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Are Kwame and Chelsea Still Together?

Buckle up, reality TV fans, season 4 of Love Is Blind just dropped a new batches of After the Altar episodes on Netflix. And it’s safe to say that things were heating up in a big way. Viewers learn what their fave season 4 couples are up to now, and if they made it through the trials and tribulations of their first year of marriage.

But before getting into the reason you clicked on this article—let’s review the show’s plot. You know how people say that “love is blind”? Well, the purpose of this show is to quite literally find out whether that’s true. The show takes 30 singles and puts them in “pods” where they date, sight unseen.

And although the premise might sound like a total recipe for disaster, seven marriages have actually come out of the four existing seasons. One of the couples that made their way to the altar this season was Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah. Things definitely start out hot and heavy (well, as hot and heavy as you can be in the pods), but they have a deeper connection underneath it all that makes for a wonderful love story.

Chelsea and Kwame’s Journey

Chelsea is a 31-year-old speech language pathologist who is hoping for commitment and wants a “charismatic, charming momma’s boy,” according to Netflix. Kwame is a 33-year-old sales development manager and former soccer player who’s had a “tough” time finding compatibility, but who’s in search of a partner who “matches my energy,” per Netflix. Needless to say, they hit it off after meeting in the pods.

They faced challenges such as Kwame’s flirtatious behavior with other girls and his mother’s initial disapproval of their marriage. However, they overcame these obstacles and got married, receiving a standing ovation from the crowd.

Life After Marriage

Yes, they are still married. Kwame has moved to Seattle, and Chelsea finally met his mom, which was an aspect that caused tension this season. They have been enjoying their time together, prioritizing family and making memories with extended families.

Future Plans

Chelsea and Kwame are focused on continuing their love story off-screen. They aim to focus on each other, enjoy their marriage, and add new experiences into the mix. They are open to more life, love, and everything that gives their life more opportunity.

Special Memories

Reflecting on their first year of marriage, Chelsea and Kwame cherish the process of blending their lives and creating new traditions. They have enjoyed various experiences together, from holidays to attending concerts of each other’s favorite artists.


Are Kwame and Chelsea still together from Love Is Blind season 4?

Yes, they are still together. They got married in the Love Is Blind season 4 finale and have been living together. They have also made progress in their relationship with Kwame’s mother and are focused on their future together.

Where are Kwame and Chelsea now?

They are currently living in Seattle, Washington, and are looking forward to new experiences and opportunities in their marriage journey.

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