How Many Children Does Constance Marten Have? What Happened to Constance Marten Children?

Constance Marten has five children. Four of her children were taken into care, and she allegedly went on the run with her partner, Mark Gordon, to keep their fifth child, Victoria, resulting in a tragic outcome for the newborn.

How Many Children Does Constance Marten Have?

Constance Marten is alleged to have five children, and her parenting situation has become the focus of legal scrutiny. The aristocrat, along with her partner Mark Gordon, 49, faces charges related to the tragic death of their newborn daughter, Victoria.The couple’s legal troubles began after their car caught fire near Bolton, Greater Manchester, sparking a missing persons inquiry on January 5, 2024.

It is during this incident that a placenta and items belonging to Marten were discovered in the burnt-out vehicle on the M61 motorway. Notably, the court heard that four of the couple’s children had already been taken into care, contributing to the alleged motivation behind their actions.Following the car fire, Marten and Gordon embarked on a cross-country journey, spending hundreds of pounds on taxis and living off-grid.

The baby, Victoria, tragically lost her life on March 1, 2024, found dead in a Lidl bag covered in rubbish inside a disused shed.During the on-the-run trip, the court heard that Victoria was found without clothes during a taxi ride on a cold, wintry night. The couple’s unconventional actions drew attention, with the prosecution asserting that their motive was rooted in a “selfish” desire to keep their newborn after previous child custody challenges.

The court proceedings detailed their journey from Bolton to Harwich, Essex, where they were eventually arrested on February 27, 2024. CCTV footage showed them walking into Bolton bus interchange with the baby allegedly underneath Marten’s coat. The couple then took taxis to various locations, including Liverpool and Harwich.

Who is Constance Marten?

Constance Marten, born in 1987, comes from a wealthy family with connections to the Royal Family. She attended prestigious schools and later studied Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Leeds. Marten worked as a researcher for Al-Jazeera before becoming a freelance photographer. In 2014, she pursued acting, but abruptly left drama school in 2016.

Marten’s life took a tumultuous turn when she entered a relationship with Mark Gordon. Together, they faced eviction in 2020 due to alleged property damage. Marten made headlines when she and Gordon went on the run after abandoning their car, which later revealed Marten had given birth. Despite her privileged upbringing, Marten’s life journey reflects a series of unexpected events and challenges, culminating in legal charges and public scrutiny.

Constance Marten Age

Constance Marten is currently 37 years old. She was born in 1987 to wealthy parents with close ties to the Royal Family. Despite her privileged upbringing, Marten’s life took a dramatic turn when she went on the run with her partner Mark Gordon, facing charges of gross negligence manslaughter and other related offenses.

Marten’s journey from aristocratic heiress to a fugitive highlights the complexities of her life and the challenges she has faced. Her age reflects the period of time she has experienced and the circumstances surrounding her current legal situation. Despite her affluent background, Marten’s recent actions have brought her into the public eye for reasons far removed from her privileged upbringing.

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Where is Constance Marten Now?

Constance Marten is in custody awaiting trial. Marten, along with her partner Mark Gordon, faced charges related to the death of their newborn baby, Victoria. The couple allegedly took Victoria camping in the freezing cold South Downs for over a month in January and February 2024, which led to her death due to alleged gross negligence.

Despite Marten’s claim that she kept the baby’s body to consider a homemade funeral or cremation, authorities intervened. Marten and Gordon are accused of manslaughter by gross negligence, perverting the course of justice, concealing the birth of a child, child cruelty, and causing or allowing the death of a child.

While they deny the charges, they remain in custody as their trial progresses. Their whereabouts are within the confines of the legal system until the trial’s conclusion.

What Happened to Constance Marten Children?

Constance Marten’s children faced a tragic fate when her newborn daughter, Victoria, was found dead in a Lidl bag inside a disused shed on March 1, 2024. The distressing discovery unfolded during a trial where Constance Marten, an aristocrat, and her partner, Mark Gordon, faced charges related to Victoria’s death.

The heartbreaking saga began when a missing persons inquiry was initiated on January 5, 2024, following an incident where the defendants’ car, a Peugeot, caught fire on a motorway near Bolton, Greater Manchester. A placenta and items belonging to Marten were found in the burnt-out vehicle, and a woman was observed climbing over the motorway barrier.

After the car fire, Marten and Gordon allegedly embarked on a cross-country journey, living off-grid and spending hundreds of pounds on taxis. The circumstances took a tragic turn when the lifeless body of their newborn daughter was discovered in Harwich, Essex.During the journey, the couple took a taxi to Liverpool and then another cab covering approximately 240 miles to Harwich.

Cab driver Ali Yaryar recounted how he noticed the baby, Victoria, dressed only in a nappy and wrapped in a blanket. Despite offering a car seat, Marten declined, stating the baby was too small.Upon reaching Harwich, Marten and Gordon checked into a Premier Inn under a false name, where staff noted Marten’s distressed demeanor. Later, Marten’s attempts to extend her stay were thwarted due to a lack of identification.

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