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How Old is Princess Peach

Nintendo’s iconic character Princess Peach has been a staple in the Super Mario franchise for decades, captivating audiences with her regal charm and unwavering spirit. As the character takes on a more progressive role in the new Super Mario Bros movie, fans are left wondering about her age and how it compares to her video game counterpart. Let’s delve into the age of Princess Peach and explore the various depictions of her age across different media and games.

Princess Peach in The Super Mario Bros Movie

In the latest Super Mario Bros movie, Princess Peach is believed to be in her early-mid 20s. The film presents her as a resourceful woman of the people, departing from the traditional damsel in distress role often associated with her character in the games.

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Age Speculations

Princess Peach’s age has been a topic of speculation and debate among fans. While she has appeared in over 60 titles across the Mario franchise, her specific age remains somewhat of a mystery. Early depictions suggested she was 15/16 years old when she first debuted in 1985’s Super Mario Bros. However, her age has never been definitively defined, with the focus primarily on her role as the princess in need of rescue.

Creator’s Insight

Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario, has only briefly touched upon the character’s age, mentioning that Mario is about 24-25 years old, without providing further details. This lack of clarity has led to varying interpretations of Princess Peach’s age, with different games and media presenting conflicting timelines and depictions.

Age Estimates

The complexities of Princess Peach’s age are further compounded by the interconnected nature of characters in the Nintendo universe. Games like Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time feature Baby Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser together, suggesting they are all around the same age, albeit with some variance. In the absence of concrete information, a sensible estimate places Princess Peach in her 20s, aligning with the portrayal in The Super Mario Bros Movie.

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Character Ages in the Movie

The Super Mario Bros Movie also sheds light on the ages of other iconic characters. Mario and Luigi are depicted as around 25 years old, consistent with previous confirmations from franchise creator Shigeru Miyamoto. Bowser is estimated to be roughly 30 years old, while other characters like Donkey Kong, Toad, Cranky Kong, and Kamek have their ages approximated based on their species and appearances in the movie.

Princess Peach’s Enduring Legacy

Princess Peach remains a timeless and beloved character in the gaming world, embodying grace, resilience, and leadership. Despite the ambiguity surrounding her age, her significance in the Mario franchise and her evolution from a traditional damsel in distress to a more empowered figure in recent adaptations solidify her status as a cultural icon.


While the exact age of Princess Peach may continue to elude fans, her impact as a symbol of strength and royalty endures. The Super Mario Bros Movie offers a contemporary portrayal of Princess Peach, emphasizing her resourcefulness and agency, and contributing to the ongoing legacy of this iconic character.

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