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Are Matt and Colleen Still Together?

After two years of marriage, Love Is Blind season 3 contestants Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton have finally moved in together, marking a significant milestone in their relationship. The couple, who had a tumultuous yet brief courtship on the reality dating hit, are now living under the same roof in Dallas, Texas.

Despite facing delays and challenges, the couple announced their long-awaited move on social media, expressing their excitement about taking this next step in their relationship. The decision to wait before living together was a deliberate choice, as they wanted to adapt to the idea of cohabitation at their own pace.

Since meeting on the reality dating series, Colleen and Matt wanted to experience life together in the real world before committing to a shared home. Their journey has been closely followed by fans, and the recent news of them finally moving in together has put an end to months of speculation.

The Big Move

Colleen Reed announced the news of their move on Instagram, sharing photos of their new kitchen and expressing her joy at finally being able to live with Matt. The couple had previously discussed their plans on a podcast, where they revealed their intention to rent a place in Dallas and take their time finding the perfect home for them.

Despite not sharing a lease before, Colleen and Matt had been practically living together, with Matt frequently staying at Colleen’s place due to its proximity to his work. The decision to move in together was a significant milestone for the couple, and they were eager to start this new chapter in their relationship.

Challenges and Delays

During an episode of a Love Is Blind podcast, Colleen explained the reasons behind their decision to wait before moving in together. She emphasized the need to adapt to living with someone and the importance of not rushing the process for the sake of others. The couple’s deliberate approach to cohabitation reflects their commitment to doing things their way, despite external pressures.

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Colleen also addressed the public scrutiny they faced after the show, acknowledging the impact it had on her. Despite the challenges, the couple remained steadfast in their commitment to each other and their unique journey.

Exciting Times Ahead

With the couple finally living together, fans are eager to see how their relationship continues to unfold. Colleen and Matt’s decision to take their time and prioritize their own pace has resonated with many, and their journey serves as a reminder that love and relationships unfold differently for everyone.

As they settle into their new home, the couple’s fans eagerly await updates on their life together and the adventures that lie ahead for Colleen and Matt.


Are Matt and Colleen from Love Is Blind still together in 2023?

Yes, Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton are still happily married in 2023. The couple met on Love Is Blind during the third season and have continued to share updates about their relationship on social media.

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Do Colleen and Matt from ‘Love Is Blind’ live together?

Yes, Colleen and Matt have finally moved in together after nearly two years of marriage. They shared the news on social media, expressing their excitement about this new chapter in their relationship.

Why did Matt and Colleen wait to move in together after ‘Love Is Blind’?

Colleen Reed explained that adapting to living with someone takes time, and both she and Matt wanted to prioritize their own pace. They chose to wait before moving in together to ensure they were ready for this next step in their relationship.

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