Is Carson from Survivor Gay? Check Age, Height, Net Worth

Is Carson from Survivor gay? Discover the truth about his sexual orientation and uncover additional personal details about the Survivor 44 star, Carson Garrett.

Who is Carson Garrett?

Carson Garrett, a participant in Survivor 44, showcased his passion for the game by diligently practicing replica Survivor puzzles at home. Despite his strong knowledge and skills, he cleverly concealed his enthusiasm behind an unassuming personality. This allowed him to form a tight bond with his fellow tribemates Carolyn Wiger and Yam Yam Arocho.

 As the game progressed and the merge occurred, Carson gained the trust of members from all three original tribes, granting him valuable information that enabled him to control the voting outcomes. His strategic prowess made him the most influential player remaining as the final four approached. However, his lack of proficiency in fire-making led to his downfall, as Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt selected him as her opponent in the fire-making challenge.

Ultimately, Carson was eliminated in fourth place due to Heidi’s exceptional performance in the challenge, which set a new record. By participating in the show, Carson Garrett had reached a big height. He has started his career through the show.

Is Carson From Survivor Gay?

No, definitely, Carson is not gay. During an interview, Carson was asked about the qualities he would value in an alliance partner. He responded by emphasizing loyalty as the utmost important trait. Carson expressed a strong desire to align himself with someone who would remain committed and never consider voting him out, regardless of the circumstances. 

However, he also acknowledged that, from a personal standpoint, he is willing to adapt and collaborate with anyone if it means improving his chances of securing victory in the game. During the Final Tribal Council, Carson eagerly supported Carolyn and Yam Yam in presenting their arguments to the jury. He actively used gestures and showed his encouragement to his allies.

Ultimately, when it was time to cast his vote, Carson chose Yam Yam as his preferred candidate for the title of Sole Survivor. His vote played a pivotal role in securing Yam Yam’s victory, as the jury voted 7-1-0 in favor of Yam Yam.

Carson Garrett Age 

Carson Garrett is 21 years old. During the Earn the Merge challenge, Carson’s exceptional puzzle-solving skills proved instrumental in securing immunity for his team and earning them a well-deserved merge feast. Back at camp, he aligned himself with the majority’s strategy, which involved targeting Josh due to suspicions of him possessing an idol, while also considering Kane as a secondary option. 

However, an unfortunate slip-up occurred when Carson inadvertently revealed to Kane that he was the backup plan. This unforeseen revelation caused chaos within the game, forcing Carson to scramble and find a way to remove himself from the precarious position he inadvertently placed himself in. As a result of the unexpected turn of events, Yam Yam was subsequently selected as the new backup plan. Despite the upheaval, at Tribal Council, Josh decided not to play his idol, ultimately leading to his anticipated elimination as originally planned.

Carson Garrett Height

Carson Garrett has a height of 5 feet 5 inches. On Day 4 of the game, the tribe made a collective decision to search for the key that would unlock a mysterious birdcage located at their camp. Carson put in his best effort but was disappointed to discover that the birdcage had already been opened. Drawing from his knowledge of body language, which he had studied prior to the game, Carson immediately accused Helen of being the one responsible for opening the birdcage.

This accusation caused a breakdown in trust among the younger members of the Tikas tribe. After Tika lost their first Immunity Challenge, Carson initially planned to align himself with Helen and Sarah to vote out Carolyn. However, upon learning that Sarah had lost her vote during the summit, Carson was swayed by Carolyn and Yam Yam’s argument to form a three-person alliance against Helen.

At Tribal Council, Carson changed his allegiance, resulting in Helen and Sarah being blindsided by the vote. Nevertheless, Carson still wanted to maintain a strong relationship with Sarah and made efforts to regain her trust.

Carson Garrett Networth

Carson Garrett has a net worth of $200 thousand to $1 million. During an interview, Carson expressed his motivations for participating in SURVIVOR, stating his desire to triumph in the beloved game and challenge the notion that success is solely defined by age.

With a deep-rooted passion for studying the evolution of game theory within SURVIVOR, Carson eagerly anticipates putting his unique thought process and strategic background to the test in a game centered around adaptability. While acknowledging the role of luck in winning SURVIVOR, Carson firmly believes that his intuition and keen judgment will guide him toward the path of victory.


Survivor is an American reality competition television series based on the international Survivor franchise, which originated from the Swedish show Expedition Robinson created by Charlie Parsons in 1997. The American version first aired on May 31, 2000, on CBS and is hosted by Jeff Probst. Probst also serves as an executive producer alongside Mark Burnett and Charlie Parsons, the original creator.

In Survivor, a group of strangers is placed in a remote location where they must fend for themselves by procuring food, creating fire, and building shelter. The contestants engage in a series of challenges that test their physical and mental abilities, such as running, swimming, puzzles, and endurance tests. These challenges offer rewards and grant immunity from elimination.

Through a voting process, the contestants gradually eliminate each other until only one person remains, who is then crowned the “Sole Survivor.” The ultimate winner receives the prestigious title and a grand prize of US$1,000,000 (or $2,000,000 in the Winners at War season).

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