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Are Grapes Berries?

When it comes to the classification of fruits, things can get a bit confusing. Grapes, for instance, are often mistaken for berries due to their appearance and taste. However, the truth is that grapes are not considered berries from a botanical perspective. To understand why this is the case, it’s essential to delve into the characteristics of berries and grapes.

Berries, in botanical terms, are fruits that develop from a single ovary and typically have three distinct layers: the exocarp (outer skin), mesocarp (fleshy middle layer), and endocarp (innermost layer that holds the seeds). Examples of true berries include tomatoes, avocados, and – surprisingly – bananas. On the other hand, grapes develop from a compound ovary, which means they do not fit the botanical definition of berries.

So, if grapes aren’t berries, what are they? Grapes fall into the category of fruits known as

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