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Erling Haaland’s Unconventional Diet and Favorite Foods Revealed

Manchester City forward Erling Haaland recently sat down with former Manchester United defender Gary Neville on Sky Sports and revealed some interesting insights about his personal tastes and preferences. One of the most surprising revelations was Haaland’s favorite food, which he disclosed during the interview.

In a recent documentary titled ‘Haaland: The Big Decision,’ the prolific goalscorer shared details about his unconventional diet, which includes consuming heart and liver. However, Haaland also disclosed his favorite meal to Neville, stating, ‘My favourite meal is things we can never eat, things we only eat once in an occasion … I love kebab or kebab pizza, I absolutely love it, it’s one of the best things I have to say but I can never eat it.’

Haaland’s preference for kebab pizza and kebab as his favorite meal was a surprising departure from his usual diet, which includes heart and liver. He also mentioned his fondness for wine but clarified that it’s not a good mix with his favorite meal.

Additionally, Haaland shed light on his 6000 calorie diet, emphasizing the importance of consuming quality, locally sourced food. He explained, ‘People say meat is bad for you. But which? The meat you get at McDonald’s? Or the local cow eating grass right over there? I eat the heart and the liver.’

Furthermore, Haaland shared insights into his morning routine, highlighting the significance of getting sunlight in his eyes and filtering his water for optimal benefits to his body.

Jack Grealish, Haaland’s Manchester City teammate, also revealed some surprising details about Haaland’s favorite foods. Contrary to the popular belief that Haaland’s diet primarily consists of heart and liver, Grealish disclosed that Haaland enjoys kebab pizza, Jack’s pasta, and focaccia bread. This revelation came as a shock to many, considering Haaland’s disciplined image when it comes to his dietary choices.

Haaland’s unconventional diet and favorite foods have garnered significant attention, with fans and experts alike intrigued by the superstar’s unique approach to nutrition. Despite his preference for unconventional food items, Haaland’s exceptional performance on the field speaks volumes about the effectiveness of his dietary regimen.

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