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DaBaby Kids: How Many Does He Have and Who Are the Mothers of His Children?

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, famously known as DaBaby, is an American rapper and songwriter. He is a hip-pop South Coast music group member, signed to Interscope Records. The star is a great rapper who delivers excellent music to his fans. His personality is etched into his music, with most being funny. However, what do you know about DaBaby’s kids and baby mamas?

DaBaby is a rapper who means business with his music; therefore, he has made a name for himself in this industry. However, the musician’s private life is full of drama between the women he has dated and had children with. Many people have been asking how many kids and baby mamas the young rapper has. Well, here are DaBaby’s kids and their mothers.

How many kids does DaBaby have? The rap star has four children; Caleb, Serenity, and Nova and the last-born child Velour. Even though the star has kids with different women, none of DaBaby’s baby mamas are married to him. Here are his children with their mother:

DaBaby’s Children and Their Mothers

Serenity (Meme)

MeMe is the mother of DaBaby’s oldest child Serenity and his stepson Caleb. Serenity was born in 2017, making him six years old as of 2024. Conversely, Caleb is a child MeMe had in her previous relationship before meeting DaBaby. MeMe and DaBaby met several years ago through a mutual friend. She is a barber by profession, and they had an on-and-off relationship for some time. However, they later broke up and are now friends. The rapper took in Caleb and supported him and Serenity.

Nova (Latoia Danet)

Latoia is rumoured to have been the rapper’s mistress while he was dating MeMe. She is a real estate agent and an interior designer. She has also worked as a bottle service girl in the gentleman’s club 34 Kisses in North Carolina. She is the mother of DaBaby’s second child, Nova. How old is DaBaby’s daughter? Nova was born in 2020, making her three years old as of 2023. Even though the rapper denied having an affair with Danet, he accepted that Nova was his daughter and he was an excellent father to her.

Velour (Dani Leigh)

Danielle Leigh Curiel, also known as DaniLeigh, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, and choreographer. She is known for mixing R&B music with other elements, such as hip-hop and Latin. Her albums include Summer with Friends, The Plan (2018), My Present (2019) and Movie. Dani and DaBaby’s relationship went public when the rapper featured her in his music video, Levi High. Initially, they denied the rumours that they were together until later when they were spotted together again. Their relationship was short-lived, as Dani Leigh shared in 2021 that she was ‘officially single’ on her Instagram handle. Besides her career, Dani Leigh is known to be the mother of DaBaby’s youngest baby, Velour. Velour was born in October 2021, making her two years old as of 2023. Dani is a private person, and little is known about her daughter.

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Frequently Asked Questions about DaBaby’s Kids

Who are DabBaby’s baby mamas? The rapper has three baby mamas, a barber known as MeMe, Latoia Danet and rapper Dani Leigh.

Who is DaBaby’s oldest child? The rapper’s oldest child is Serenity. She is a child born to the rapper by his ex-girlfriend, MeMe. How old is DaBaby’s daughter? The rap star has a total of three daughters. Serenity, the first-born daughter, is six years old, Nova, the second-born, is three years while the youngest daughter Velour is almost two years old as of 2023.

Who is the mother of DaBaby’s daughter Nova? The rapper welcomed Nova in 2020 with his baby mama, Latoia Danet. Latoia was rumoured to have been the rapper’s mistress while he was still dating MeMe.

What are DaBaby’s kids’ names? His four kids are Caleb, Serenity, Velour and Nova. Unlike the remaining three, Dababy’s kid Caleb is not his biological child. What is DaniLeigh’s daughter’s name? Velour is among DaBaby’s daughters.

DaBaby’s Life as a Father

Dababy is a proud father of four daughters! The rapper has revealed that he recently welcomed another child with one of his “baby mamas”. In song “Yea Come On”, Dababy raps about having “four daughters by three different baby mamas”: Took A Picture With All Of My Kids Wearin’ The Same F$#ckin’ Green As The

There’s no denying that Charlotte rapper DaBaby — born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk — delivers feel-good music that always sets the tone for a fun vibe. Following his hit songs “Bop,” “Rockstar,” and “Cry Baby” (the latter of which features Megan Thee Stallion), the MC has cemented his place in the hip-hop world.

