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Are Tom Holland and Zendaya Engaged?

Zendaya Shuts Down Tom Holland Engagement Rumor

Zendaya might be feeling the euphoria in her relationship with Tom Holland, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to put a ring on it. The Dune actress recently had to clarify that, no, she and her boyfriend are not engaged after she posted a picture to her Instagram Story in which a ring was prominently featured.

“I can’t post anything, you guys,” she said in a since-deleted video shared to her Story Sept. 21. “I posted it for my hat. Like not for the ring on my right hand, you guys, seriously.” She continued, laughing, “You think that’s how I would drop the news? You think, like, what!”

The 27-year-old then reposted the original photo, which featured the actress in a selfie in a car reflection. She’s wearing a Golden State Warriors hat and, indeed, a large ring on the hand holding her phone. She captioned the story, “Let me just put the full body back so y’all can relax lmao.”

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Zendaya Confirms She Isn’t Engaged to Tom Holland: ‘You Think That’s How I Would Drop the News?’

Fans speculated that wedding bells were on the way after the actress posted a photo showing off a large ring on her finger.

Tom Holland and Zendaya’s Relationship

Holland and Zendaya have been dating for at least two years, with the 27-year-old Marvel actor confessing in a June interview that the former Disney starlet used to be his childhood celebrity crush. He also gushed that he was “locked up… happy and in love” and joked that he’d won over his girlfriend by playing the “long game.”

Later that month, Holland and Zendaya were spotted at Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour concert in Poland, and a video of the couple adorably singing along to “Love on Top” while looking into each other’s eyes went viral soon afterward.

Are Tom Holland and Zendaya Engaged?

Rumours of Tom Holland and Zendaya’s engagement have consistently swirled over the past year. In February 2023, Zendaya posted a story on her Instagram account saying goodnight to her followers – and fans quickly took note of a stunning ring. Is this proof she and Tom Holland are engaged? Maybe! It’s definitely not the first time the couple have been the subject of engagement rumours.

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That’s not to say the pair haven’t given the fans any tidbits of new information. Zendaya recently made a rare few comments about her relationship in an interview with Elle in August 2023, explaining why she and Tom prefer to keep their relationship private.

Zendaya’s Response to Engagement Rumors

Zendaya was shocked about the engagement rumors surrounding her relationship status with boyfriend Tom Holland, but she’s shutting them all down with a sense of humor. On Thursday, the Challengers star, 27, posted a photo to her Instagram Story showing off her outfit of the day. Fans immediately took notice of the large ring on her hand, and rumors of Zendaya’s so-called engagement quickly ensued.

After appearing to have deleted the original snapshot, Zendaya re-uploaded the photo to her Instagram Story to clearly reiterate that she meant nothing by the post. “Let me just put the full body back so ya’ll can relax,” she wrote on the photo.

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1. Are Tom Holland and Zendaya engaged?
As of now, Zendaya has clarified that she and Tom Holland are not engaged, despite rumors sparked by a photo she posted on her Instagram Story.

2. How long have Tom Holland and Zendaya been dating?
Holland and Zendaya have been dating for at least two years.

3. Why do Tom Holland and Zendaya keep their relationship private?
Both actors have expressed their desire to keep their relationship and personal lives private, citing the need to protect their peace and maintain the sacredness of their relationship.

4. What did Zendaya say about the engagement rumors?
Zendaya addressed the engagement rumors with humor, emphasizing that the ring seen in her photo was actually placed on her right hand, not her left, and that she posted the photo for her hat, not as an announcement of engagement.

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