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Chanelle Hayes Before And After: Chanelle Jade Hayes is an English television personality, model, singer, and businesswoman. She was a student at NEW College, Pontefract, West Yorkshire; inthis article, we have added insights intoChanelle Hayes Before And After transformation and more. So scroll down to learn aboutChanelle Hayes Before And After her transformation.

Chanelle Hayes Before And After

The latter from Big Brother underwent a secret gastric sleeve operation in August 2020, says thesun. Though Chenelle underwent physical surgery, she still struggles with body image.

In a specific post on instagram, she added that she adds pictures on instagram revealing her weight loss, and also she said that she supports body positivity likewise. The latter agreed that she underwent gastric surgery to remove the stigma. We referred to thesun to know more about her transformation.

Chanelle Hayes’ Weight Loss Before And After Photos

In one interview, she added that a few of her implants weren’t upto the mark, and she added that her breast tissues were implanted imperfectly. And she also added that she has stretch marks all around her body. Though she has a dark side to her surgery, she took it in a good way as well. She even channeled her body positivity in one of her captions where she said, “MY BODY IS NOT TRIP ADVISOR – IT DOESN’T NEED A REVIEW!!!!” the captions are enough to give a tight slap to anyone who made fun of her past. We were able to refer to thesun to find the insights. 

Chanelle Hayes Age

Currently, Chanelle Hayes is 35 years old, and her fame grew from her appearances on Big Brother, Wannabe, and Chanelle: Wannabe Popstar. Chanelle: Wannabe Popstar is based on a British reality show which is run by the former BB contestant Chanelle Hayes. The episodes contain her efforts in learning to dance, improvising her vocals, and her hopes with a record company. We were able to frame to what is Chanelee’s age after referring to dreshare.

Chanelle Hayes Height

Chanelle Hayes has reached a decent height, as he gained massive fame and reputation, where Chanelle Hayes was featured in multiple headlines. On witnessing Chanelle Hayes’s name reaching a decent height, you might wonder what Chanelle Hayes’s actual height in feet and meters is. Well, if you have no clue about Chanelle Hayes’s height as of 2023, here’s the answer. Chanelle Hayes stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches. We referred to dreshare to find insights into her height.

Chanelle Hayes Family

After all, all we can ever witness about Chanelle Hayes is that Chanelle Hayes has managed to involve in many things, which made Chanelle Hayes come this far. And what about Chanelle Hayes’s family members? She had a mother named Andrea Sinclair, who was murdered by Keith Pollard when her mother was just 32. She was in a relationship with Matthew Bates and followed their separation, she hooked up with Ryan Otas, and now she’s a mother of two sons. We referred to dreshare to find these insights about her family. We referred to thesun to find these insights regarding her family.

Chanelle Hayes Wiki

Chanelle Hayes Husband

It seems that Matthew Bates was Chanelle Haye’s first partner. The couple was together from 2009 – 2010. She has a son with Matthew Bates, and her other son is from Ryan Oates.  And the latter is currently a body positivity advocate in her instagram bio, and she has garnered around 120k followers on Instagram. And she is recently married to Dan Bingham. We were able to garner these insights after referring to thesun.

Chanelle Hayes Instagram

Chanelle Hayes’s reach through the internet came to great success, as Chanelle Hayes has been making headlines for quite a long time. So you might wonder if there is Chanelle Hayes on Instagram or not. It is a whole level of truth that people often post their goofy and sassy side on their Instagram profiles. 

Chanelle Hayes Biography




Chanelle Jade Hayes


11 November 1987

Birth Place

Wythenshawe, Manchester, England




Matthew Bates (2009–2010)




R&B, dance, pop

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