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Are Pete Davidson and Jenna Ortega Dating? Insights and Rumor Debunking

The internet is abuzz with speculation and rumors about the personal lives of celebrities, and the latest to catch the public’s attention involves comedian Pete Davidson and actress Jenna Ortega. Known for his string of high-profile relationships and her rising star status, the pairing has caused quite a stir. But what is the truth behind these rumors? This article delves into the details and separates fact from fiction.

The Rumor Mill in Overdrive

It didn’t take long after Pete Davidson’s rumored split from Emily Ratajkowski for the internet to start speculating about his next romantic interest. TikTokers and social media users have set their sights on Jenna Ortega, the young actress currently starring as Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s adaptation of The Addams Family. Despite a nine-year age gap and no concrete evidence of a romance, the online world has prematurely dubbed them the next ‘It’ couple.

However, a closer look reveals that this rumor is based on nothing substantial. There are no photographs, no sightings, and not even a social media interaction to suggest a relationship between Davidson and Ortega. The rumor seems to have been amplified by the internet’s echo chamber, leaving many to wonder where it all began. Some users have even resorted to photoshopping images of the two together, further muddying the waters.

Public Reaction and Misplaced Outrage

The mere possibility of a relationship between Pete Davidson and Jenna Ortega has sparked a range of reactions online. Some men, in particular, have expressed outrage, feeling slighted by Davidson’s success in dating. The vitriol has even extended to personal attacks on his appearance, with comparisons to Uncle Fester from The Addams Family. On social media, users have pleaded to keep Davidson away from Ortega, with some going as far as challenging him to a duel for her affection.

Debunking the Dating Rumors

Despite the fervor, the truth remains that Pete Davidson and Jenna Ortega are not dating. They have never appeared together publicly in a romantic context, and both have attended events separately, such as the 2023 Kids’ Choice Awards. The rumors seem to have originated from a Halloween costume that Ortega wore in 2018, where she dressed up as Ariana Grande during Grande’s engagement to Davidson. This led to confusion and unfounded speculation.

Jenna Ortega’s Current Relationship Status

As of early 2023, Jenna Ortega has stated that she is single and not looking to be in a relationship. In interviews, she has expressed a focus on her career and a reluctance to engage in the vulnerabilities of a romantic partnership. Ortega’s dedication to her work and her desire to keep her personal life private make it unlikely that she would be involved in a high-profile relationship, especially with someone as scrutinized as Pete Davidson.

Pete Davidson’s Dating History and Public Persona

Pete Davidson’s dating history is well-documented, with relationships including Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, and Kim Kardashian. His personal life has often overshadowed his professional achievements, such as his tenure on Saturday Night Live. Davidson’s appeal has been attributed to his sense of humor, vulnerability, and status in the entertainment industry. Standing at 6’3″, his physical stature has also been noted as a factor in his attractiveness.


The rumors of a romance between Pete Davidson and Jenna Ortega are unfounded and based on internet speculation rather than fact. Both celebrities have their own careers and personal lives that do not intersect in the romantic sphere. As the public continues to speculate, it’s important to remember the impact of such rumors on the individuals involved and to approach celebrity gossip with a critical eye.

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