Escape From Tarkov Promo Codes 2024, Know The Steps to Redeem Promo Codes in Escape From Tarkov

Discover the latest Escape From Tarkov promo codes for 2024, providing players with discounts and in-game gear, enhancing the gaming experience without extensive gameplay.

Escape From Tarkov 

Escape from Tarkov is a video game where players battle each other in a made-up place called Norvinsk, located in Russia. The game is about a war between two groups of soldiers, USEC and BEAR. In the game, players go into matches, called raids, to fight against other players and computer-controlled characters to collect valuable items. The main goal is to survive and find a way to escape from the area.

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Escape From Tarkov Promo Codes 2024

Escape From Tarkov, a challenging first-person shooter game, offers players promo codes for exclusive rewards. Stay updated with the latest active codes and follow these steps to redeem them for in-game bonuses.

Latest Active Promo Codes

  • ARMORPLATES: AVS rig, ANA M1 rig, 2 Tan ULACH
  • GROUNDZERO: Injector case
  • IAMMIGHTY: M4A1 SAI, G28 Patrol, USEC Trooper armor
  • LEFTHANDHEADEYES: AESA (Phased Array Element), Intel, large steel Fuel can
  • RICHANDEXPENSIVE: Various Injectors

We’ll regularly update this list with new codes for enhanced gaming experiences.

Expired Promo Codes (January 2024)

Unfortunately, the following codes are no longer valid:

  • 20902FN362
  • Kazam
  • SAVE 15% OFF

Redeem Promo Codes in Escape From Tarkov

Unlock exclusive rewards in Escape From Tarkov by following these simple steps to redeem promo codes:

  • Open the Escape from Tarkov Launcher.
  • Click the drop-down menu in the top right corner under your player name.
  • Select “Activate Code.”
  • Enter the code and click “Activate.”
  • Start the game and retrieve items from the messages menu.

This quick guide ensures you can enjoy cool freebies to enhance your gaming experience.

Escape From Tarkov Trailer

Escape From Tarkov Gameplay

Escape from Tarkov is a tough video game that’s like a mix of realistic shooting and survival. It’s set in a made-up place called Norvinsk in Russia. In the game, you can play in three different ways: online PMC raids, Scav raids, and offline mode. In raids, you can go solo or team up with others to start on one side of various maps. Your goal is to get to an extraction point on the other side of the map to escape, fighting against other players and computer-controlled characters.

In the game, there’s not much information on the screen (HUD). When you die in a raid, you lose everything you brought in, like weapons and equipment. However, you can insure your gear to get it back if other players or bots don’t take it. In Scav raids, you use random equipment and join a raid already in progress. After finishing a Scav raid, there’s a wait time before you can do it again. Raids can last between 15 and 45 minutes, and there can be up to 14 players.

Outside of raids, you can sell unwanted items and buy new equipment. Some traders give you quests to increase your loyalty, unlocking more items and quests. Players also have a “Hideout,” which is like a home base that can be upgraded using materials. Upgrades give in-game bonuses, like reducing Scav cooldown, increasing experience, and allowing you to craft items.

Escape From Tarkov Plot

Escape from Tarkov takes place in a made-up city called Tarkov, the main hub of the Norvinsk Special Economic Zone in northwestern Russia. The game unfolds between 2015 and 2026. Due to political scandals and corporate collapses, Tarkov is in chaos, and different groups fight for control. The city is now a shadow of itself, with aggressive locals known as Scavs controlling some areas.

Players have nine maps to explore, each representing a different part of the abandoned city.

There’s Customs, a large industrial park; Factory, the inside of a chemical plant; Interchange, a massive shopping mall; The Lab, a secret research facility run by TerraGroup; Lighthouse, an extensive area with a cargo train station, water treatment plant, chalet homes, and an island with a lighthouse; Reserve, a hidden military base; Shoreline, a large map with a power plant, villages, and a health resort; Streets of Tarkov, a downtown section; and Woods, a once-protected wildlife reserve. Three more maps, Suburbs, Terminal, and Town, are still in development.

Escape From Tarkov Overview


Escape From Tarkov


Battlestate Games


Battlestate Games


Nikita Buyanov


Nikita Buyanov






27 July 2017 (closed beta)


First-person shooter



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