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Everything You Need to Know About Baryonyx in ARK: Survival Evolved

The Baryonyx is a fascinating dinosaur in ARK: Survival Evolved, known for its unique abilities and characteristics. From its behavior and appearance to its utility and combat strategies, there’s a lot to explore about this prehistoric creature.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of Baryonyx, covering its basic info, behavior, appearance, combat tactics, utility, and much more.

Let’s start by understanding the fundamental aspects of the Baryonyx.

Basic Info

The Baryonyx, scientifically known as Baryonyx aquafulgur, lived during the Early Cretaceous period and is a piscivore, meaning it primarily feeds on fish. While it may appear passive to land creatures, it can be aggressive towards water-dwellers. Its fast swimming abilities and nimbleness make it a formidable predator, especially in aquatic environments.

When tamed, the Baryonyx becomes even more efficient at hunting ocean-dwelling creatures, making it an ideal choice for players who value speed and agility over raw strength.


The Baryonyx is commonly found near bodies of water due to its fish-based diet. It is a proficient swimmer and uses its long claws to catch prey both on land and in water. Despite its passive behavior towards land creatures mentioned in the dossier, the Baryonyx will target nearby players, mounts, or wild creatures, regardless of their location.

Its spin attack can temporarily stun creatures, making it a versatile aquatic mount and fighter. However, the stun does not affect very small or very large creatures, posing limitations in combat.


The Baryonyx features a crocodile-like head with serrated teeth, long arms, and large claws, all of which are adaptations for its piscivorous lifestyle. Its appearance resembles a hybrid of a Kaprosuchus and Spinosaurus, making it a distinct and visually intriguing dinosaur.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s explore various aspects of the Baryonyx in more detail.


When engaging in combat with a Baryonyx, players need to consider its behavior in both land and water environments. While it can be relatively straightforward to defeat on land, its prowess in the water, including its tail spin attack, poses significant challenges. Players are advised to kite the Baryonyx out of the water to effectively combat it.

Understanding its weaknesses and utilizing appropriate weaponry is crucial for successful encounters with the Baryonyx. Additionally, its stun abilities and damage bonuses against certain creatures make it a formidable opponent in aquatic battles.


The Baryonyx serves various utility roles, including travel, transport, damage dealing, fishing, hunting, and aquatic battle mounts. Its unique abilities make it a valuable asset for players at different stages of the game, from early exploration to resource gathering and combat.

From stunning underwater creatures to serving as a starter mount, the Baryonyx offers versatility and practicality in diverse gameplay scenarios.


Q: Can the Baryonyx be tamed?

A: Yes, the Baryonyx can be tamed in ARK: Survival Evolved using appropriate taming strategies and food.

Q: What is the Baryonyx’s primary diet?

A: The Baryonyx is a piscivore, meaning its main diet consists of fish and other water-dwelling creatures.

Q: How does the Baryonyx’s tail spin attack affect other creatures?

A: The Baryonyx’s tail spin attack can stun or slow down certain creatures, making it a valuable combat asset in aquatic environments.

Q: What are the Baryonyx’s weaknesses?

A: While the Baryonyx is powerful in water, it can be relatively frail on land, making it susceptible to ranged and melee attacks.

Q: What is the Baryonyx’s role in resource gathering?

A: The Baryonyx serves as an effective tool for underwater resource gathering, including mining and taming other aquatic creatures.

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