DaBaby’s Children and Their Mothers

That’s not your baby, that’s his baby! Speculation has always been high in regards to DaBaby’s children. While longtime fans are aware of his adorable daughter Serenity, it turns out that he has more than one child. For starters, the rapper shares two children — stepson Caleb and daughter Serenity (born in 2014 and 2017, respectively) — with entrepreneur MeMe. Although Caleb is not DaBaby’s biological son, the rapper makes it a point to be a father figure in his life anyway. Aww!

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DaBaby reportedly shares daughter Nova (born in 2020) with a woman named Latoia Danet, who goes by @mirrorimageofme on Instagram, per The Rap-Up. If you’ve been keeping up with DaBaby’s love life, the rapper says that Nova was conceived when he and MeMe were on a break.

The rapper is also the father of DaniLeigh’s daughter Velour, whom she quietly welcomed into the world in August 2021. In a now-deleted post from around that time, DaniLeigh seemingly confirmed that DaBaby is the father of her child. She captioned her post, “DaBiggest,” which is a term the rapper is known to use.

DaBaby’s Life as a Father

DaBaby’s life is an open book considering he is a famous rapper. His relationships have gone public, and so have his children, all from different ladies. But, despite everyone knowing that he has kids, the rapper has done a great job keeping their details private. Who are DaBaby’s kids? DaBaby’s dating history is quite interesting, as many of the women he has been with have his child. However, the public only knows about these children later and probably after disputes arising from his baby momma drama like the one with Dani Leigh. What are DaBaby’s kids’ names, and who are their mothers?

DaBaby has four children with three different women. He has a stepson (Caleb) with his former girlfriend, MeMe. The rapper still has a biological child with the singer, a daughter whose identity has stayed hidden for a long time. Her name is Serenity, and she was born in 2017. In 2020, DaBaby was alleged to have fathered another child with Latoia Danet, a daughter called Nova. In 2021, the American rapper had another child with her then-girlfriend, Dani Leigh. A daughter named Velour.

DaBaby’s Baby Mamas

DaBaby has three baby mamas. Even though there is a high chance the rapper has been in other childless relationships, these three ladies are the most popular, considering they have the rapper’s kids. So, who are they?

Velour (Dani Leigh)

Dani Leigh is the mother of DaBaby’s youngest child. DaBaby made headlines in October 2021 when he appeared to confirm that he had fathered another child with his on-and-off girlfriend, Dani Leigh. Dani and DaBaby were first linked in 2020 after the American rapper featured her in his music video. At first, they denied the rumours that they were in a relationship but were spotted together often. Things started heating up after MeMe, one of DaBaby’s baby mamas, got into a heated online debate with Dani Leigh. MeMe accused Dani of being obsessed with DaBaby, and they exchanged some nasty words in a series of tweets.

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Nova (Latoia Danet)

Latoia Danet is the mother of DaBaby’s second child, Nova. However, they have both denied the claims. How old is DaBaby’s daughter? Nova was born in 2020, making her three years old as of 2023. Lotoia is alleged to have been DaBaby’s mistress while in a relationship with his first baby mama, MeMe. The rumours surfaced after MeMe went to social media claiming that DaBaby was cheating on her, sharing screenshots of a text conversation, and explaining the allegation. DaBaby denied the cheating allegation. Later, DaBaby confirmed that he was not in a relationship with MeMe when the baby was conceived.

Serenity (MeMe)

MeMe is the mother of DaBaby’s first child and his stepson. They met through a mutual friend years ago. She is a barber and North Carolina rapper and has been in an on-and-off relationship with the rapper since 2014. They don’t seem to be dating anymore

DaBaby is not married but has been in various relationships. Only three of his relationships have gone public because he has children with them. Some of his girlfriends have created significant controversy online by accusing him of cheating.

The rap star has four children. DaBaby’s children are Caleb, Serenity, and Nova, and the last-born child is Velour. Despite the fact that the singer has children with multiple women, none of DaBaby’s baby moms are married to him. Who is DaBaby in a relationship with? DaBaby announced his relationship with Dani Leigh in 2020. It is unclear whether they are dating anymore. Dani Leigh is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, and choreographer.

DaBaby and Simone sparked dating rumours in early 2020 after she appeared in the music video for his single Find My Way. B. Simone stated that he had a crush on the rapper. The two never officially dated.

He had his first child Serenity with MeMe in 2017. MeMe and DaBaby met through a mutual friend several years ago. She is a barber by trade, and they had an on-again, off-again romance for a while. DaBaby is an American rapper known for releasing several songs. While not much is known about DaBaby’s kids, their mothers have become quite popular.

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