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Does Smart Switch duplicate data?

Does Smart Switch duplicate data?

How to Use Smart Switch to Transfer Content

If you’re looking to transfer your content to a new device, Smart Switch is a great tool to use. It supports transferring data from non-Galaxy phones to Galaxy phones. To use the Smart Switch Mobile app, you’ll need your Apple iCloud ID and password for iOS devices, and the app must be installed on both devices for Android.

Content Transfer and App Handling

When using Smart Switch, your old content won’t be overwritten, and existing content will remain on your new Galaxy device. The app also handles old apps by scanning all previously downloaded and purchased apps and providing recommendations for substitute apps if an exact match isn’t available. However, game app data won’t be transferred.

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Smart Switch Features and Functionality

Smart Switch can also handle multiple contacts and allows you to deselect specific content types that you don’t want to transfer. It’s important to note that the app needs to be installed on both devices for Android, while for iOS devices, it only needs to be installed on the new Galaxy device. Once the transfer is initiated, you can close Smart Switch and the transfer progress will be displayed in the Notification Panel.

Transferring Content Using a MicroSD Card

If you prefer to transfer content using a microSD card, you can do so and then restore the contents on your new Galaxy phone. Smart Switch won’t delete any content from the old phone, and the data will exist on both devices after the transfer is complete.

Addressing Concerns About Duplicating Data

If you’re concerned about duplicating images or texts, Smart Switch doesn’t duplicate data when transferring photos or videos. It only copies the new files, so you won’t end up with multiple copies of the same picture.

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Addressing Text Message Transfer Concerns

If you’ve encountered issues with text message transfers, you can consider using SMS Backup and Restore to fill in any missing messages. The app checks for duplicates and can help fill in the gaps if there are any issues with the initial transfer. However, it’s important to ensure compatibility between different applications when using them to correct transfer errors.


In conclusion, Smart Switch is a reliable tool for transferring content to your new Galaxy device. It doesn’t duplicate data and provides a seamless transfer experience. Additionally, using complementary apps like SMS Backup and Restore can help address any issues with specific content types. With the right tools and methods, you can ensure a smooth and efficient transfer process when switching to a new device.

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