siegel Still Alive?

Yes, David Siegel is still alive. He is living with his wife Jackie Siegel and Children in America.  He faced a financial crisis in the year 2008. Due to that, his family, personal life, and businesses were widely affected. This crisis of him was shown in the documentary The Queen of Versailles. He is working on the construction of his new house in Versailles. Versailles House is an 85,000sq.ft house, which belongs to him and his wife Jackie. As of April 2022, he is working on the flooring of the house. 

David A. Siegel Biography

Specifications Details
Name  David A. Siegel
Age  86
Date of Birth 3 May 1935 
Profession Businessman
Spouse Jackie Siegel
Net worth $500 million 

David A. Siegel Wife 

Siegel married Geraldine Florence Sanstrom, in the year 1961. The couple was parents of three children. They ended their marriage relationship, in 1968. Siegel married Betty Tucker in 1970 and moved from Miami to Orlando. The couple got divorced in 1997. He met his new partner Jackie Siegel in 1998. They got married in the Jewish tradition though she was not Jewish. His family and personal life were severely affected by the financial crisis in 2008. 

Who Is Jackie Siegel?  

Jacqueline Jackie Siegel is a model, socialite, actress, and beauty pageant director from America. She is one of the major characters in the 2012 documentary movie The Queen of Versailles, which was directed by Lauren Greenfield. She was the winner of the Mrs.Florida America beauty pageant in 1993. Currently, she owns the Mrs.Florida America beauty pageant contest and works as its director. In 2015, she took part in an episode of the show Celebrity Wife Swap. 

David A. Siegel Kids 

David A. Siegel is the father of many children. This includes the child from his wife Jackie’s first marriage. He is the custodial parent of all his children. David and Jackie together have eight children, this includes her niece Jonquil. This includes the three children from his previous marriage, with his ex-wife Geraldine Florence Sanstrom. Jonquil came to live with her after her mother died. His children are Victoria Siegel, Debbie Siegel, Susan Siegel, Jonquil Siegel, Steven Siegel, Valerie Siegel, Daniel Siegel, Jordan Siegel, David Siegel, Drew Siegel, Richard Siegel and Jacqueline Siegel. 

David A.Siegel Net Worth 

David A. Siegel has a net worth of 500 million US Dollars. He got his source of income through his business career.  He is the President of the Westgate Resorts. He has the potential to produce a heavy amount of wealth. He is still the CEO of Central Florida Investments Inc, since 1971. He plays a key role in the company CFI Resorts Management Inc., which has reportedly above 5,000 employees. This company provides him heavy profit.

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